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  1. super_dave_1

    GDT: Rags @ a bunch of jerks (19 Feb, 19)

    Foiled by the old hot goalie once again.
  2. You need a name for this. Jerkapalooza? JerkFest 2019?
  3. super_dave_1

    In-Season 2018-2019

    While I’m no rocket surgeon, dropping $250M on a startup football league when the Canes are spending at the bottom of the pile is...disturbing to a Canes fan. Startup football leagues are historical losers.
  4. super_dave_1

    In-Season 2018-2019

    Who are you, and what have you done with db58?
  5. super_dave_1

    Hagmetrics 2.0: Simplest way to 'how we doin'

    Bunch of Jerks are currently on pace for 94 points. It's right there.
  6. super_dave_1

    In-Season 2018-2019

    For some reason, I feel like there will be plenty of "Bunch of Jerks" shirts for everyone. Canes marketing should immediately seize on this and have it be a big part of what the team is doing. I think the first thing is to have all the players come out for the warm up all wearing jerseys with JERK as the name on the back. Be somebody
  7. super_dave_1

    In-Season 2018-2019

    C'mon slap, that celebration is way too "Look at me".
  8. super_dave_1

    In-Season 2018-2019

    He's never done that to begin with. He isn't starting now, concussion or not. They need to put a continuous loop of Johan Franzen goals playing in the locker room. There's a guy that made a career out of playing in front of the goal.
  9. super_dave_1

    In-Season 2018-2019

    I've backed off from posting a lot, because we've been rehashing all the same stuff for years. Time to again I have said for ages that JStaal wasn't the problem with this team, however lately I have come to think he isn't the answer to the problem. He is a quality defensive center...but I don't think he is one that fits in with the Canes as they are currently configured. He isn't fleet of foot (or skate). "Hands of stone" is not a joke. He just is not a skilled puck handler. He has never developed any real chemistry with anyone. He is big, but he doesn't play big. He gets hits on the stat sheet, but is not a concern on the ice for the opposition. He doesn't camp out in front of the goal or drive the goal. It's hard to argue with the success of the team since he has been out. There has been a lot less dumping and trying to chase. When he returns to the ice, he will end up in the top 6 sooner than later, eating up 20 minutes of ice time a game. Yes, we can use his faceoff ability, and that is important. Is it important enough to make up for the rest of the limitations he has on the ice? If there is a team out there that thinks he is the answer to their problem and is willing to make a hockey trade, I'd certainly be ok with the team parting ways with him. He has helped the team miss the playoffs long enough for me to be fine with some more culture change. I'd much rather see that money spent on another center that offers more scoring potential. Move him and use his contract money and the assets he brings back to make another move to bring back a legit top 6 talent that fits the team makeup.
  10. super_dave_1

    GDT: Canes @ Rags...8 Feb, 2019

    I really had my questions at first about Brindy as coach. It has taken a while, but it certainly seems like all the guys are pulling in the same direction for the first time in forever.
  11. super_dave_1

    GDT: Canes @ Rags...8 Feb, 2019

    That island was lost in a disaster, and FEMA declared it a total loss
  12. super_dave_1

    GDT: Canes @ Rags...8 Feb, 2019

    What a pass!!!!!
  13. super_dave_1

    GDT: Canes @ Rags...8 Feb, 2019

    I got a feeling things are about to turn around for us
  14. super_dave_1

    GDT: Canes @ Rags...8 Feb, 2019

    Let's see some hustle