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  1. But was there a place for your dad to tie up his horse? Seriously, they do need to hand out the little paper stub things that they printed out last year when you went in.
  2. Maybe somebody from the Canes monitors this message board. I've been sitting on this since the trade just waiting.
  3. Holla, holla, holla Great GDT, Legend. I have wedding duties to attend to tonight and tomorrow, so I'll be DVRing these and catching late. Hopefully Goat will take the opportunity to refuse to go back.
  4. If you are going to take a penalty, get your money's worth.
  5. With a whole internet of pictures and videos of women, why do folks get so riled up about the Marley Girl? Take a cold shower
  6. Reimer getting the crease. It looks to be up for grabs.
  7. This is indeed an exciting time, and we are built for the future. Look at the ages on the roster. Only 4 players 28 or older (2 at 31yo are the oldest). 10 are 25 or younger. That's half the roster.
  8. It’s that old? I guess I need to get out more often
  9. Don't know if this has been mentioned. There is a wall of huge screens showing the television broadcast in front of press row. It's a great plus if you sit high in that upper bowl on the sides. Behind all the NC State banners. Don't know if it's on the other side too.
  10. First of all, I honestly didn't know the power that I could wield. Let's throw this up there for today's game. The Canes are still living the dream of the 164 point season. The Bolts...not so much. Bolts lost to the Panthers yesterday and had to load their shame up in the plane for a redeye to Raleigh. Both teams played on the road yesterday, so all the back to back and travel stuff is equal. Canes have managed two wins while not playing their best hockey and getting no scoring from Aho. Who are we getting scoring from? Le me Haula at cha. So far, this is looking like a great move. While the Canes are on pace for 164 pts, Haula is on pace for 82 goals. Small sample size, and I know I'm probably putting some bad juju on him by saying that, so... We'll let him try some of my soap to keep up the scoring. As always in my GDT's, I avoid the line stuff because that is readily available and folks can just discuss it. Petr will be in goal, and I hope we hear lots of "PETR, PETR, PETR" during the game. Ok boys and girls, have at it.
  11. That Dr. David's spray is effective
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