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  1. I've never thought he was as useless as most here. I guess every team needs a whipping boy, and he's been around a while. Gotta have somebody to shove under the bus.
  2. I would really like to see them hang onto TVR. When the inevitable injury happens, who else is ready for top 4 responsibility?
  3. I got that. Also HWSNBN's hit comes off. Still $7.7M isn't a lot with at least 4 spots to fill.
  4. Canes have $7.7M in cap space and 5 roster spots to fill. The Marleau cap space would be comforting about now, but I'm sure there is a plan.
  5. Dundon straight up bought a 1st rounder for $4m in real cash and eating a $6.5m cap hit this year. What is the issue? Cheap again? The Canes are going to be close to the cap this year.
  6. Opening night against the Habs should be Aho bobbleheads with him holding a bag of money in each hand
  7. 6 people rated the committee as average or poor. How in the world can that be with a new group who inherited a team that had not seen playoff ice in a decade, who iced a team with about half the players new from last year, and that team made it to the ECF's? Sometimes you don't get nice things because you can't accept nice things. No, all the moves didn't seem like a home run, but the overall results were good. Excellent would require bobbleheads.
  8. I gave them a "pretty good". Bobbleheads would increase it to "excellent"
  9. Here's a news flash to all. No owners like agents.
  10. Everything I put is in this thread, and I’m not going to rummage back through it again to have an internet argument. Life’s too short
  11. It’s exactly what some are suggesting. Aho wanted instant gratification Aho wouldn’t negotiate during the season. We won’t look at Aho the same way. Aho didn’t offer a discount to get the term he wanted. The team wants to get the player tied up as cheap as they can and for as long as they can. RFA’s don’t have a lot of stroke, but I don’t blame them for playing the game by the rules the league has in place.
  12. It just seems like some here think that the player should just sign whatever the team puts in front of them
  13. Negotiating requires give and take on both sides. I don't think there was any give on the Canes stance of requiring an 8 year deal. It makes tremendous sense for a player of Aho's age and ability to want a 5 year deal over an 8 year deal. He will hit UFA right in the middle of his prime playing years, not sliding down the backside of them. He will be able to sign a longer max length deal then and the cap will have increased. He can go elsewhere then if he doesn't like the direction the Canes are going or if he's just wants a change. Hate on his decision all you want, but he did what made good business sense for him. The Canes were going after what made good business sense to them. Since offer sheets are rarely a factor, they weren't expecting it. Teams are going to have to start realizing that every player doesn't want a max term deal.
  14. While I like what a healthy Ferland brings, I don't know that the Canes have the cap space to sign him. There is about $11M left, with Williams and McGinn to factor in as well as a couple of cheap dmen.
  15. Still not sold on the cheap skates thing. I think the real issue is that TD and DW were stuck on 8 years and weren't budging. They may have gotten to the $8.45M, but wanted the 8 years. Aho wanted 5 years and found a way to get what he wanted. Montreal saw a player that they would like to have and structured a deal in a way that they thought they had a chance at getting the player. If the Canes match, they lose nothing. It's just business, folks. Canes thought they had all the control on the contract. Didn't work out that way. No hard feelings. Move on.
  16. Canes pawned Fat Kaberle off on Montreal. They owed us one. Call it even and move on.
  17. All this "woe is me" stuff is fantastic. The Canes get Aho locked up for 5 years at $8.45M per. That is not bad. Don't pay any attention to the money up front. It's like buying a car and making the down payment. No NMC or NTC is huge...huge I say. They would not have gotten that without the offer sheet. Tell the fans we will match, and take the full 7 days to sign just to ef with the Habs. The hive mind wanted 8 years. Aho wanted 5. Aho's agent got what his client wanted. Since the hive mind pushed for 8, they got played and will have to pay up front. Pay the man his money. Mrazek and Reimer is good. No long term commitment for a guy or guys in a position that seems to have more misses than hits. I can dig it.
  18. It's the annual day of waiting for nothing to happen for Canes fans. Kind of like watching a soccer game. You keep thinking something will happen, and it never does. On to the Grass Growing Channel or Paint Drying Network.
  19. I am very impressed with the GM Borg making this Reimer trade. They took a sunk cost and turned it into something of value. Reimer had a down year last year, but has been serviceable over his career. Canes get some insurance at the position and save a few dollars over Darling's contract. This is a straight up business decision. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated
  20. Dundon paid $4M for a 1st rounder and you are still beating the “he’s cheap” drum?
  21. What can possibly be the decision? Probably have him on the NHL marketplace at half price clearance and they are waiting to see if anyone is that crazy.
  22. Forsberg gets signed on a 2 way deal and AHWSNBN is bought out. DeHaan gone creates a spot to move a Checker into. DeHaan was out half this year anyway. Seemingly ends speculation that Pesce could be moved, and that's a good thing. Faulk must be looked at as returning. I like DeHaan, but I can see the logic in moving a +$4M 3rd pairing guy. Saarela had no path to Raleigh. You can't just keep guys there forever that start running into waivers issues.
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