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  1. Try...of course. Pay a king's ransom...no. Gotta check the temp at least
  2. Nice effort. Great outcome after the Boston game.
  3. The DeHaan move really didn't make sense if they were just going to sign another Dman (Gardiner).
  4. You can't compare Vince Lombardi or a guy like Bobby Knight to coaching today. Things change and even Knight was ousted for similar accusations. Lots of things were "acceptable" (maybe tolerated is a better word) years ago that we all see now as wrong. Who among us knows what Francis knew, but it's hard to believe that he knew nothing.
  5. Lots to digest on the Peters thing. I don't put a lot of merit on Karmanos' statement because it's easy to say what you would have done when you don't have to do anything. It wouldn't surprise me at all if it later comes out that he knew something. Francis...I just don't know what to say. To let this go on and not "handle" it is rough. He definitely has some explaining to do. Roddy is coming off as the straight shooter we would assume he is. I would imagine that the accusations will continue to be a constant drip, drip, drip for a while. Flames need to move on. The team is underperforming and I'd have to assume the locker room there needs this cloud to blow over. Peters is done in hockey.
  6. My daughter and son in law will be in attendance today. We know there will be at least 2 Canes fans there. Well, maybe on fan and one reluctant attendee. My son in law is a reluctant hockey fan. My daughter had no choice.
  7. Skinner is water under the bridge. No reason to get upset by what he does in another sweater. He didn't fit on a Brindy team, so he was moved on.
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