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  1. Hey guys. Don't let the name fool you I am only a jinx at work. I have came across an amazing and quite weird phenomenon Thursday night. For the last three times I wore my Brindy tee, 'Canes earrings, and a certain pair of jeans we have won that game. Now I did not wear the ensemble for games 5 and 6 becaue my daughter who is 5 was in the hospital and I didn't get a chance to do laundry. So of course testing my theory based on games 2, 3, & 4 I decided to get out the lucky stuff (I call it my mojo) and behold another victory. So dang skippy I am wearing the exact same stuff the rest of the way. Lets hope the mojo does its job from here on out.
  2. Hey guys I know this might be hard to do, but if we see the 'Canes just skating around doing well nothing, maybe we could scream out C'MON CANES DO SOMETHING. A friend of mine was at the game where Staal scored the hat trick and saw he was standing there like a deer in headlights before the goals and yelled out c'mon Staal do something and then he did. Say like near the end of the first period when the score is other team 2 and 'Canes 0. Maybe that will light a fire under their butts. Just an idea.
  3. Staal and Larose: Rock, paper, scissors. Wallin: Oh why did i have use paper. Bayda: I told you to throw in rock. Guy in black jacket: Dude you just beat by Eric Staal in rock, paper, scissors. Hey I know its corny, but its all I could think of
  4. As of now the Canes no longer have pregame skates as a way to perhaps prevent them from overdoing their bodies and making them more susceptible to injury. Eventhough some players still go out there to loosen up.
  5. i like that one. Hot line works too
  6. My faves in order are: 1. Brindy 2. Grahame (love the way he plays the puck) 3. Wardo
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