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  1. My husband frequently runs into both Corvo & Walker at his job. He said they are both extremely nice and friendly whenever he sees them. Joe is usually a lot more talkative, where as Scotty seems a bit shy - but still very nice! Every player I've ever had the pleasure of meeting has been super! A few years back, though, I felt like I got the cold shoulder from Cullen at the Caniac Carnival. Every player we got autographs from greeted us, thanked us for coming , etc... Matty seemed too busy talking with the guy next to him and didn't even make eye contact. I was mad at him all season! At the end of the season, I got to get his autograph again and he TOTALLY redeemed himself! Very friendly, nice, talkative! He is now one of my fav players. Roddy will always be my #1 - But Ruutu and Rosey are our fav's in our house - both in play and personality!
  2. Saw Scotty Walker at Sak's last Sunday! My daughter actually recognized him! In the shoe department! We didn't bother him, other than me saying in a really high voice "SCOTTY!!!". My daughter said he looked around after I said it. I couldn't help it! We love him!
  3. So my daughter and I are on our way to the game last Friday, driving down Creedmoor Rd. and pull up next to a sweet, black Maserati on our left. The driver was looking left so we could not see his face. We're checking out the awesome car and I said, "I wonder if that could be one of the players?" and just then he turns and my daughter yells, "It's Eric Staal!!!!" He turned towards us and I gave him a big smile and two thumbs up! He smiled and gave us a wave back. So Cool! And they won the game that night! WOOOOOOO! I love living in Raleigh!
  4. Does anyone know if the team is going to practice this Saturday? My family has been wanting to go, but can't do it weekdays.
  5. My husband ran into Scotty Walker picking up his kid(s) from preschool a few days ago-(My hubby works at the place where the preschool is-I won't say where for Scotty's privacy). He talked with him a couple minutes and said Scotty was very nice. There are a couple more players who have children that go there. All very nice every time hubby runs into them! I'll have to go to work with him sometime!
  6. Too bad about Ray :0( Is there going to be a "get well wishes for ray whitney" topic? He's my daughters favorite and she is wanting to send him a get well message. There used to be a spot on the website where you could send the players fan mail, but we can't find it anymore.
  7. My 'Canes earrings - I wear them every game day and any other day I feel like it. I forget to wear them to a game last season and was freaking out because every time I didn't wear them they lost that game. So after about an hour of freaking out while tailgating, my husband went to the EYE and bought me another pair - And they won!
  8. Thanks again to everyone for your responses. My daughter and I went down to 110/111 last night and got right at the glass. We had no trouble getting down there and she was thrilled to be that close, so we both thank everyone for the great advice!
  9. Thanks for the responses! I really appreciate it! We'll try it tonight!
  10. Rod- Our family prayers are with you for a speedy recovery! As you are my favorite player, it was so hard to see you go down last night. I was ready to jump on the ice and pummel those guys if my husband hadn't been holding me back! Take care of yourself, be strong(DUH! -You are the epitome of the word!), and get well VERY soon!! You will be greatly missed by the Caniacs and all of your other fans around the league! We love you!
  11. Chad- You will be greatly missed out on the ice! You have become my husbands favorite player with your energy and spunk - and it's taken him the whole season to pick his fav to put on his sweater! My daughter will also miss calling you her pet name "Rosey Posey Chad Larosey"! We're sure you'll heal as fast as you skate around the ice! Take care of yourself!
  12. I was one of the lucky people who work at Target that helped the players and kids shop yesterday. OH MY GOD! They were all soooooo cool! I was paired with Commie and he was so great with the kid! The young man was very sweet and Mike tried to buy him more things, but he kept saying he was done. Afterwards I was able to get my pic with all the guys, except Cam. My friend was helping Grahame and had nothing but nice things to say about him. It was so nice to see the guys helping out and paying all that money out off their own pockets. They were very generous and the kids all seemed to enjoy their time with them. I will treasure that day forever and hope to do it again next year!
  13. Scotty - My whole family wishes you well! We miss you on the ice! Please take care of yourself and get well soon! Many wishes of health and happiness to you and your family!
  14. I can confirm it is a great place to see them. I do work there and see them once in a while. Roddy's there about 1-2x every couple of weeks. Other sightings include Cam, Staal, Cole a few times, Commodore, Ladd, Cullen(a couple seasons ago), and even Pete Friesen. It's such a rush when one of them comes in. We have a lot of 'Canes fans working there and the whole store will start to buzz!
  15. "300 Maybe we need to tell him to go to your Target instead. lol" OH NO NO NO NO!!! Maybe you just need to transfer to the right Target! lol! Part of what gets me through non-game days are the possibilities of seeing Roddy or one of the other players in my store! Mike Commodore was in on Tuesday afternoon, by the way!
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