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  1. Here's an idea, can we bring Lavi back???? At this point I think anything is better than what is happening right now!!
  2. Not being ugly or anything but I do beleive that these particular players are some of the ones who absolutely stepped throughout the season especially at the end with everything they had, and they are very proud to represent the us and canada as their homes. Cut them some slack, they will still be rested and fabulous players.
  3. The guys have just lost their defensive momentum, one minute they seem to be really focused then Toronto blows them away. I still support them, you gotta be there whether they are up or down, they have been playing prior to this phenomenaly. Just wish them luck in what's left and pray alot.
  4. I forgot to make you an offer monetarily, $25 each. Thanks, Nancy Piatt.
  5. I need 2 tickets, would you settle for selling 2?
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