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  1. I can only speak for myself, but it's one thing to draw attention to a player or a team to bring awareness to this great sport, but I don't see that happening in Crosby's case. With him, the attention is constantly on Crosby (not his team, or his sport) to the point of over-exposure, where most are so sick of him being put on that pedestal, they can't/don't even get the chance to see what type of player and/or person the guy is. I honestly don't blame him, but the media and the powers-that-be who constantly fawn all over the guy. It almost makes me feel sorry for his NHL teammates. To have him make the game-winning goal today, and the over-the-top adulation afterwards, was just too much for me. So, no, I'm not being shortsighted - if all this drooling over one player did some good for the sport, itself, I'd grit my teeth and go along with it, but I don't see that as the case here. ETA: Sorry for getting off topic, a little, TSA. Just wanted to respond to what caniacbeej shared in his/her post.
  2. Last Tweets from Olympic athletes after the game: Apolo Anton Ohno USA mens Hockey team played like warriors. Proud. Stand tall! Glad I could be here to experience this...you guys are all champions! Mirai Nagasu Great game...just wasn't good enough. Louie Vito What a game!!! Congrats Canada. Travis Jayner That may have been one of the greateast games in history. Greg Bretz Win or loose I had a great time being here USA rules and I'm excited be going home and celebrating with my family, back to the snow I go Steven Holcomb USA Hockey finished with the silver but they played ONE HELL OF A GAME!!!! They are awesome, I loved every minute and so psyched to be there Erik Fisher Sorry boys but silver is not to bad.Jordan Malone NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Jeremy Abbott Aside from USA losing the Hockey game (which makes me want to cry) This has by far been the best day of my Olympics!
  3. Canada may have set the record for most Golds, but last time I checked, it was Team USA that went undefeated and never trailed in every game they played here, until today. I also don't recall Canada scoring 6 goals in under 10 minutes of any game they played in the Olympics. But like I posted before the game, no one is going to remember any of that now, unfortunately. And Crosby as Canada's "saviour"? LOL You can have him (please). Sheesh, if they put the camera on him one more time during the awards ceremony (even before/during Team USA were getting their medals), I was gonna smash my TV. At least with the Hurricanes, we have many talented players, and don't have to constantly single out one to put up on a pedestal.
  4. Unfrigginbelievable ..... and it had to be Crosby????
  5. Latest Tweets from Olympic athletes at the game: Steven Holcomb THIS IS UN-REAL!!!!! GO USA!!!!!! http://tweetphoto.com/12861715 Nicole Joraanstad I am cheering loud for Team USA Hockey! lindsey vonn Apolo Ohno and I at the hockey game! So fun!! http://yfrog.com/3g13zuj chris plys Let's get a USA chant on Twitter ... USA USA USA Evan Lysacek 10 minute OT. Let's do this USA
  6. For a minute there, I thought I was watching the "Cardiac Canes", LOL.
  7. Zach ... I luv ya, but you have to wait until it's 24 seconds before we were about to lose everything? I think I'm gonna be sick, LOL.
  8. I don't know .... if you were to ask me which team looks like it wants it more, right now, my answer wouldn't be Team USA (and I have no idea why .... wouldn't you think this would be the time to give it everything you've got?) I don't understand.
  9. Latest Olympic Athlete Tweets at the game: Apolo Anton Ohno Yesss!!!!!! We believe!!!! Yess!! Allison Baver Geez is it just this game or is hockey always this aggressive? I like it! Evan Lysacek At the Gold Medal Hockey Game. C'Mon USA!! chadhedrick Great game US is getting momentum down 2-1 2nd period!
  10. Some tweets from USA Olympic athletes in attendance at the game: Simon Cho The USA/CAN hockey game is nuts!! We can't end these Games letting Canada thinking they won. Let's go USA!!! chadhedrick Hockey game is crazy! Will there be another miracle on ice today? Closing ceremonies tonight! Apolo Anton Ohno It's incredible to be on this side of the ice for once---ha! It's special to know how these men feel..once in a lifetime! Love it!! Apolo Anton Ohno This is Olympic spirit. Canada AND USA playing with their hearts...it's beautiful. Man!! Where r my skates!!!?? Ha! Apolo Anton Ohno Check it!!! http://tweetphoto.com/12849495
  11. *** Not sure if this was already posted, but 99.9 The Fan will be broadcasting this game, for those unable to watch it. ***
  12. I'm just hoping for a good game, either way - whoever wins. (I don't know if I could handle a blow-out loss on our end, after everything our team has accomplished at this Olympics.) If we're not able to pull this one off, sure we'll remember how our guys were undefeated until the final game, never trailed in a game, the amazing six goals in under ten minutes against Finland - but doubt everyone will. Like the commentators are saying .... it's about earning that respect. With all that being said, LOL ..... Go TEAM USA!!!!!!!
  13. If you get a chance, before the game starts, check out the following article from the FanHouse website: Paging Al Michaels: US Will Beat Canada The article is way too long to post, but here are a few choice tidbits: Ready for the most awaited hockey game in an American generation? Maybe the better question is whether Canada can handle the devastation if it loses to Team USA ... again ... for the second time in a week on Canadian ice. My gosh, Dudley Do-Right just might defect. And recalling the rioting in the Vancouver streets back in 1994, after the Canucks lost to the New York Rangers in a Game 7, well, I'll be avoiding that mess on Granville Street, thank you. There won't be more than a few hundred U.S. fans in the stands Sunday, most likely, even though Vancouver is a short drive -- except for the messy customs stop -- over the border. Seems the Canadians, despite scalping prices going as high as $5,000 a ticket, won't be selling their seats for such a grand moment. If 1980 produced the victory to be forever known as the Miracle on Ice, winning gold on Canadian ice -- certainly possible, despite the can't-beat-them-twice nonsense -- would be a validation of America as a serious world player. We've had our moments in the sport, grooming future Hall of Famers and forging into the Olympic final eight years ago, where a Canada team pieced together by Wayne Gretzky finally won gold. But this would confirm that America can build champions, three decades after spinning a fairy tale. The Miracle on Ice was a killshot against Soviet rule and helped make the world a better place. A gold medal here has a completely different meaning: It just might be the boon hockey needs to become big in America. There hasn't been a team this cool in the States since, dare I say, the basketball Dream Team. Beating the Canadians, at their Olympics, would be one of America's epic international sports victories. Now that NBC has figured out why Team USA should be aired live on the big blowtorch, the Sunday ratings will be gigantic, highest ever for a hockey game nationally, helped by another snowstorm that has socked the East and fed the appetite for warmth and feel-goodism. And if they lose to the U.S., a country that has merely 2,050 hockey rinks for 300 million people while Canada has 11,000 for 33 million people? They'll have to place guards on every bridge in the nation, watching for jumpers. In the height of irony, the local police don't want a gold medal. After the Russia victory, a screaming, marching mob took over Robson Street, chanting, "We want USA! We want USA!" Drunken behavior has been an Olympic sport these two weeks, and a Canada gold would launch a night of insanity involving people from throughout the region. "If Canada happens to lose, they'll cry in their beer at home and decide they're not going to get on the SkyTrain," Constable Lindsey Houghton, a spokesman for the Vancouver Police Department, told the New York Times. "If Canada lost [to Russia], Canada would no longer be playing and that would have brought a huge reduction in the number of people coming downtown."
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