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  1. Losing Forslund would be a major kick in the cods. He is the soundtrack for Canes hockey. I understand business, and that there are two sides to everything. Dundon may not be able to match the national dollars available. Sucks major
  2. Flying wasn't too bad today. The only people sitting on a row with someone were people traveling together. They didn't a good job of social distancing. The concourse was not crowded.
  3. Drove a car up to MI to give to my daughter. Going to fly back today. Honestly not looking forward to this
  4. There really isn't a lot of fighting in the playoffs. Eliminating it though may lead to more cheap shots if the refs don't have a minimal tolerance for that kind of stuff. Brad Marchand, I'm eyeballin' you. No licking
  5. Hey, only one more year of paying HWSNBN $2,333,333. You are welcome
  6. I don't know exactly how to feel about playoffs now. Playoff hockey in an empty arena? It's going to be weird.
  7. Can we just say that we can't foresee a pandemic shutting down the league?
  8. We have lost playoffs before over lockouts. It won't be the end of the world to have a season with no Cup. It seems reasonable to me to pull the plug on 2019/2020 and shoot for some kind of normalish start for next season. Yes, there are some trade stipulations that will affect draft choices. Flip a coin. Assign the draft positioning and lottery chances by the winning percentages and who was in or out of the playoffs as of when they stopped playing. Players are spread out all over N. America and Europe. I can't see how they can get it back on track right now. Sucks for us, since I think a healthy D corps would do wonders for this team.
  9. I've read some more "Dundon is a jerk" pieces about this, but we don't know what caused the split. It could be as simple as money, but it could be a difference of opinions on player development in the AHL. Maybe the Canes are looking for certain things and the Checkers were hesitant to do that.
  10. Just call the season over and start planning for next year. If they just want to award The Cup, it's going to be with an asterisk anyway. With no fans in attendance, I don't see how it is going to make a lot of sense financially. Say they decide to start in one month. No way they could start play without a couple of weeks of camp. That puts the stat of play about a week into June. Teams have played about 70 games. If they finish the season, that will take at least 3 weeks, which would put playoffs starting in July. Last year the playoffs took 2 months exactly, which would be all of July and August. Do they go right into the next season?
  11. On NBCSN, the Canes and the Caps are in double overtime in game 7 of the playoffs. I hope we win.
  12. I'm not stressing over that. The older he gets, the more paranoid he gets. About their only contact with anybody is with me, or a doctor.
  13. My dad (who is 86 and has emphysema) won't hug me when I go by the house. He and mom depend on me to do just about everything for them since my mom's health has gotten worse.
  14. I just have time think at this time, we are hoping for hockey at the start of next season.
  15. I hope the mini training camp they have time for right now will get the new guys feeling comfy
  16. King's Auto Repair in Raleigh was good for my daughter when she was at State.
  17. The Canes really need to make this happen. It's a great story that can only happen in hockey. The guy lived the dream for a couple of hours and the outcome was better than any fairy tale. The organization needs to do an appreciation night. Make the guy king for a day. The fans would love it. Might even sell an extra ticket or two on a week night. Toronto is in town March 26 on a Thu night. This needs to happen.
  18. Every generation thinks the next generation ain't *edit*
  19. I can't really see the Canes being sellers for a couple of reasons. Unless the team goes in the tank, they are going to be right there in the mix. I don't see how you sell to the room and the fanbase that you are giving up. This isn't a case where in the past where JR's indecision on buying/selling left us in the middle. The year Ruutu and Gleason were signed to extensions was a time he could have possible nabbed a couple of first rounders. Who on this year's team is going to be traded for a good return? You would really want to throw in the towel to get a couple of 3rd rounders? Canes (once again) need a goalie and defensive help. At least see if there is any improvement to be made by elevating a couple of Checkers. I have no problems with them using assets (futures) to make a push as long as it makes sense. Why have all these arrows in the quiver if you are never going to use one? I think the time to do it is now though, and have time for the additional help to push the team up the standings a bit. Teams around us are going to make moves.
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