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  1. Greeting and salutations (Looks both ways) Hey, wanna see my five hole?
  2. No need to get bent out of shape on the deHaan return. He is damaged goods at the moment because of the injury/surgery. You don't get top dollar when you sell a car with a bad transmission.
  3. It's as high of a high note to end on without actually hoisting The Cup. I do think it's a factor. He captained the Canes back to relevance.
  4. Rem, you listed all the pluses of him playing again. None of us can imagine what it does to the body (and the mind) to do this year after year. I'm just not going to be surprised if he calls it a career. I'll also not be surprised if he plays for all the reasons you listed. I do think that it really is up in the air or he would have already announced
  5. I do wonder if the Boston series got to him. It went really bad for him. Was it the pressure of being captain? Was he feeling the age? Did he give it his all and he realized it wasn't enough? Was all that enough to make him not want to put his body through that again? I feel like he gave it his all last year. I kind of think the Canes are hoping he changes his mind and comes back.
  6. And on the defenders and forwards, if the utes force their way onto the ice, there are very tradeable contracts to move if it gets to be a numbers game. Get more futures. Profit.
  7. I an the Great Canesholio
  8. The old one was down at Summerfest
  9. Don't know how? It's easy. Change it so that the team that drafts you has your NHL rights with no time limit. That would make it more enticing to the drafted player to sign and get the clock moving on their status to UFA. The problem is that they can draft the players at such a young age that they can wait it out and still be young.
  10. Takes some hard core boredom to try to figure this one out 2 years in advance. The committee has to keep it in mind, but it's way too early to speculate
  11. Good terms on McGinn. That being said, at some point it gets to be a numbers game. I like McGinn too, but I can see him being moved now for futures if they can bring JWilly back.
  12. I've never thought he was as useless as most here. I guess every team needs a whipping boy, and he's been around a while. Gotta have somebody to shove under the bus.
  13. I would really like to see them hang onto TVR. When the inevitable injury happens, who else is ready for top 4 responsibility?
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