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  1. I got it, when I tried to reply it says yours is still full...;o(
  2. too funny!!!!! So how are you today? I tried to send you a message to be funny but is saying your inbox was full... READ SOME MAIL GIRL...;oP
  3. yeah, I just listened to it... THAT IS SOOOOOOO CRAZY!!!!!
  4. OH NO... Talking bad about someone sport... LOOK OUT here comes commodore.;O)
  5. well that was nice thing to do commodorelover
  6. it is a great DVD!!!! But it will give you the itch for more hockey. TRUST ME.. I watch it the other night. BAD IDEA....
  7. not a lot of talk in here some far today!!!!!!
  8. That really does suck... Well I hope you and everyone you know are ok... 22 is 2 to many but I guess it could have been a lot worse
  9. that really does suck.... So did the guy who did all of this go to school there?
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