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  1. Adam Gold, I agree. Morgan Patrick, I'd take fingernails on a chalkboard first. He's brutal I sometimes get the sense that Morgan has three note cards on the desk in front of him, and spends his show reading from one or the other, repeatedly. Ovies is awesome and should get his own show. Chris Clark also is good.
  2. I think our D was terrible last year and the biggest holes are still here. I hope to heavens they do better than last year. Injuries aside, I don't see a lot to be optimistic about unless Hedican doesn't make it past camp and maybe Kaberle gets benched in favor of one our younger players that can step uptheir game. That's what I hope happens and I think the potential is there if they get a decent chance. The thought of a Hedican-Kaberle pairing like one suggested sends shivers up my back. I think Ward and Graham deserve better than that. Hopefully our offense will get back on track. It's starting to really look good with the addition of Cullen and Hamilton. The best defense is a good offense. If we're controlling the puck and putting the pressure on with more goals, a lot of defensive weaknesses will not stand out so much. The other team can't score if we're pounding their net with shots and goals and controlling the puck. That "terrible" D allowed fewer goals against than it did in the Stanley Cup year. We just didn't score at the same rate, and we lost shootouts. That's the difference. Our D is fine, although I would like to see Babs get his fool head on straight and realize he needs to pay some dues before he gets to be a prima donna. he would be helpful in the event of injury to one of the top 6.
  3. LOL! I am reminded of Justice Thurgood Marshall, who was once asked when he would leave the Supreme Court. "When my term is up," responded Marshall. (Supreme Court justices serve for life or until they leave of their own accord). Asked when that would be, he responded: "When I am found dead, in bed, at the age of 97, shot by a jealous husband."
  4. That's just oodles of speed. Look at that third line. Muwahahahahahahaha!
  5. Stillman/Staal/Cole (oh boy! - a healthy stillman feeding Staal sick passes while Cole crunches opposin players behind the net) Wizard/Brindy/Williams Ladd/Cullen/Walker Adams/Hamilton/Larose (the new improved law firm) That's a damn good offense.
  6. Hot dang, this is great! Not a bad price, considering we are now stocked at center. we have a franchise center, a future hall of fame center, two very servicable centers, one we know and one with a lot of upside, and a high quality prospect. I don't think we needed the kid we sent to the rangers. I like Hutchinson, but it's not like he was getting loads of playing time. However, there is now even more of a need for a puck-moving defenseman who can QB the power play.
  7. business reason, schmizzness reason. Cole came back from a broken neck, early, to help his team win a Stanley Cup. He carried the team emotionally from the bench from March 2006 until he came back. He should be a Cane for life, unless someone is offering Crosby or Ovechkin. Those are about the only trades I could stomach. They trade Cole for anything less than an All Star at the beginning of his career, and they can keep my tickets and send me my money.
  8. THANK YOU! At least someone around here has been paying attention since before 2002.
  9. Unless they are made of spun gold, that's entirely too freaking much money.
  10. I say this, I hope people like you wake up and realize that being pissed off at the team for a pathetic season when they could be so much better is not the same as being "fair-weather". I've been a fan since 1993, and I've NEVER been so frustrated with the team as this season. Never has the gap between what SHOULD be and what IS been so large for this franchise. It's pathetic that the 'Canes are in 11th when they could easily be in 3rd if they had any kind of power play and defensive effort. Well said. My point exactly. I watched 2003 and 2004. Those teams jst had no talent. This is entirely different. Tell me there is ANY excuse for a team with this much talent to miss the Playoffs. This isn't getting in and falling short. This is bombing out of the playoffs!
  11. I am including those steaming piles of excrement still stinking up Toronot and Philadelphia as I criticize this team for quitting. They put their own backs against the wall and then did not get the job done. And they did not get the job done with the same bad habits they've shown all year. This was a poor effort, all year long, from the ice to the bench to the training room, to JR. Poor poor poor poor. It's frustrating to see the team, twice now, achieve greatness only to lay an egg the next season.
  12. What are you talking about? Our guys played hard tonight! You can stop. It's over. No excuse for quitting. None. Lazy-a$$ clearing passes and reaching defense, and an absolute refusal to play decent hockey with the man advantage. Thats just bad hockey.
  13. Tasks for the offseason: Sign a goalie with experience who can stop shots to his glove side. Find out why players who hurt their shoulders forget how to skate (ahem, cough cough Stillman cough cough) Go ask the Kings if we can have Johnson back. Sign some Free Agent defensemen who can hit. Require the Power Play squads to go everywhere, all summer long, in an umbrella formation, maintaining space between them.
  14. Only three teams in the history of the league have done what we are in the process of doing. Sit them all and bring up the kids from the River Rats for the last 4 games. At least they'll try..
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