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  1. I have a Whitney that I'll trade for a Ward. Missed the giveaway because of the crazy parking issues! I also have lithographs that I'll trade for a Ward. Thanks
  2. Seidenberg skated today, looked fantastic, could be ready for tomorrow's game
  3. If John had been in goal tonight, he would have been replaced. Why not pull Cam? Seriously, how bad does it have to get to pull him? THIS IS NOT A CRITICISM OF CAM'S ABILITIES. It's a question. No more, no less. Isn't it sometimes better to replace the goalie in this situation? No JG bashing please. I like him. But again, this is just a question.
  4. Unfortunately, I think my point was lost in the rush to claim tickets which, due to my being out of town, I will be unable to use. Just lucky that I'll be close enough to the Rats to catch that game on Saturday. I am not a fair-weather fan. I do not miss games unless I have to. I am a full season ticket holder, like many of you, who feels frustrated by fans who will not stay til the end of a game because they might make it out of the parking lot a few minutes faster if they leave during the third period. I am frustrated by fans who bash players for poor games when clearly it takes a team to win a game. Sophomoric , maybe but true nevertheless. 'm thin skinned enough to think that our comments sometimes hurt more than they help. I am frustrated, like everyone else that what started out feeling like a Cup year seems to be feeling less so with every game and every injury. I guess I come here looking for information and often leave feeling embarrassed by the comments left by fans. I'll climb down off my soapbox now.....oh wait I've already been knocked off. I'll be cheering for the Canes no matter who's in goal, no matter where I am. I just always like to remind myself when I start to talk crap about players that I can't play at all and they usually get payed the big bucks for a reason. Apologies to anyone I offended by my remarks
  5. It has never failed to amaze me, when reading posts on this site, what fair-weather fans the Hurricanes have. I am genuinely sad to see John go. He has hardly been given a chance to shine here. When Cam has a bad period, game, or stretch, he doesn't get yanked. He's given the opportunity to work it through. Not so with John. When the team works with John the way they do with Cam he has some pretty awesome games too. I was in Philly on Dec 15th for a game and when I later congratulated John on that win he responded by saying the TEAM played great. I thought HE played great!! I hope Leighton performs well here or he'll be the next scapegoat for the masses. As for me, I'll be flying to New York next Friday and sitting on the glass Saturday night watching the Rats and hopefully John in goal. Someone else can have my Canes tickets. I hear in other arenas the games last three periods, judging by the fans in Raleigh they only last two. Sad, very sad.
  6. #44 Brookbank, brother to Wade Brookbank, one of our own!!
  7. Amazing week! Bought a new house, Canes win and I got my camera back! Apparently, either the people who sit a few seats down from us didn't see my husband or didn't recognize him. He doesn't come to many games. They grabbed the camera to save it for me and returned it Thursday at the game. I am so thankful to them for looking out for me. I sit with the nicest group of people, I haven't learned all the names but WOW !! I hope with the new house I can keep my seats $$$$ the view is great and I know I'm being looked out for. I haven't been able to post because my Dell is down!! On a borrowed one now. Apologies to the guy in the red shirt with the black beard, his camera bag is the same as mine, that's where the accusation came from. I got a new bag in Jersey, haven't seen one like it before so maybe I can keep track of it. By the way it is a great camera, Aiptek, from either Best Buy or Circuit City. Does pictures, video, mp3 and a bunch of other stuff that I'm clearly not smart enough to understand. I have a nice video camera but this is little, pocket size. Awesome!! I was able to show my seat neighbors some of the video of my little ones. Thanks again to N, if your reading this I'm indebted forever!!! Love them Canes! Miss B. Hedican!! Play Seidenberg!!!
  8. I'm not sure if he would recognize him again. He wasn't someone who generally sits near us. Probably someone who had the opportunity to move closer when so many of our fans get up and leave early. Which is, by the way, something I will never do!! I know I'll never get the pictures back. It just really hurt my feelings that anyone would take away pictures of my kids. I know one thing, I'll never not download the stuff off of my digital equipment again. Lesson learned! I took a chance on the message boards, I've read them all year but been afraid to post. Thanks for letting me vent!! The Hurricanes are the best. Win or lose I'm not a "fair-weather fan"
  9. I originally replied to this post several days ago but thought I should take a step back and breathe before I submitted it. So,.... here goes. If I had left the camera and come back for it later and it was gone I would have said exactly that, admitted my forgetfulness, begged for it back, blah, blah, blah. However, that is not what happened. Since you seem to need clarity on the subject let me be more specific. I had my camera draped between my husband's seat and mine, I left just before the game ended to go to the other side and my husband said he would stay at our seats until I returned because he has a broken ankle. As I was returning to our section I received a frantic call from him stating that as he stepped into the aisle to allow other people to get out, a man in the row behind grabbed the camera and took off. My husband yelled at him and tried to catch him but was of course slowed by his injury. I ran to the entrance to our section after alerting staff but our section opens at one of the doors to the arena. Several staff members as well as police officers were there almost immediately but by then the thief was gone. We are full season ticket holders as are the majority of the people around us . This guy is someone who was passing through and saw an opportunity and took it. As I have said before, I've replaced the camera I just wanted my pictures back. Even if I had forgotten it, it was not a quarter or dollar as someone else suggested, it was a camera which clearly belonged to someone. It was not turned in to the lost and found which makes it stolen. I hope this clears up any questions regarding the incident. Nuf said!!!
  10. Thanks for all the kind words. I'm sure I will never see the camera or video/pictures again. However, if the thief happens to be reading this, the memory card is hidden in the battery compartment. Please keep the camera, enjoy it, I replaced it today, but leave the memory card at RBC and they'll get it back to me. Those videos are irreplaceable, and only important to me. On a much lighter note, I'm sitting in a hotel room in Jersey, watching the snow fall, and going to the game tomorrow. Yeah me!! Drove all night after the game. Yes, I did file a police report. RBC staff and the Raleigh Police couldn't have been nicer. Of course, when you consider the fact both the 'Canes and the Devils wear the same colors, we're talking about an entire venue of red, black and white! They promised to check the security videos. Anyway, I'll be sitting behind the players bench. Wow! Love them Canes!!
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