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  1. Canes need a scorer(s) with some term, now, even if we miss the playoffs. It will have to be via trade(s). The Canes will probably never be able get a high-end UFA to come to Raleigh. Love to get Stone but it would have to be with him agreeing to dollars & years extension first (maybe 6 or 7 yrs @ $8.5-9.0). After Stone (26, $7.35 UFA), I'd like to see the Canes go after any of: Tarasenko (27, $7.3 thru 22/23) RNH (25, $6.0 thru 20/21) Kapanen (22, $863K RFA?) Kadri (28, $4.5 thru 21/22) Draisaitl (23, $8.5 thru 24/25) for Staal, RHD, LHD, 1st round pick......my pipe-dream It would be nice if Ferland would generate a 1st round pick, if he's traded. It would be nice to have 2-1st rounders to trade for a couple of top 6 scorers. I'd stay away from Nylander, not sold on him before his holdout. Plus I thought the TOR GM said he wouldn't trade him before he signed. Also, no to NYR's Hayes .... need more, in fact Kadri might fit in that category.
  2. ....good idea. Then take RNH with us.
  3. I can't claim the Tarasenko thought. I read it recently on one of the rumor rags, maybe Friedmann's, and thought that would make sense as Svech seems to be hitting a rookie wall and maybe a high-end Russian mentor would benefit him while adding scoring. And the sourcing said the Blues were still very interested in Hamilton. and Tarasenko was having an off-year for him...like Skinner last year, I guess, but he seems to be back to form the past few games. The Duchene wishful thinking is just that and yes I would want the Canes to have some assurances that they could sign him long-term .... maybe a sign & trade deal with OTT, like other sports.. We have cap and TD will have to open his purse to sign the current top linemates, that we know have chemistry, and to overpay a top center to come to Raleigh vs a big market team. Tarasenko has years on his contract and no NTC/NMC.
  4. Haven't posted in years, so my hockey IQ has deteriorated. Given that shortcoming, trading defense for offense could maybe lead us to the Blues. Go after Tarasenko for scoring and as a mentor to Svech. He's having a bit of an off year but has picked up lately....still would be 2nd in goals on the Canes. Send Hamilton, roster player and a prospect (not Necas). Go after Duchene with our 1st round pick, one of Bishop/McKegg/Wallmark, with the intention of TD to open his checkbook to sign him. Ferland/Aho/TT (If we lose Ferland at Deadline, maybe move NN there until next year) Svech/Duchene/Tarasenko NN/Staal/Williams ?? / ?? / ?? (You Pick 'em)
  5. As Super_Dave and Rem mention the Canes have some good individuals. So in my humble opinion, they need a coaching staff/mgmt team that can make them a team ... for more than a few games at a time. Easy for me to say. Wish I knew how to do it. Maybe that means losing some good individuals that are bad team guys on the ice. Perhaps PK can talk Hitchcock, Quennville or Babcock to come here to serve as combined GM & coach. HAH!
  6. Hate to see Ruutu leave but as many have impled, the handwriting was on the wall this season. He has been a personal favorite of mind since he came here ... lots of heart and energy with some scoring. Think his extremely physical style took a toll on his hips over time. I want to believe his play this year is a direct result of recovering from last season's surgeries. Hope he rebounds next year physically and thrives under a new system, like Jussi has (on track for 60+ point season). Hope we are not having this discussion about McGinn's hips in a few years with his Ruutu-style of play. Last thoughts are to get a new GM not named Francis and new coaching staff well before the draft, so they can re-formulate the team strategy/trades and draft objectives for 2014-15..
  7. I agree. The Canes are really 14 & 22. That's 22 loses ... albeit some loses were not goose-eggs. Wish the coaches could get that win to loss ratio reverse.
  8. Thought Murphy was the PP Specialist. How many can the team have? Liles would be a very, very expensive specialist for those considering him. Perhaps we need a new PP coach and let MacLean do something else.
  9. Petey has played so well, he has probably generated some trade value. So he may not clear waivers.
  10. That will be great. I'm still a little concerned about any lingering effects (speed, lateral movement) from Eric's repaired/rehabbed knee and Semin's taped up hand/wrist (no SOG yet).
  11. Home jerseys are bad, bad, bad. My gosh, my wife even agrees with me!!!
  12. This roadtrip will be a real test to see how good they are. Murphy still scares me defensively. Faulk has looked much better than he did in the preseason, thank goodness. And I guess I'm in the minority on the board, but IMO Hainsey has been good in all 3 zones, especially with some key blocks.
  13. I agree SP. I thought Ruutu always played RW to Skinner's LW; although Ruu can play all 3 forward positions. There does seem to be some chemistry between Gerbe and Jordan, while late last year Jordan had some spark with Ruu. In general, I think J Staal has looked really good this short season even though he hasn't scored yet. Think Bowman may have the short straw when Ruutu returns. Pat Dwyer will go to either 3RW or 4RW. If he goes to 3RW, Dvorak will move to 4RW and Sutter to 4LW with Lindholm at 4C.
  14. Thanks. Great news. Hope Chip said it 7 days ago. HAH!!
  15. Finally heard Ruutu's injury was his knee. Has anybody heard any details on the severity? Since he's skating already, it is hopefully only a minor sprain/twist and not a 3rd degree sprain/tear like Eric and Cam had. Gosh I wish we had him back and 100% healthy on the 2nd line!!!
  16. He's baaaaack. Murphy Recalled ... as if he ever left!
  17. Think they may dress 7 d-men and sit one of your 4th liners (or an injured Lindholm). IMO may see Murphy as the 7th d-man for offensive situations like PP. Otherwise Komi may pair with Harrison.
  18. You're right about the roster size issue. Canes at 24 which includes Pitkanen and Ruutu. Dvorak would mean 25. Ruutu goes on temporary IR so what does that do to his salary. Is it still counted in the Cap total? I'm assuming it is. IMO the Canes will reach the roster limit of 23 (if signing Dvorak) and putting Ruutu and Gleason on temp IR or send Murphy to Charlotte on paper until Pits goes on LTIR. Believe Joni has to be on opening day roster and to then be placed on LTIR
  19. Nope. You get all the existing good, bad, and ugly if it's be fore the season starts.
  20. I hear what you're saying about the dollars but you still have to that with a max of a 22 players plus Joni on the roster. When you put Pitkanen on LTIR the Canes will get the Cap Limit relief and another headcount to replace Joni.
  21. Maybe you are thinking of the young Schultz that's with the Oilers. Believe this Schultz was with Washington last year. He asked for a trade because he wasn't getting enough playing time. Looks like LA agreed with the Caps.
  22. Still over the roster limit and that does not include signing Dvorak. Think Canes move 2 of 9 d-men. Does Corrente have to clear waivers? IMO, Murphy & Corrente go to Charlotte and Dvorak is signed. EDIT: Oops! Forgot we have to carry Joni on the opening day roster. So if Bellemore doesn't have to clear waivers he gets sent to Chalrlotte on paper until Pitkanen is put on LTIR. Maybe Canes carry 13 forwards and 8 d-men (1 of each in the press box) instead of my original thinking of 14 forwards and 7 d-men.
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