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  1. Keep MoRon for another year. Then, it's either: 1) Ron as Head Coach, Mo to the Front Office or to another coaching gig 2) Mo as the Head Coach, Ron to the Front Office 3) ends up being a total bust, Ron goes back to the Front Office, Mo is out, and we get a new coach for the rebuilding that will inevitably come in 2010/11.
  2. That would be the best case scenario - Kabs gets decent money (I'm sure he wouldn't go there for peanuts), probably a spot on the #1 or #2 D pairing (as opposed to the press box), and gets to play in a place closer to home. We get $2.2M off the books (in both real and cap $), and a roster spot for an off season acquisition or to promote Carson, Borer, or Rodney.
  3. I agree. Leighton is a reliable backup, a whole lot better than what we had before (Grahame), but definitely not someone that any org in the NHL would currently think using in a platoon
  4. 1) Playoffs MVP? (Pick one from all series combined) Cam Ward. 2) Unsung Hero? (Pick one who really stepped up and got very little credit) Chad Larose 3) Most likely to get the big pay raise next year? (I have a feeling we'll all agree on this one) Chad Larose 4) Probably played his way out of a contract? (I have a feeling we'll all disagree on this one) Babchuk 5) The player that is the Top Priority for JR to re-sign? (pick one only) Chad Larose (Ruutu among RFAs) 6) Biggest disappointment? (pick one only) Erik Cole
  5. If mods were really doing their job well, they'd move this thread to the "Site Help and Feedback" forum where it really belongs
  6. IL is a great feature, and I use it often. Like someone said it before, it's not 100% foolproof, as someone may quote the post of the user you put on the IL, and then you get to see it anyways, but you still get to filter out most of the junk that you don't care to see. Another option that every user has is to block other users avatars and sigs. Helps you load pages faster and prevents any shock or offense being taken from what you may see there. I wish more people would use this option, rather than go crying to the mods whenever they see an avatar or a signature that rubs them the wrong way.
  7. I like Storm Chasers or Storm Surge. Are you planning to make flags and signs for the group? If you get a committed group of people for this, you may wanna consider having everyone or as many of the members as possible attend the home games together, in the same section, tailgate together before the games, stuff like that. That way people would bond more, you could coordinate the cheering , make up the custom chants, wear the same clothing, basically act like an organized fan group both home and away.
  8. I wouldn't make any huge changes to the roster, nor would I try to bring in a whole bunch of youngsters from Albany or junior leagues. The true rebuilding comes next year when the contracts expire for a bunch of older players: Whitney, Walker, Cullen, Kaberle, Wallin, and Corvo. Also, Brind'Amour may be more likely to retire w/ 1 year left on his contract if he can't completely overcome these recent injuries. 2009/2010 may be the season where you may wanna spend some cash and try to make it to the playoffs with the veteran core and see if you can have another deep run, and hopefully solidify the fanbase before having to endure a year or 2 of moderate rebuilding. I would definitely re-sign Ruutu, Jokinen, and Larose, possibly Seidenberg. I'm not sure about Babchuk, I'd almost prefer him to be homesick and go back to Russia. I'd re-sign Bayda on a 2 way contract, same w/ every other UFA that had the same deal already (Helminen, Ryan, Dwyer, etc..). I would entertain trade offers for pretty much anyone other than Staal, Ward, Pitkanen, and Gleason. Not that I think there'd be many, our most tradeable players right now are Eaves and Corvo. I'd be looking for a stay-at-home
  9. "Waaaaaaaaaa! They hate me in Carolina now! Waaaaaaaaa!" Sell your house and move to Boston!
  10. Simply, it was a great season for the Hurricanes. The best 1 since winning the Cup in '06. The 3rd best since moving from Hartford.
  11. Maybe he'll lift the curse if we let him sound the siren in the next season's home opener
  12. As sad and deflating ending that it was, this was still a great season. Result-wise, the 3rd best season since the move from Hartford. I am very proud of this team.
  13. I think Cammalleri can play both center and wing. But I say we just resign Jussi Jokinen for that role. Cammalleri should not be compared to Cole, nor thought as possible replacement if Cole decides not to re-sign here.
  14. Excuse me, but those " "fans" " have put down actual deposits and made commitments to be STH next season. Yes, some Penguin fan would probably pay top dollar for the game 3/4/6 tickets, but you wouldn't see them come back in October and pay $ to watch the Canes play the Lightning in a regular season game. So, you cut people a break on the playoff tickets (maximum of 12 games) in order to gain their commitment for 41 or 26 games next season. To me that's a sound business decision, and planning for the future. A lot better than the "take the money and run" neo-capitalism approach.
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