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  1. Sounds like your league is full. I created another league for any remaining people that want to play. http://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.com/hockey/54356
  2. I got my tickets this morning. Looks like VIP's are in lower level, fans are upstairs. Will also be wearing my red jersey.
  3. Just got my package. Who put that thing together and thought it was a good idea. After 11 years, I will not be a season ticket holder.
  4. Did Amber Jaye get canned?
  5. Chantel has really improved. I do miss Ric Flair and I think you are right about the organist. I also hate that crazy fan contest. It is more like the biggest jerk contest. I agree the pre-game entrance could and should be spiced up somehow. So could the singing of the national anthem, maybe get some guest singers sometime. Maybe use a high school band once in awhile. Having whatever her name is sing everytime just feels like we are going through the motions. My random thought - Why can't they move the pregame Chantel/Shane show upstairs and have the background the arena, instead of out in the Concourse. Everygame you get some clown standing behind them waving. It looks very minor league'ish. Have them up in the Lenovo area with their backs to the ice.
  6. Not sure of her name, but that lady inhouse announcer that works with Ron the Ref is horrible this year.
  7. I agree with all those that say a one year deal, but you might at well say don't sign him then. I heard the reason we did not trade him to the Kings was because he wanted a multi-year deal from them. I am sure he will get someone to sign him to more than one year and probably more per year than we would pay.
  8. The new Jersey will be unveiled at the Caniac Carnival in September. That is what the lady at the Eye said today. The design is slightly different, the jersey is not a baggy, and it will cost more.
  9. I like Staal, but my favorite is Cam
  10. that would be awesome... I would go to some games there.
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