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  1. When the committee and Faulk couldn't agree on an extension (maybe not close), they signed Gardiner. With Hamilton, Pesce, Slavin, and Gardiner signed beyond this year and guys in the system pushing up, it's pretty apparent that Faulk is left without a seat in the locker room when the music stops. I don't think it's a matter of who wants to be where, I think it's a matter of business and contract management. Anaheim was probably the best likely return and Faulk had the leverage in this case to make them pay. I think it will be worked out amicably before too long, even if it's for futures.
  2. I don't think he's being selfish. I just think he wants to hold on and can't admit that he's done. Intent is different from reality. Father Time is batting 1.000. He may want to possibly come back, but will he put in the effort to stay in that kind of condition? All I know is that I'm retirement eligible next Feb (159 days to be exact). I don't plan on going then, but I think about it every day. Once retirement gets a toe hold in your mind, it has a strong pull.
  3. Is he going to keep up the nutrition and exercise needed to have his body in playing shape...just in case? I don't see it. I think once you start seriously thinking about retirement, you are done. It is always in your mind.
  4. He wasn't the one to give Darling a NTC. This is a long beaten down subject, but the Canes aren't any more guilty than the rest of the league
  5. Take it from me, once you start thinking of retirement, it's always in the back of your mind. This comes from a guy who is eligible in 161 days, but who is counting
  6. Here's a list of NTC/NMC for last season. The Canes are right about where every team is. https://www.thefourthperiod.com/no-trade-clauses
  7. How is everybody making out? Rocky Mount barely had anything to speak of. Some rain overnight and a bit breezy. I know we have some folks farther east.
  8. That is exactly why my "who will be captain" was Jordan.
  9. If I knew who could motivate the room, work the refs, and handle the coach...I'd have a clue. I think we have seen what Staal and Faulk do, so pass. I think Aho still needs to develop and putting that pressure on him is too much in my eyes, so pass. No captain sucks, so pass. That leaves Slavin, Pesce, and Martinook. Martinook seems to be the most outgoing.
  10. super_dave_1

    Pro contracts

    He got his extension done. All is well.
  11. Since I'm not in the room, I can't know who is deserving. Who can motivate the players? Who can act as the liaison between the boys and the staff? Who can best handle the refs? Who can best handle the public aspect? I dont not have a clue. Martinook may be the man as far as I know. It isn't about who is the best player. It isn't about selling jerseys.
  12. I think he realized he had given it all he had, and it wasn't enough. He put the whole organization on his back, and it took a toll on him.
  13. super_dave_1

    Pro contracts

    I'd be willing to bet you are referring to Zeke with the Cowboys. I used to feel the way you do, but NFL contracts are not guaranteed (unless they have it written in). Seeing that a team can walk away from a contract any time they want to with no issues, I don't have a problem with the player doing the same thing. It's tough as a fan, but the NFL uses up players (especially running backs) pretty quickly.
  14. No athlete is going to get into game shape to play in one meaningless game.
  15. In 2010-2011, Cam played in 74 games and then in 68 the next year. He was in 69 in 2007-2008. He was ridden into the ice. Could have had better career numbers if JR had any interest in getting him a legit backup. No other goalie has played in 74 games in a season since the 2010-2011 season.
  16. My honest opinion at this point is that he will retire, but he's having a hard time pulling the trigger. He played at a high level last year, and may feel he gave all he had to give. I dare say that none of us knows what it takes physically to play in the NHL, and the toll it takes on the body and mind. At the end of the playoffs, I thought he'd go another year and sign up once the hurt of being eliminated was over. We are closing in on camp, and still no answer. That in itself is the answer.
  17. JR would have made Aho captain for marketing reasons alone. Brindy isn't gonna have that.
  18. Greeting and salutations (Looks both ways) Hey, wanna see my five hole?
  19. It does remind me of something...
  20. No need to get bent out of shape on the deHaan return. He is damaged goods at the moment because of the injury/surgery. You don't get top dollar when you sell a car with a bad transmission.
  21. It's as high of a high note to end on without actually hoisting The Cup. I do think it's a factor. He captained the Canes back to relevance.
  22. Rem, you listed all the pluses of him playing again. None of us can imagine what it does to the body (and the mind) to do this year after year. I'm just not going to be surprised if he calls it a career. I'll also not be surprised if he plays for all the reasons you listed. I do think that it really is up in the air or he would have already announced
  23. I do wonder if the Boston series got to him. It went really bad for him. Was it the pressure of being captain? Was he feeling the age? Did he give it his all and he realized it wasn't enough? Was all that enough to make him not want to put his body through that again? I feel like he gave it his all last year. I kind of think the Canes are hoping he changes his mind and comes back.
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