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  1. He should be playing after all we did trade Adams for him! :roll:
  2. We are supposed to tailgate today.I'm not sure if we are,if so we will be in vip parking with a red doge 2500 cant miss it
  3. well I go on to google and search Carolina Hurricanes layouts and ive been able to find a few things my sister has a hurricanes layout that she made thats another option
  4. I could of sworn it when in and bounced out but after seeing replays I was able to see it hit the post
  5. Grahame!! LaROSE! Jwillie! Cole!!
  6. No Mom we aren't embrassed by that,we think its funny when you make the person wait,and he sits on the step next to you and shoots you dirty looks.
  7. My sister and I say the same thing.SIT DOWN AND SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!!
  8. Well ive been a fan since 2002 regular season.
  9. They were great last night!!! I can't wait till next game!
  10. LET'S GO CANES!!!! I luv u heather!!! (she's my sister)
  11. CHA! they played great! grahame was really good!
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