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  1. Hope I can get in this year. Been the Icebergs last few years, but missed it last year. Guess I got lazy during strike.
  2. Thanks for setting up the league again this year! As usual I95Caniac aka Icebergs make the last spot. Had a lot of fun last year and hope everyone else has fun too.
  3. Hey, count me in. Did pretty well 2 years ago, but stunk up the place last year. I need redemption. I don't think you'll have any trouble getting at least 12 teams.
  4. The RBC Center really is a special place, made more special by our down-to-earth players and fans .... but I might be a bit biased. Been to St.Pete Times-Forum Arena many times. Agree with a previous poster... you get directionally challenged by the maze of steps just getting to your seats. I usually sat in cheap seats way up top, and rafters can block your view of the far goal. Fans are great there and get into some good natured ribbing. Step into the concourse during intermission and you GOT to love the channel view. Philips Arena - Awesome. Great building, sound system and fun fans. Verizon Center - A little dingy if you ask me and the ice always seems to be terrible, but easy to get to, and good concessios. No bad seats. It's been a couple of years since I was last there and fans seemed kind of pre-occupied. I think that's changed now. Pepsi Center - Go Avs. Great building, great fans. Pretty easy to get to. Jobbing.Com Areana - Go Yotes. Interesting place. I kind of liked it. Easy to get to, easy parking at the football stadium across the street. Security there was same as RBC. Inside, wonderful concourses, and from your seats, the archtecture makes it look like you're in a box instead of a circle. Great fans, Owwwwwwwww, though they could't grasp the concept of a Caniac, but they didn't care as long as I booed the Ducks. That's about it for NHL. Still partial to RBC. Go Canes.
  5. I was just thinking it's about time to get the leagues going and prepping for draft day, and lo and behold, here's one that's filled up already! Last year was my rookie year for fantasy and I had a GREAT time as the "Icebergs" finished 4th (injuries killed me down the stretch). It was a great way to keep up with all the other players in the league. Anyway, 20 teams might have been a bit much last year but I'd love to join again this year if you think you might expand to 15 or 18 .... or someone start another league.
  6. Thanks for the well-wishes. Same to you guys. I'm hoping we both get in. I guess we can beat up on each other our remaining games, but we've both got to take care of everybody else from here on out to make that happen!!!
  7. I95Caniac

    The Call

    OMG ... this was just too, too funny. Still laughing. Definitely Post of the Month. Great job Iceboy. BTW ... when DO the Whiffle jerseys go on sale??!!??
  8. No Nukes ... No Nukes ... sorry, wrong topic. Does that about cover my opinion? Sure, go ahead and "tank." Then we can watch attendance fall below 10,000 = less ticket revenue and less concession revenue, and then our self-imposed cap becomes even more restrictive compared to the rest of the league. Heck, while we're at it, why don't we give a rebate of the difference between NHL prices and AHL prices to all the season ticket holders that paid to see NHL quality players giving it their all. Aww, shoot, that would cut into revenues too. On the other hand, playoffs = more $$. Besides that, nobody should even be thinking of tanking at this stage unless they are already 10-20 points out. And there are other ways of getting good picks besides actually drafting them. Heck, history has shown there have been plenty of picks who have been way down the list that have turned into amazing players.
  9. First off, I don't think you're complaining .... well, maybe a little, but it's a legitimate question from any fan. I tend to agree with this arrangement. On the other hand, if you have a less than stellar record and you end up with the 3rd seed, you're gonna face the 6th seed with a potentially better record (hence a better team) and you're gonna be out early. Then everyone can say hahaha, see, I told ya! But if the 6th seed loses, the points didn't really matter did they?
  10. Hamilton has (had) a bomb of a shot. Too bad he seemed to fizzle. Maybe he can be effective somewhere else, and I wish him the best. But here's what I'm thinking (no reliable sources .. just my opinion). JR is getting ready to make a 2 for 1 deal. Hamilton and a multi-million dollar player for 1 coming back to us. You're not gonna put your $$$$ player on waivers, but you can put Hamilton on waivers and the team that wants him picks him up on re-entry for half price. Just a thought.
  11. Well, I'm happy for Selanne as he was a free-agent and could do whatever he wanted. No comment on Neidemeyer. This does indeed make the Ducks a formidable force. As for going all the way, I think there's this team up in Detroit that may have something to say about that. Still picking Wings (Red ones, not duck ones) LOL.
  12. Hahahaha! Got a good laugh from this ... cause it's so true. Hoyle makes a good point too, but it all comes down to $$$$. If they were a bottomless pit of money they could do regional coverage like the NFL, but they probably wouldn't get a return on their investment. Then again, if you'r living in the large LA market, or the Vancouver market, pizza and beer just doesn't cut it at 9:30 or 10:30 in the morning. It seems like they COULD do a double-header, east coast game followed by west coast though if they had any interest in INCREASING their market instead of just playing to the one they already have.
  13. Yeah, especially for the D. If I find "too much time on my hands" again, maybe I can do the D with +/- and blocked shots (or all the guys). That's an interesting point. Just speaking in broad, GENERAL terms though, we pay forwards to set-up and score, and defensemen to prevent goals. If you look closely though, you'll notice a lot of the top values are guys that don't get as much ice time as the 1st line! I guess the point of putting that together was that when someone says, "Oh, we can't afford to pay so-and-so "x" amount of money or we shouldn't pay more than "X", they might want to take a closer look at what they might get for the $$. On the other hand, some guys are making a LOT of money for what they are producing.
  14. Well, you can call me crazy (lots of people have) but I think Canes AND Caps both make playoffs. It will be a dogfight and won't be decided until 1st of April. I don't hold out much hope for Cats or Bolts and I have a feeling ATL is about to crash and burn (kind of like their logo). Guess we'll see.
  15. Try the Kiosk at section 109 .... sign up for lots of things there. From the Canes web site below: In-Game Promotions During each home game, the Carolina Hurricanes game-night staff and the Eye Care Associates Storm Squad select fans to participate in a number of on- and off-ice promotions. Before each game, the staff scours the RBC Center from top to bottom to find willing Caniacs to participate. Visit the promotions and fan development kiosk outside section 109 to keep up with all the fun activities going on or to ask questions about our many other programs. Make sure to pick up your Hurricanes schedule, line-up card for that night's game and other free handouts that are offered!
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