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  1. I didn't see that sign at the game, but that is hilarious. I'm kinda partial to the 'silver lining? No Buffalo fans' one too.
  2. JWillie, I love that Erik Cole one!
  3. Wow, Rod sure has some discipline! I can barely get my butt on the treadmill every day. I especially love this part of the article: "Friesen tells a funny story about a running routine Carolina did one summer in the RBC Center where he told the team to split up into two groups. That volunteer system didn
  4. Do you think that applies for the people who want the 24 plan as well?
  5. Ha. There would be plenty of members, me included! September can't get here fast enough!
  6. I'm jealous of you because I don't even have the video game... waaah!
  7. I know... but any true 'Canes fan has to have it, right? I'm looking forward to watching game 7 and being able to enjoy it rather than pacing my living room feeling sick. That's literally how bad it was for me during the entire Stanley Cup run.
  8. I don't understand it either, I think he's great. He definitely was during the final game (4/7/07) at least.
  9. Good luck with the job hunt! I think my friends and I are going to do the half-season, 24 pack thing. I'm already in hockey withdrawal and it's only been a week.
  10. 32? My god. That just makes me sick to my stomach.
  11. I actually just ordered the DVD from nhl.com, yeah I know, I'm probably the last one to get it.... but better late than never. Besides I need some kind of 'Canes hockey to get me through the summer!
  12. I have to pick ONE????? Ok... Erik Cole is definitely #1 for me. Followed by Williams, Whitney and Ward.... hmm, do I sense a W theme here? But then there's Big Mike, Tanabe, Staal, Johnny Grahame and of course our captain. I love them all!
  13. I'm new on here too (and I also went to ECU! Go Pirates!) but I've been a 'Canes fan since 2002. Anyway, welcome. I learned alot about the game and the rules by watching games on tv, and bugging fellow 'Caniacs at home games (who have always been super nice!). The Hurricanes website used to have little tutorials about the rules and stuff, but I can't find it anymore now that they've revamped everything. You could try NHL.com as well. Good luck!
  14. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  15. I went to about 10 games this year including the last game on April 7th, and I also made a trip to Atlanta on Feb. 24th to see them beat the Trashers at Philips Arena. The sad thing is the 'Caniacs in attendance were more enthusiastic for our guys than the entire arena was for the home team.
  16. Well that was FAST! But definitely welcome news.
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