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  1. Ok--let me say I can't stand Jack Johnson and can't begin to say how happy I am to have Timmy to cheer for instead of him. And yes--Jack shouldn't have reacted the way he did--but Canada had him targeted from the first game with cheap shots. Niedermeyer with the slam into the boards in the first game after the period ended and and Perry maybe? with a cheap shot after the first period ended in the medal game. Maybe they thought it would get to him--but Jack deserved somekind of payback.
  2. It wasn't a sucker punch because Ward had a chance to protect himself and chose not to I'm still glad to see Ward back--he can be an instigator at times, but now he's the Canes PITA again And Stevens was NOT one of the cleanest checkers ever. His hits may not have been against the rules--but when he had a choice to go for a body shot or a head shot--he ALWAYS chose the head shot. Please see the shot that took out the original crybaby, Lindros. Lindros was being defended by another Devil and Stevens used that distraction to come unseen and hit Lindros in the head with his shoulder. No looking to take the puck and move it up the ice, which would have been easy since he was unseen by Lindros, no looking to take the body, just a subtle move to avoid the body, duck the shoulder and aim for the temple.... almost all of these hits were intentionally to the head, more than a few were coming as the non-engaged defender--and all were legal. But it doesn't make them clean and it doesn't make them not cheap. Stevens was willing to potentially end the career of a FELLOW professional to make a highlight reel--I don't know of anything cheaper than that.
  3. Not a bad pick up--he knows the players--some a bit too well maybe.....And he plays a hard nosed d first game. Most of all--Aaron understands that a shot blocked is a shot not scored, so he picks up for Seidenberg as well. As for Roddy, what I would like to see happen, is to have him play like 7 or 8 of every 10 games and then give someone like Sutter or Boychuk or Dodge the chance to fill in on the off nights. That way Roddy gets the rest he needs and the prospects get the TOI they need at the NHL level. Sutter and Boychuk obviously would be the 3rd line center (or Jussi could play center and Boychuk wing) and if Dodge came up, Jussi could move to the 3rd slot and Dodge to the fourth.
  4. Not the Rangers? or the Kings? and why, in the name of all that is good, would Buffalo be mentioned in that group? The Sabres have no players better than even Staal, no history to speak of and rabid Buffalo fans are more a description of their medical condition, not their state of fandom. If, and that's a mighty big if, the Sabres would get mentioned, it would be because they almost went bankrupt, not because they are any different than any other franchise or town. And yes, the Hurricanes are not the interesting topic in hockey because the lack of a generational player or the original 6 bloodlines, but they are a team that understands hockey survives by growing and maintaining a viable fanbase. The Canes actively support charities in the local community, heavily invest in local youth hockey and provide tons of opportunites to see the players throughout the year. On top of just the support they return to the community, the other aspect of the survey was what do they return on the ice. Since 97, the Canes have been to two Cups and won one of them. More than many teams in the NHL, including the one you "support". And, with the present management structure, there is no reason to expect the Canes to tank anytime soon and will occasionally make runs like they did in 2002, 2006 and 2009. So I am not really sure why anyone would question the results of this study. And why would that person, and supporters, would get mad when Canes fans don't take kindly to being questioned, unprompted, on their own board? Oh, by the way, I grew up in Upstate New York and was a Sabres fan for all of my life until the playoff run in 2006. I still have family and friends in the Upstate who are Sabres fans and ticket holders and they are way more indictative of the "normal" Buffalo fan than the idiots who get liquored up and travel to away games. Or home games. If a fanbase does not wish to be perceived as drunken idiots, don't behave as drunken idiots.
