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  1. They told me I didn't have to take any if I felt ok and I felt ok so I didn't take any.
  2. So the definition here is that any individual that performs their activity assisted by a machine should not be included in the list. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_machine' target="_blank">Simple machine[/post]) Then that would mean baseball (lever), hockey (lever), cycling (wheel and axle), tennis (lever ...and well, no numbers anyway) among others, are all out as well. Since we're going that far, we might as well rule out any person who uses a non-natural object to facilitate their activity. The only "pure" athletes then are runners. Who run barefoot. In the nude. And don't shave. QED, mountain gorillas are the only pure athletes, so the N&O should go to the NC Zoo and find out what numbers they wear. Next you are going to say poker isn't a sport . Seriously, if you stick to the definition of "athlete" then only those who participate in athletics (track and field) are eligible. If you chose the expanded definition, sportperson, then all people who participate in a sport are athletes. Now, if you happen to think that NASCAR should be eliminated from the list because you find it to be boring to watch a bunch of cars make left turns for a few hours, ok then. You'd probably find a lot of people (like me) who think baseball should be taken of the list for much the same reasons (the "boring" part, not the "making a bunch of left turns" part). But I'll humor the N&O since I know there are others out there who disagree for some reason. Man. How many days until the hockey season starts?
  3. Indeed, it was a just for fun post and my original post was lacking that context, for that I add my apologies
  4. Slaw, hush puppies, baked beans, brunswick stew, and fried chicken are traditional. Oh, and don't forget to finish it off with some banana pudding.
  5. IMO the best way for the 'Canes to increase their exposure in the Triangle and near Triangle areas is to have a weekly game (or monthly, if weekly is not possible) broadcast on one of the local major over the air stations.
  6. These days an air ticket purchased far enough in advance is probably cheaper than gas, depending on the mileage your car gets. I've been doing that round trip quite a lot recently and far enough ahead it's about $300. Or maybe you (and I, for that matter) will get lucky and we'll play the 'Hawks in Chicago opening night.
  7. Unless I'm missing something (which is why I was bringing this up, because I very well may be ), there are 21 players under contract right now not counting Hamilton and Tanabe since they only count against the cap not on the roster, and not counting Sutter who does have a 2-way contract. So adding Sutter and LaRose means JR can squeak in under the the limit, even if no trade is made. And still have an extra forward in case of injury.
  8. But the magic 23 doesn't apply until just before the end of preseason. And although none of the d can be sent down, some of the forwards can. I'm just pointing out that JR doesn't have to make a trade until sometime in September. Now that I think about it, it would also give him a chance to showcase players to other teams during the preseason...
  9. Right - but any "penalty" we pay for being over our budget will be over time and will be around having to deal with more players than slots, as opposed to taking penalties imposed by the league for being over their cap. My question was quasi-rhetorical since I don't know of any reason we have to dump a player before the end of preseason other than self-imposed ones. IMO the trade-off now for JR is do you trade now and get a low-level pick in return or hold on for a more desperate team and higher trade value and risk not being able to get rid of the excess... I wouldn't be surprised if we head into the season with extra d-men, JR's taken that risk before (which is why Babchuk was sent down to the minors last time around, as I recall).
  10. That was the best part of him on the power play, watching everybody dive for cover as he wound up... Anybody know if there is a reason that JR would need to dump a d-man now? Since the frenzy is over, it might make more sense to hold on to everybody until the end of preseason when it's time to get the roster down to (or in our case, below) the limit. It is likely some team will find themselves short a d-man due to injury or other circumstances, in which case JR could get a better deal for our extra. It also would give PL a chance to work Babchuk and Melichar out with the rest of the team and get a feel for their capabilities. Who knows, it may be that Melichar is a step down from the despised Kaberle...
  11. My signed, life-size cardboard cut-out of Commodore in his bathrobe and crocs from when the Eye was selling the robes.
  12. Somehow a police siren has always seemed appropriate for Washington... (and they can keep it)
  13. Should there be a "How Stormy Came To Be" sticky post? Short, possibly accurate although maybe redneck legend version is that NC State promised/sold naming rights to the arena before the 'Canes came to town to a major pork producer. 'Canes coming to town changed the value of the rights in the upward direction, and as part of the agreement to give up the naming rights the pork producer got the mascot to be an "Ice Hog" (rumour also has it that was a negotiation down from having the team called the "Ice Hogs"...)
  14. IMO Siedenburg at $1.2M will generate a lot more interest from other teams than Kaberle at $2.2M. #4 sitting a lot at the end of last season even after his foot had healed and #5 playing tells me where they are in the relative scheme of things for PL and JR. Also, along with the "Wallin = NTC" sign I saw in another thread should be a "Hurricanes = business = profit/loss = budget <> salary cap", although that might be a bit harder to follow...
  15. It seems to me at the start of the season we will see the Gleason/Pitkanen combo (as mandated by JR) and Corvo/Kaberle combo (proven teamwork, both played well together down the stretch) and Wallin paired with one of Melechar/Babchuk, depending on how the preseason goes. Seidenburg I think is on his way out, based on what JR has - and more importantly hasn't - said about him. As for forwards, I think the *only* set positions are going to be the first three centers with Staal, Brind'Amour, and a healthy Cullen. Everything else will probably be fluid from training camp through the first few games of the season.
  16. IMO: After his shoulder surgery Frank played very tentatively in 06-07 and most of 07-08. He seemed extremely scared of getting hit and tried to get rid of the puck too quickly, resulting in lots of turnovers in his own zone and some poor passing. And he had no idea how to trap the puck in the zone when playing point on the PP. I thought he started to regain his old form towards the end of the season, coincidentally (or maybe not) with the Corvo trade. One thing, also IMO, is that no D-man or goalie is going to post good defensive numbers under PL's system. It is very aggressive and allows for many out-numbered chances against, especially if the forwards aren't covering when the d pinches (or if the d chooses to pinch at an inopportune moment). I'm not complaining, mind you, it results in very exciting back and forth games. Back to Frank, I think he was showing at the end of the season he had the potential to regain his SC season form, and I'm not quite ready to throw him under the bus. Besides, its a contract season for him isn't it? Edit: My mistake, not a contract year. Still have hope though.
  17. Two seasons preceded and cut short by shoulder surgery. If he's had time to heal back up and is 100% hopefully he will regain the upside he used to have that offset the down... I don't see JR wasting his salary by waiving him, and his performance the last couple of seasons has I'm sure reduced his trade value to an unacceptable level (i.e. JR would have to promise cover part of his salary as part of a trade deal), so I'm resigned to seeing him on the ice in a 'Canes sweater this fall.
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