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  1. How is this game NOT ON TV tonight??? :mad: I'm in Greensboro... the pregame is listed as usual at 6:30pm, but after that... NBA BASKETBALL??? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Anyone else apparently not going be watching this one tonight?
  2. Well, I guess I can safely say we've lost our SE division lead. This sucks. Something HAS to happen to mix this organization up.
  3. Freakin' pathetic. I was keeping up w/the score at work on real-time thru NHL.com... when I left to come home, there were about 10 minutes left in the 3rd, and we were up by 2. Rather cynically, I thought to myself, "Well, they've still got time to lose this one," not really thinking that they would. But then they did. :angry:
  4. What date do these go on sale? TIA! :wink:
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