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  1. i've bought a ton of jerseys on ebay, and definitely, you have to know exactly what you're looking at. Semi Pro jersey, i'm guessing they bought Cane jerseys without numbers and names and just slapped on some generic numbers. some flaws i've noticed sellers offering are: - nylon numbers/letters. It'll be this cheap material, like windbreaker material. - practice jerseys scam, not sure about this Staal jersey, but it's inteiresting how he doesn't show front/back. most sellers offer front back shots - fight strap - some sellers will offer you a "pro" jersey, when all they do is just get a replica jersey and sew on the strap. - missing crests or numbers - some sellers just buy the patches and iron them on, some forget that most teams have shoulder crests/numbers - iron on/silk screen crest; iron on being the more annoying one. sellers will say it has an industrial grade adhesive "like the pros" - which if you are able to flush a toilet, you'll know that pro jerseys aren't iron ons. sadly i've only fallen for 1 jersey out of the 23 that I've purchased from ebay. It was a Red Wings jersey (Yzerman) that had the logo, and Stanley Cup Patch ironed on, but the numbers and names were sewn on, as was a fight strap. the numbers/name were made out of a a thick red nylon material (like the nylon on a backpack). anyhow, my 2 cents on ebay
  2. his contribution might be small right now, but come playoff time, it'll be nice to have an experienced vet on call should injuries come. we all know that aggression is turned up a notch during the playoffs, so injuries will happen whether you like it or not, it's 16 games to the cup if you're perfect, 28 if you like nail biters...still lots of hockey; Carter is a good fill in, someone i'd feel better about rather than calling someone up from the farm.
  3. Well, tonight Bill Guerin, after 6 games with the sharks finally got on the scoreboard. Pointless in 6 games on a line with Marleau. 1st rd pick, plus 2 players...he had a 4 pt night. 8th hat trick. Not bad. I'm sure that shut up some of the haters on the Sharks message board. I just wish there was room on the 'Canes for Carter.
  4. +--> (Larose!!)I think Carter needs time to adjust. 8) simple. i don't think he's a dud per se, but should anyone get injured (knock on wood) he's ready to go. I feel for the guy, but when something is going good, don't mess with it...mind you...the team doesn't seem to be doing good as of late...
  5. I could see him taking an early retirement. But if he does come back, I think Campbell should let him use a nerf hockey stick to play. Hollweg is lucky he walked away from that one.
  6. it could be worse. Bill Guerin = 1st rounder...he's 0pts 6 games, 4 PIM, and -2 ouch. from sharks mb: looks like the same thing going on over there too, just a tad more costly. but then there's the biggest bust: samsonov scratched 6 times. on a 2 yr 7 million contract. couldn't imagine scratching a 3 million dollar player, but hey, when you play crappy, ya gotta do something to spark some life i guess.
  7. I'm sure the Sharks are thinking the same thing about Guerin, but I still think he's a steal at 5th round. I totally agree that a 5th round pick would likely last a year or two as they would've spent some time in the minors developing. While Carter, based on what we've seen, will not be signed by Carolina should that decision be made today. But to make the glass half full, I don't think I'm kidding myself that he's a total bust. Edmonton, Boston, Washington, Vancouver...he's had good seasons, and obviously, like LA, CBJ, NYR and CAR...bad ones. You can't forget that it's a team game. I definitely can't make excuses for the guy, but when I look at getting a 5th round back, and losing a veteran reserve player, I'd rather have the reserve player. Injuries show up out of nowhere, especially now during crunch time. I'd rather have ready to go vets instead of a late round draft pick. my 2 cents, no disrespect intended.
  8. A 5th round draft pick, despite Carter's lack of points, is still a steal for a well travelled vet. He's another winger. People said it before it in his first game: he looked good with the rest of the Canes. Here's hoping he can get on the scoreboard tonight. (Hey, with me, the glass is half full;))
  9. as much as I am a fan of Carter, I can only recall his trade from the Capitals to the Kings. This looks all too familiar. For his sake...I hope he can crank it up a notch. I don't think I could handle seeing him go through another 2 trades/signings (this summer, and then at the trade deadline in 2008 )
  10. Well, you get what you pay for. Not that that should be the way he should gauge his play. I doubt he is, but I think he has motive to play as he does not have a Cup yet, and the dreads will be turning grey soon. I like Carter, but I also know that he needs to step it up if he expects to be working next year. I'm sure he doesn't want a 6 figure salary (there's a sentence you don't hear enough, lol) for next season. I think once the line juggling settles down, he'll start scoring. That's what happened with Columbus, after finally playing with Chimera the 3rd line started doing the scoring. I want to be optimistic, but I vividly recall the Kings signing him (from the Capitals) a few years ago for a "boost" into the playoffs and getting something ridiculous like 1 or 2 assists in 17 or so games. here's hoping...
  11. Bein' up here in Alberta, we just saw Smyth fly out the door because Lowe couldn't sign him. It's a business. If Whitney can capitalize on his career season, you can imagine that there are a few teams that will bring $$ to the table, I would hope it wouldn't happen, but the possibility is always there. In Detroit (i'm a wings fan...sorry) he did alright, but he's really fluorished here so I hope he stays. But as much as you love a place, money is the name of the game. Sidenote, I don't see Anson Carter getting more than 10-12 points in the remaining games, but I do imagine he'll get his stride in the next game, he just has to get used to the line juggling. I hope he stays in Carolina, because I don't know how much more moving his family can take, lol, and I imagine he'll be rather cheap, unless he just goes on a tear, and in that case...that'll be good for the Canes.
  12. First of all, I can't say "us" because I haven't earned my stripes yet with the Canes fans. I just came on when Carter moved here. But like everyone has said...there's a lot of hockey to be played. Sometimes when people go into a fight, they rarely take the time to remember that the other guy is just as "psycho" as they are. Dangerous thinking...but realistic. The Canes are in playoff contention, and there are teams on there trying to hold on to their spot. It's not like Carolina is on the outside looking in. Not having Cole, and facing teams that stacked their lines, like San Jose, is a kick in the crotch, but we've seen it too many times. Teams look at St. Louis and think its a cakewalk...and they end up losing a point. Carolina can still slip into the middle of the pack.
  13. As a huge Carter fan, I've added the Canes to my "new" team to check up on. I'm glad that he was picked up by the Carolina as he wasn't being given a great opportunity for ice time at Columbus. I think I cried when I saw him on a line with Jody Shelley. From what i saw of the highlights, I liked what I saw. Canes played a nice strong game, and as Commodore fan, always good to see him score. I always got the comments that the Sedins made Carter and that he "sucked." Everyone has their opinions. The way I saw it is that no one fit in with the Sedins, and finally someone finished off their plays. You don't lead a team in goals with the likes of Naslund, Sedins, and Bertuzzi on there by fluke. Obviously Carter has some sense, and I really don't blame him for wanting some extra cash. If you just led the team in goals, and your linemates got 3 million each, and you got offered 1.7...that's kinda like a slap in the face. I don't think 3, but at least 2. Anyhow, I hope he brings you guys a good boost and that you guys can surge ahead past 8th place. I'll be checking for y'all in the playoffs as well as on here...gotta add the Canes Message Board to my 'Favourites' list
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