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  1. if you look through the last 200 made i would say about half of them have at least one canes jersey in em
  2. ladd is pretty injury prone himself... but the whole point is that rutuu is a center and thats what we need right now with rod out.. and to be honest ladd hasnt lived up to his expectations here and rutuu hasnt in chicago so maybe the same thing will happen with rutuu here that happened with samsonov
  3. kovulchuck seems to be a bit of a puck hog...
  4. staal for mvp he tied it and set up the game winner
  5. i really liked dipetros stick handling... and if those tools from v/s hadnt been distracting him he probably would have gotten the shut out
  6. i personally think gerber should have been the call up when broduer didnt go... speaking of which why isnt he there??
  7. ok so far who ya think is in the running for mvp?? my bet is on dipietro or ovechkin
  8. seems to me like staal is getting alot of ice time ...
  9. well i read the boards every day and i dont post very often.. because some of the people here like to pick anything and everything apart that people post .. but my main point in this post that we should be happy that we have the canes and support them win or lose.. i am sure there is more than one city out there that would gladly take the canes from us if they could.. and i would hate to see that happen..
  10. this is just my opinion . but you know what should have happened... even though cam was stellar during the playoffs . they should have resigned gerber and let cam have another year to develop his game as the back up.. i think they put too much pressure on him and he has cracked..and look at how gerber is playing now.
  11. this is sort of off topic a bit but has anyone ever noticed how short tripp is?? during the cup run i went to a few practices at the rec zone and i was walking out and ran into trip because i didnt see him and almost knocked him to the floor. i am about 6'2 and he came up to about mid chest on me lol.. sorry for the ramble but hey i thought it was funny
  12. Yeah when i get the money... i and i am really sorry again i got over zealous i was just so stoked that he took time to actually sign that for me and mail it to me meant a whole lot.. and even though that is a personal story you got to admit it would be pretty scary to knock on a door to pick up a date and see him standing there...
  13. well i do apologize... i wasnt aware that that was one of the rules..
  14. i am sorry i started the topic... but how is this any from people discussing what cars the players drive. i thought it was a funny story that was shared with me by a friend... i didnt mean to offend..
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