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  1. I get almost ALL my Canes info from Canadian sportscasters and websites....after all, I do live in Saskatchewan. Goooo Canes!!!!
  2. There's the freakin' backbreaker!!! Shorthanded in the last minute....we're done.
  3. If you can't get ONE shot on a PP, then you deserve to lose................ oops sorry, they got ONE shot.
  4. Good first period. Need to keep it up all game.....let's go boys!!!!! On a side note, this is my favorite time of year, when the 'Laffs are officially done. Sweeeet!
  5. Well, I sure as hell am not ready to give up on the season....sheesh.......
  6. Man, that was sweet! Since we lost four in a row on Jan. 17th, we've played 21 games, and have won 14 of them, and six of the last seven. That's the right kind of hockey to be playing right now.....
  7. uhhh thanks. I was only doin' it 'cause I felt like I was the only one in here. Anywho, up here in Canada, the only games on TV are the freakin' Leafs and Habs, and both those teams make me want to puke!
  8. Nobody here? I guess anyone not watching the game is in the chat room talking basketball....
  9. ...and there goes the season. We cannot afford any more injuries to critical players. ...oops. Spoke too soon.....GOAL!
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