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  1. I think the Borg is going to have to do something with D now that Dougie is out. He and Slavin are the 2 on the team that are leaned on the most (far different reasons).
  2. You must not be aware of Nicky's work in the blessing field.
  3. That was a good hockey edit: They need to bring in Nic Wallin to bless Nino's stick
  4. Just got in from the game. We got 2 points. It was as sloppy a game as I have seen in a while. Looked like both teams had brooms and not hockey sticks. Reimer was quite an adventure tonight.
  5. I just moved down a couple of seats. I would have talked to him, but plenty of seats. It never fails to amaze me how people are oblivious
  6. Forslund was right about the D. DeHaan is better than Edmundson. Faulk is better than Gardiner. Last year's Pesce is better than this year's Pesce. I don't know what the answer is, but it is a concern.
  7. I fully expect JWilly to sign his contract tonight at the arena, and then man the siren. Dundon likes to make a splash.
  8. Unless somebody is playing hurt, somebody is going to have to sit...and I don't know who that will be.
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