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  1. The Canes really need to make this happen. It's a great story that can only happen in hockey. The guy lived the dream for a couple of hours and the outcome was better than any fairy tale. The organization needs to do an appreciation night. Make the guy king for a day. The fans would love it. Might even sell an extra ticket or two on a week night. Toronto is in town March 26 on a Thu night. This needs to happen.
  2. There is not other sport that could have a story like this.
  3. Every generation thinks the next generation ain't *edit*
  4. I can't really see the Canes being sellers for a couple of reasons. Unless the team goes in the tank, they are going to be right there in the mix. I don't see how you sell to the room and the fanbase that you are giving up. This isn't a case where in the past where JR's indecision on buying/selling left us in the middle. The year Ruutu and Gleason were signed to extensions was a time he could have possible nabbed a couple of first rounders. Who on this year's team is going to be traded for a good return? You would really want to throw in the towel to get a couple of 3rd rounders? Canes (once again) need a goalie and defensive help. At least see if there is any improvement to be made by elevating a couple of Checkers. I have no problems with them using assets (futures) to make a push as long as it makes sense. Why have all these arrows in the quiver if you are never going to use one? I think the time to do it is now though, and have time for the additional help to push the team up the standings a bit. Teams around us are going to make moves.
  5. Are you kidding me with the Mayberry reference? Every game is a playoff game. Sucks to be 10th in the league, and currently on the outside looking in at the playoffs. The Metro is going to be a blood bath until game 82. I sense a nail biting last week of the season coming up.
  6. The Canes season could come down to this road trip, considering how tough the Metro is. The boys need to avoid laying another egg, or steaming **** on the ice tonight.
  7. Lots of Canes fell down, and took their sweet time getting back up.
  8. Canes have historically been bad after layoffs (hence, the trap). Hopefully Roddy has gotten them over that hump
  9. The shortcomings we have been discussing are most frustrating because the guy was the captain. As for a scape goat, there is plenty of blame to go around. Think of how one year we had a second line with Nestrasil and Nordstrom. That isn't a NHL quality line.
  10. He did exactly that during the 09 ECF run, and that is the most frustrating thing. He has the ability, he just chooses to not use it.
  11. I'll never get the image of Erik Cole in his first game after the trade, putting his stick blade in Staal's back and pushing him up the ice. Hard pass for me. Love what the guy did for the team early on, but that ship has sailed.
  12. I don't see a scenario where the Canes become sellers. The fanbase would not accept that very well. Because of the strength of the Metro, the Canes are going to be somewhere between 3rd in the Division, and the 7-10 spot in the wildcard race. After making the playoffs for the first time in a decade last year, I can't see Dundon wanting to throw in the towel.
  13. Read the article. The father lost any credibility with "took him to chiropractor". I once dropped gloves with Stormy at a HurricanesU event. Should I have sued? I think I actually have a witness.
  14. Nice effort by the whole squad. Count me as wrong on my reservations about bringing JWilly back.
  15. Reimer is taking the crease. JWilly...LOL
  16. I think the Borg is going to have to do something with D now that Dougie is out. He and Slavin are the 2 on the team that are leaned on the most (far different reasons).
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