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  1. What a bounce back game! One thing is for certain, Martinook is a heart and soul player for this team. As I said before the game, regardless of the outcome, I'm proud to be a part of Jerk Nation. Somehow, I believe that this bunch will be playing next week this time.
  2. Martinook will play if it is humanly possible. The guy was a bit unhappy to come out of the game Monday.
  3. While there is always hope, sometimes you just run out of healthy bodies. There are no words to adequately state how proud I am of this team and the joy they have brought to Jerk Nation this year. If this is it, then it's been a great ride. That being said...Strike first. Do unto others before they do unto you.
  4. Fact 1: Aho is wearing a knee brace. Fact 2: Teams do not divulge injury information. Fact 3: Every year at the end of the season, several players have surgery for injuries they have been playing through. Conclusion: While we can feel confident in knowing Aho has some kind of knee issue because of the brace, we don't know the extent, or if there are other issues. We will not know until they are eliminated from the playoffs. We know that Aho's productivity has tailed off for the last 20 games. Either there is some kind of cause and effect going on with his health, or he forgot how to hockey.
  5. I really think this series all boils down to today. I think whoever takes today wins the series. I don't like the odds of the Jerks having to win a game 7 in Washington. Win today, and close it out at home.
  6. Anybody that saw Ovi’s interview after the game has to know one thing. He looked defeated. No confidence at all. It may change with home cooking , but he looked lost
  7. I’m sure Ferland is worried about his market value, but he won’t have much for the Canes. Expiring FA contracts don’t bring a lot in return for teams just looking to get a jump on negotiations. Brindy didn’t seem real happy the other night when Ferland told him he couldn’t go
  8. Looking at Washington fans' reactions, you'd think Foggy decapitated him. It was not that bad of a hit, Oshie lost his edge after and his momentum carried him into the boards. Unfortunate? Yes. Dirty? No. Should not result in a suspension, especially when Ferland's match penalty was overthrown. A stern talking to...maybe. Hilarious to look at Caps fans' comments about how dirty the Canes are playing.
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