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  1. He will get to play this season. Some team will lose a defenseman to injury and need an expereinced D man to step into the lineup.
  2. Does anyone know if you buy the NHL Center Ice Package from Time Warner Cable will you be able to see all Canes games? I am guessing they are blacked out if televised locally but want to make sure if I spend the money that I will at least get to see the feed from the other team. Any help/insight is appreciated.
  3. The only Cane I never really cared for was Marek Malik...he is awful! The Rangers can have him...
  4. Please say it isn't so! Mark would need a box to stand on so he could see over the boards from ice level.
  5. I hope it goes well with Buffalo meat...
  6. ESPN still cannot get over the fact that the Whale left Hartford. I am suprised we would get a C.
  7. Good for Joe...nice guy and hopefully a new team in the Northeast will give him a chance to grow as a player. He has potential and did well at times...hopefully the one year deal with the Islanders will give him some playing time and with success he can get a longer term deal in 08-09
  8. I still say we need to trade Letowski for a depth defenseman.Agree...one slightly different alternative is to trade Letowski for picks and/or prospects and sign a very modestly priced FA defenseman with his $800k salary freed-up. I think your scenario in likely and desired. The Canes need to bolster their draft pick selections over the next few years as we have traded away a number of them.
  9. I am not sure I can wait until then...need hockey soon!!!
  10. Looks like a good skater with a solid shot. He should fit into the sytems and can contribute.
  11. He won the Stanley Cup three times, and was named postseason MVP in 2000. He racked up 908 regular season points and 118 postseason points-great numbers for a hitting defenseman. He was a 13-time All-Star as well. His most impressive stat, however, is his +/-, where he is an astounding +377. He should, by right, be a first ballot Hall-of-Famer because his offensive numbers are huge, especially given the role he played, and the fact that he was, and likely always will be, the single most physically feared defenseman ever to play in the NHL and the very definition of what it means to always hit as hard as you can. Stevens is a once-in-an-eon player; there will simply never be any defenseman who did everything he did as well as he did. In my mind, there is only one defenseman I'd take ahead of Stevens-Bobby Orr. Well Deserved Ron! Congrats
  12. How is Jay Feaster for Tampa above JR? Is it because Forbes's values the Lighting as having higher value for resale?
  13. I am glad to see Babs coming back. He is a good defenseman albeit still young. He is part of the defensive future of the Canes and he can contribute in a positve manner to this team. Some of our Vets will likely be gone after this year and I am glad the JR did not move him for a "bad trade".
  14. We got a good trade with Carter. I hope JR can work out a deal and that he stays. It is a little quick to conclude that he is no good. Carter can contribute and I think he has played OK to this point. Certainly better than a 5 round pick. I also think he will mesh better with the team over the next few games.
  15. I would have liked to have seen another trade today before the deadline but not one that would have mortgaged the future. Some of the teams moving today paid a high price for a rental player. It is funny that in one breath "fans" will say JR is a genius and then in another he is a fool. JR helped bring home the cup last year...I am pretty sure he knows what he is doing...just a hunch.
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