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  1. What can possibly be the decision? Probably have him on the NHL marketplace at half price clearance and they are waiting to see if anyone is that crazy.
  2. Forsberg gets signed on a 2 way deal and AHWSNBN is bought out. DeHaan gone creates a spot to move a Checker into. DeHaan was out half this year anyway. Seemingly ends speculation that Pesce could be moved, and that's a good thing. Faulk must be looked at as returning. I like DeHaan, but I can see the logic in moving a +$4M 3rd pairing guy. Saarela had no path to Raleigh. You can't just keep guys there forever that start running into waivers issues.
  3. Interesting move. CDH out for half the year. I guess they wanted to clear that money. Saarela didn't really have a path to Raleigh. Don't know much about the guys coming in.
  4. Everything I've read gives the Canes high praise on this draft
  5. Cheapskate Dundon won't pay for all those letters on a jersey
  6. AHWSNBN is only a couple of Happy Meals away from this
  7. I’m not a gamer, but this is cool
  8. That is how I read the chicken bones. Got to solve the 1G first. Mac doesn't fix that. While Mac was great, I have to think they are penciling Ned in for one of the slots next year, and hoping to resign Petr to hopefully work a 1A/1B crease. Petr probably knows this and would rather be looked at as the future rather than slowly breaking in the new guy. I can't blame him for wanting to see what the market bears. It's not like the Canes have a lot of options to look at before he gets the chance.
  9. Darling will now be referred to as AHWSNBN Also He Who Shall Not Be Named
  10. Yup. I can't see Aho not wanting to max out the length because of the locked in money. It's one idea to bet on yourself and think you'll be able to cash in even bigger, but that's a huge risk unless he's just unhappy with the situation in Raleigh. I've seen nothing that would lead me to believe that. Also, people need to keep in mind the coming lockout after the 2021/2022 season (or if the NHL stupidly opts out this Sept 1). Agents are negotiating a lot more signing bonus money over salary for those years. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nhl/news/nhl-lockout-2020-labor-negotiations-signing-bonus-connor-mcdavid-contract/16aq0q9hfyyvg1ipcr83kublgz
  11. There is no pressure on Aho to sign a deal where he isn't going to get paid. If the Canes low ball him, he'll sign an offer sheet and the team can match or not. A team can offer $8M a year and the compensation is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Many teams in the league would sign up for that, so that is the bottom number to start from. If the Canes want to buy some of his UFA years, it's going to cost. Fans too often confuse our fandom with the financial reality of the players and agents seeking contracts. I could become the fan of another team for a few million dollars. Why should we expect players to be different?
  12. Great job! Canes meke the ECF and the Checkers take the Calder Cup. Things are looking good around here.
  13. I agree that he's probably a producer next year, and I hope they slow roll him like Svech instead of penciling him in at 2C. I think the new regime will do that. I think they see him as the long term answer at 2C, but will try to get a couple of year stop gap guy. I think that's the biggest off season concern, well, other than goalie.
  14. Raleigh has not been a lucrative UFA destination mostly because the team sucked. UFA's are going to get paid, and usually can go pretty much where they want to go. Who wants to go to a loser? I don't even know if I want a guy that is signing up to play on a losing team. Not everybody is dying to play in the huge markets. There are positives to that, and there are also negatives. Compare cost of living and available outdoor activities in Raleigh and LA or NY. Not every kid grew up wanting to be a Leaf. Maybe some kids are tired of freezing to death. Bottom line, a winning product fixes many ills. Also, everybody in the league isn't Canadian. NHL players in 2018/2019
  15. We need another 9th or so overall pick to be disappointed in
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