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  1. Well, to end the (non)story. I got the list of tickets my Dad is going to use from him, called our rep, she said sure, email me the list. Emailed the list, she emailed me back that they were ready to pick up at the box office. Stopped by, picked them up. Zero issues.
  2. I'd say he is, he has been positive the whole time on this incarnation.
  3. I made this argument a few years ago, but there are 2 types of penalties. There are those that are: out of position desperation/lazy penalties and aggression penalties It is not uncommon to take more penalties when you are aggressive. And aggressive play wins games. Show me the team with the least penalties and I'll show you a team that isn't trying hard enough. Clarkson University used to lead their conference in penalty minutes AND the standings all the time. I have seen a correlation between penalties and success many times. Have a great penalty kill. Play hard. I would rather that we play really aggressive and take more penalties than be passive and let the other team take it to us. Now if your penalties are all hooks and trips as the opponent skates by you that is another story.
  4. +3 100 points is +18. So a great head start, as we are on a +82 pace.
  5. Boomer Gordon said yesterday... Going into last night, the East was 8-0-1 against the West.
  6. Remember when we spent months saying "If the Canes could only figure out how to win some of these overtime games and not leave that extra point on the table, we would be a playoff team" I think we needed an extra hard drive to store all those posts. Throw it away. We even killed a full 2 minute penalty in OT and proceeded to win the game on our one chance.
  7. Until otherwise proven we are an elite team. Last season Eastern Conference finals team. Team that just beat the 2 eastern conference division champs in a back to back. Undefeated team. This is now my position.
  8. Playing with house money time. No one expects this one. Do it and everyone in the league (me too) will have to twist their minds into some new configuration when thinking about the Canes. Lets do it... it would be cool.
  9. I think its clear from these 2 actual quotes what happened here. Good win. As said before... the upside is sky high... I feel like this V8 engine is only firing on 3 cylinders so far. And we beat 2 great teams.
  10. The Capitals don't like that they lost the dominant position in the division. The Canes are a threat to that among other teams. They will be trying to send a message that they are still the alpha wolf. I am sure in the minds of the staff and players they feel like a message needs to be sent, that's what we saw in the preseason. That's right, the preseason. The Canes want what the Caps have/had, and are also aware of what the Caps are going to probably do tonight. This game is more about guts and swagger than most games are. In other words, this has potential to erupt into something. Keep your heads on a swivel boys, and man up. Play it smart and pot goals. Edmundson, answer the bell when it happens. You too captain. "This is hockey, okay? It's not rocket surgery. If you don't play this game with a lot of heart and a big bag of knuckles, you don't got dinky-doo"
  11. From my seat I had given Necas the #1 star so I was not surprised. I had Haula #2 and Slavin #3. I didn't like Mizzer's 2nd period so he didn't make the cut. Necas has world class passing skills, I don't know how it came across on TV but his vision and ability to deliver the puck is top notch. I hardly blame all the defensive lapses on him, there was plenty to go around. The team has a lot of work to do. That 2nd period gave HCRB as much ammo as he needs to keep these guys humble in spite of the 2 points. He will not be happy and justifiably. Mostly there is so much upside to this team it isn't even funny. We played a game at about 30% of optimum and won. Good time to be a Canes fan.
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