  5. My guess is that it is the agent is causing the Babchuk problems. Although Babchuk was the one mad at having to go to Albany, it was his agent who recommended him to go back to Russia. Instead of just sulking and taking the two weeks in Albany until rosters were expanded, the agent nuked the whole deal. If he just sucked it up, they wouldn't be in this spot right now and his boy would be looking at arbitration in a few weeks. My guess is that the agent tipped his hat too soon, told JR that his client would never sign with the Canes after this season was up. If so, what motivation does Jimmy have to give Babs any more money than he absolutely has to. Babs has made himself a pawn and should do what he should have done in the first place, suck it up play well, quietly demand a trade so as not to hurt his trade value or know that the payday will come after this year anyway.
  6. Now do I like the fact that there are season ticket holders that are part time Canes fans and full time Pens (or any non-Canes team) fans? Not really--but I don't like the ones who are NOT sth'ers and are part time Canes fans and full time Pens fans more. The more Canes games one sees, the better the chance of them becoming a Cane's fan--and that is what is truly important. We live in an area that is attractive to many in the colder climes and just as we needed them to bring better pizza and bakerys, we need to be tolerant of their dalliances with their birth teams. Eventually the children will be flipped and the roots will wither, but until then, just know that they help everyone enjoy the Canes by buying their season tickets. And yes, I am a transplant as well.
  7. The problem isn't trading away Williams or getting Cole, but if I understand correctly--JR traded Williams and O'sullivan for an exchange of 2nd round picks, a 5th round (next to worthless) pick and Cole? A player who is signed, a future RFA, what will be a better 2nd round pick for Cole, a future UFA and a throwaway pick? That my friends, is getting hosed.
  8. I will still be at the games, I will still support the Canes--that is not the issue. But if Ronnie is the Coach--make him the coach. If he needs help, make Mo the assisstant. I would rather take a chance on the unknown then go back to the past and repeat a past failure.
  9. Sorry--was a couple of years off on the playoff run--but Nolan won COY that year and was fired for a blow up with Hasek. And no, he is not a poison--current NHL analyst for ESPN, Matthew Barnaby--blamed Hasek for the problems. And apart from Hasek, no other comments have been really made by Nolan's players....odd for being such a poison. As for Hasek being the only reason the Sabre's made the playoffs that year--how does that diminish any coaching job he did that year? And Hasek being hurt in the playoffs also helped them depart the PO that year. And, without looking it up, please name any of the top 5 leading scorers for the Sabres that year. I will tell you the leading scorer only had 53 points--much like Vasicek's 43 or whatever in one of Mo's years. And Nolan got the Islander's into the playoffs--something Mo couldn't do with more talent in Toronto
  10. Why Nolan? Because he had the Sabres in the cup finals and he made an islanders team with talent equivilant to an AHL team look respectable in the NHL. Why is Nolan unemployed--1--he's not a yes man and can be irritating to management---2--he had "problems" with Hasek and--3--see number 1--like with the Isle, he wanted an extra year on his contract if Wang wanted to play mostly the young guys--because they would lose, Wang didn't give it to him, Ted still tried to win and Wang fired him anyway.
  11. Ok--I understand the Lavi firing--coaches get fired for things beyond they're control all the time--but to bring back Mo? The milquetoastiest coach ever? Where's O'Neill? Does he want to come back now? Skating speed is purely optional now... And Rowe is on the bench, Ted Nolan is out of a job--how the heck do you settle on Moe?
