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  1. I'm so excited I can barely stand it. First year as a (half) season ticket holder... I'll be at both Wednesday's and Friday's game. It seems like it was just April 7th and we were going '6 months til hockey!?' I can't believe it's finally here. I also work at BCBS and it's Customer Service week, Thursday is Hurricanes Wear Day. I need to go to The Eye Wednesday night and get a new shirt (or 2), I only have one! Let's rock the castle Wednesday night!
  2. I noticed that too... I was like, Oh man, he knows how that feels. That's what you call sportsmanlike conduct!
  3. They always do a chant to the opposing teams goalie whenever he is on that side.... like yesterday it was 'Neuvirth... Neuvirth.... Neuvirth.... You suck!!' I'm not exactly sure how they decide when to do it, but it happens every single game.
  4. I agree! Cole was great. I saw on Yahoo! sports they're actually crediting Cole with the game-winning goal, with Staal on the assist. In my opinion he deserved the first star regardless.
  5. I've got the 24 pack.... the 9/16 game ticket was in my packet of regular tickets and it is my normal seat for the year.
  6. Your next to me, I have 303 D 14,15,16,17!! Howdy Neighbor!! Well hey there! My parents have 303/D/24 and 25. hey thats cool. i'm in 303 too. a couple of rows up from you guys. seems like there were a few others on this board in 303 also. I'm in 303 G! We're gonna have so much fun this season. what number seats...i'm in 303 H, i'm right behind you!!!! thats awesome so many people from this board in 303 I don't have the sheet in front of me but I think my seat is 18 or 19.
  7. Your next to me, I have 303 D 14,15,16,17!! Howdy Neighbor!! Well hey there! My parents have 303/D/24 and 25. hey thats cool. i'm in 303 too. a couple of rows up from you guys. seems like there were a few others on this board in 303 also. I'm in 303 G! We're gonna have so much fun this season.
  8. It's Out! It's on NHL.com http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?service=page&am...season=20072008
  9. I would have to say it is well worth seeing and experiencing on the big screen. I totally agree. I just saw it yesterday and it was AWESOME. And I'm a girl who never really watched the cartoon growing up. I was more a Jem fan.
  10. My quess that it will be first come first serve. I'm wondering if there will be an autograph session like they had last year. That was a nice touch to get the players signature. Guess as time gets closer more details will be provided...... Curious on the pricing of the new jerseys, also if they will have used equipment for sell. TWO MONTHS mmmmm LETS GO CANES!!!!!!!!!! The new jerseys aren't gonna be cheap. This is from the article in the N&O today: "The jerseys also will be on sale that day as part of the annual "Caniac Carnival" fan festivities. The prototypes used at this past winter's All-Star Game retail for $350, with replica models going for $110."
  11. It's so hard to believe that was exactly one year ago. I was at home in front of the tv, just pacing back and forth. I was too nervous and nauseous to sit down. My sister called me when there was about 5 minutes left and she stayed on the phone with me until it was over. Finally I collapsed on the floor, relieved, and sat there and watched the coverage for the rest of the night on the local news and News 14 Carolina. Best night ever.
  12. Thanks for that explanation. I always wondered that myself.
  13. Mary, I'm curious. What time did you usually arrive? I thought parking (getting in specifically) a pain most of the year. On sell out nights, things would usually just fall apart. Quite a few times, it took me almost an hour to get to my seat from the time that I got off of the freeway. I could tell you stories but what's the point? Needless to say, I tried to arrive an hour early to avoid the frustration of parking (how many times would the parkers not let me in the lot I wanted to go to just to let cars 3 behind me park there .... or LETTING me into a lot and having NO spaces) that seemed to work. If I had to arrive at 6:30 it was usually pretty bad. I was going to upgrade to Premier this year hoping to avoid the problems but in reading th eposts on thes subject, I think that I'll pass on that. cheap If a game started at 7, we would try to get there between 6:15 and 6:30 because I like to go watch the practices. We come in from Wade Ave and then take the Edwards Mill exit and go in the first entrance. We don't ever try to get in a specific lot... but I've found that if you get in one of the far 2 left turning lanes from Edwards Mill you tend to get to park faster. That definitely worked for us for the sell-out Sharks game, even with all the tailgaters, and also the final game.
  14. Hmm... well then is it worth just paying $8 to park each night? Because I went to about 10 home games last year and never had an issue leaving the arena. We always got out pretty quick.
  15. If I may ask, what were the parking 'issues'? I just put down a deposit on the 24 pack for next year, and we are considering getting a parking pass too.
  16. http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app/?servic...rticleid=301917 2007-2008 season ticket prices are up on the website, fyi.
  17. Yay! Congrats on the new job. And you really should yell 'I quit this B----' as you walk out on your last day.
  18. I agree... but I did meet a very nice Buffalo Sabres fan yesterday. Can you believe it?
  19. Ok.. here's me and my sister on Dec. 2nd (her birthday) at the 'Canes/Bruins game (I'm on the right): And here's me and my friend James after the last game:
  20. I totally agree with you. I was at that game and I know we, as fans, had a little something to do with how that game turned around in the 3rd period.
  21. The media does write about him like he's the second coming, but I'll tell you, if for some reason he doesn't live up to all the hype they piled on him, those same writers will be all over it tearing him right back down.
  22. There's an article in today's N&O about his surgery here: http://www.newsobserver.com/122/story/565978.html''>http://www.newsobserver.com/122/story/565978.html' target="_blank">http://www.newsobserver.com/122/story/565978.html[/post] Doesn't go into specifics of the injury though, it mostly talks about how they don't think it will be another Stillman/Kaberle situation.
  23. How about this: You know you're a Caniac when someone on the news mentions the upcoming Hurricane season and you get excited and immediately think of hockey. And then you get disappointed because you realize it's the weatherman. That might be on the list already, but that list is looooooooong.
  24. They probably will raise the prices, but I can't imagine it would be a huge increase. At least I hope not anyway. Ticket prices only jumped about $4* between '05-'06 and '06-'07 and they had just won the Stanely Cup! *For example, I usually sit in the upper corners and they used to be $21 and last year they were $25. This upcoming season I'm planning on getting the 24 pack so I'll be shelling out money either way.
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