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  1. Pirate, that is good stuff. i think the 15th/16th team idea is spot on. having NYR/Det./Tor./Philly making all the profit does not make for a healthy league. the nHL isnt the NFL.
  2. i'll settle for adding more enhanced and retro logos on create a team. the ones they have for 08 look cartoonish. plus i wishe the players would react to the puck more and it would be nice to dump it in the zone and be able to scrum for it against the wall
  3. the Bobcats are a completely differetn argument as i have stated before. Noone wanted them in the first place. Lets not even get into the management of the team. As for baseball, their financial structure will doom baseball in Charlotte before it even starts.
  4. Jesus people, calm down. I just said CLT is a viable option..... Now, what bothers me is that the Canes internal cap seems to keep dropping further below the NHL cap. I have to admit ole JR is doing a heck of a job with the money Karmanos gives him.
  5. i think our season relies on health. We have to stay somewhat healthier than last year and avoid the uber-slump we went through early on. I feel good about the playoffs and Tampa should be a good fight for another SE crown.
  6. Pirate, i think one reason the Canes didnt move to CLT is because at the time they had the Hornets and Panthers plus Raleigh was building a much friendlier arena in the RBC ccenter than the Coliseum on Tyvola ever was. I think if the Bobcats move (i can only hope) the vacuum left will defintely attract some attention. Speaking of the Bobcats, the reason they are not drawing flies is an entire different conversation. Charlotte never wanted them yet they were shoved down our throats.
  7. has anyone mentioned Drop Dead Fred or the new Indiana Jones movie?
  8. Dont dispell Charlotte. I wont even acknowledge the NASCAR comment. Charlotte is a larger TV market with alot of corporate support. Pirate Caniac, i agree with you on over paying for free agents. Howver that means you HAVE to draft good. I think this year is going to be great for us but if we dont draft well our window for success will be closing.
  9. Dont think teh Canes have deepenough roots in Raleigh to not move. If we continue to miss the playoffs it will put enough finanacial pressure on the Canes to do something. Also got to believe increased gas prices and ticket prices doesnt bode well for fan attendance. The Canes have to draw from around NC and current gas prices wont help. The Charlotte market will support a hockey team as the do the Checkers, except on a much larger scale. Not to mention Charlotte is a bigger TV market with 2 hugeBank towers right in their shadows.
  10. according to NHL.com Souray has signed with the Oilers. Does this hurt our chances of getting Cullen now?
  11. the NHL is looking for TV markets, not butts in the seats. TV viewership is much more valuable than going to the games these days because of advertising. Sorry, but a team in Regina doesnt cause people to turn the TV on. I think Seattle or Houston would be perfect for that reason.
  12. we cannot remain status quo. that got us the 11th pick in the draft this year. You cant expect Wesley and Hedican to make it through another year completely healthy. we will end up the same as last year. and dont tell me Jeff Hamilton is our answer. would be nice to see us spend the max under the cap also.
  13. Ilya Kovalchuk George Larouque - if he was a regular schmo he would be in jail Jaromir Jagr - prima donna extrodinaire Lindy Ruff - quit crying! Jarome Iginla - if you cant beat' em, punch' em
  14. Charlotte not supporting the Bobcats is a whole other ball of wax. Has nothing to do with not being able to support a team. I know they will never get a hockey team, but let me dream.
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