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  1. I'm not stressing over that. The older he gets, the more paranoid he gets. About their only contact with anybody is with me, or a doctor.
  2. My dad (who is 86 and has emphysema) won't hug me when I go by the house. He and mom depend on me to do just about everything for them since my mom's health has gotten worse.
  3. I just have time think at this time, we are hoping for hockey at the start of next season.
  4. I hope the mini training camp they have time for right now will get the new guys feeling comfy
  5. King's Auto Repair in Raleigh was good for my daughter when she was at State.
  6. First, lest concentrate on all the positives. It was a western team....that’s all I got
  7. Gonna need a lineup sheet tonight
  8. The Canes really need to make this happen. It's a great story that can only happen in hockey. The guy lived the dream for a couple of hours and the outcome was better than any fairy tale. The organization needs to do an appreciation night. Make the guy king for a day. The fans would love it. Might even sell an extra ticket or two on a week night. Toronto is in town March 26 on a Thu night. This needs to happen.
  9. There is not other sport that could have a story like this.
  10. I don't know if this is good, but damn, it sure is fun
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