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  1. I expect to see Reimer tonight. It will take 2 goalies to make a run in the playoffs. No need to ride Mrazek and Reimer needs to knock off the rust
  2. I think that Russian kid is going to be ok. Rags swept the Canes in the regular season. Canes have no chance in this. Amazing how the playoffs are a different beast than the regular season.
  3. With the uncertainties due to COVID, I would imagine TD is trying to work a deal with a lot of stipulations on what could occur. How many games played? Will they be able to play? I would also imagine that Forslund would like some guarantees and has enough stroke to get it...somewhere. While I want Forslund to stay at any cost, that's not the way business works. Sucks for us
  4. Again, losing Forslund would be a blow, but it's business. I've talked with both him and Tripp a few times over the years. They are both very approachable, and love the game and the team.
  5. Losing Forslund would be a major kick in the cods. He is the soundtrack for Canes hockey. I understand business, and that there are two sides to everything. Dundon may not be able to match the national dollars available. Sucks major
  6. Flying wasn't too bad today. The only people sitting on a row with someone were people traveling together. They didn't a good job of social distancing. The concourse was not crowded.
  7. Drove a car up to MI to give to my daughter. Going to fly back today. Honestly not looking forward to this
  8. There really isn't a lot of fighting in the playoffs. Eliminating it though may lead to more cheap shots if the refs don't have a minimal tolerance for that kind of stuff. Brad Marchand, I'm eyeballin' you. No licking
  9. Hey, only one more year of paying HWSNBN $2,333,333. You are welcome
  10. I don't know exactly how to feel about playoffs now. Playoff hockey in an empty arena? It's going to be weird.
  11. Can we just say that we can't foresee a pandemic shutting down the league?
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