  12. MVPs Ruutu--because he is doing what he was brought in to do--hit people and put points on the board. He looks to be a good replacement for the Erik Cole role. Wallin--he has done better than anyone has ever expected him to. He gave the team a lift when they needed it and allowed others to work into the game instead of being criticized while they did. Gleason and Seidenberg--they have eaten huge amounts of minutes and do it well. They still have ups and downs--but the ups are better and downs less often In between Pitkanen and Corvo--they have shown glimpses but not all the time. Sammy and Eaves--I would like to see more points, but they have both continued to work hard and they are not defensive liabilities when they are the ice. Sammy is more dependant on getting points from his teammates than maybe any other (offensive) Cane--and as the team plays well--so will he. Eaves seems to have gotten more active on the offensive end and maybe he will get his groove back on the score sheet. Disappointments Roddy--for trying to do so much too early. He should have been more proactive in allowing himself less minutes in a game to help the team---especially on the PK. Now that he is getting more healthy and his timing back, I would expect the quality of his play to get better. Brookbank--why is he here? Yes he has one goal--but he doesn't really fight or skate well enough to protect our players and doesn't seem to really add a lot to the team. Staal--no, not because of the scoring--just because he has not stepped up as the leader on the team when Roddy was hurt. I don't know if he was hesitant to step forward or not--but it should have been him setting the pace of the team, like he did last year after Roddy got hurt. Good to see Larose--for being Larose and skating hard and seeming to have a little more patience than usual Sutter--very good Hockey player and once he gets used to the speed of the NHL--he should be one of best defensive minded centers in the league. Bayda--everything you can ask for out of a player in his position. Makes the most out of his minutes and never takes a shift off. Cam and Leighton--looks to be the best 1/2 goalie combo in years. Cam is playing well and the team doesn't have to worry about a deficit in play when Leighton comes in. Who cares Melichar--he was brought in as insurance policy in case multiple, regular dmen got hurt or if Babchuk was a train wreck. Neither has happened--but is that really a bad thing?
  13. Weight did nothing wrong here--he meant to deliver a blow--but it would have just been a nice clean open ice hit if Sutter had not leaned forward to hit the puck a little forward. It looked like Sutter was trying to poke it forward so he could side step Weight and just estimated the speeds a bit wrong. While Weight carries more "weight" then Sutter, he is still a good 3-4" inches shorter--he would have to jump to get to Brandon's head in normal play. However, I don't see how you can call the Letowski or Cullen plays anything but headhunting. The Letowski play is virtually similar to the shot Drury took against the Sens. The player who hit him (Armstrong in this case) lined him up from behind and delivered a blow to the head. It wasn't somebody Letowski should have seen, it wasn't designed to knock somebody off the puck--it was designed to punish and was intentionally aimed at the head. Orr, in the Cullen case, had a choice to knock Cullen for a loop with a clean hit to the chest--or he could dip his shoulder and aim a blow to the underside of Cullen's chin. Orr took the nastier hit. Was it "clean"? Under the current rules yes--but the blow was intended to knock him out and it did. That is what the NHL needs to stop--not the accidental hit that Brandon took. And I know everybody hates Lindros--but look at the hit Stevens knocked him out with. Lindros was battling another Devil and Stevens used him as a screen to set up Lindros and intentionally hits him with the top of his shoulder pad in the head. Didn't even look at the puck, which he could have stolen easily, or play the body at all. The only part of Steven's equipment to hit Lindros was his shoulder pad to the head. Youtube scores a great hit and the NHL loses one of the most dynamic players or his era--good trade?
  14. I agree that Sammy is playing well and for whatever reason, the points just aren't falling for him. Much of it has to do with Roddy not looking too good at even strength and some of it is just bad luck. Sammy is like a smaller, faster version of Stillman. He has never been a great finisher, especially after his wrist injury, so he needs somebody to feed the puck to and/or look for garbage when he shoots. Maybe the chance to play with Staal will fix some of those problems? But overall, the effort is there and the points will come sooner or later. Eaves--he doesn't even seem to be looking to score right now. His defense and his effort look ok, but when he gets in the offensive zone, he just seems to be content with cycling and not really going to the net. As long as his d stays strong, he's not really hurting the team--but then again, he's not really helping it as much either.
  15. Ok--they find that Tanabe is really faking it--what happens then? You put him back on the ice--is that really what you want? Sure they would waive him and he would go to Albany to sit for the season. But the Canes owe him the money regardless. Better for the Canes to have 3 years to pay it then all in one year. And even better for everybody that Tanabe is not on the ice for the Canes if he really doesn't want to be.
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