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  1. If you are gonna show it to everyone how is anyone going to feel special?
  2. I'm convinced goalies are another species.
  3. And his beard potential is off the charts from his bloodline...
  4. I think he already psychles the puck fine.
  5. he ain't shy... I love it.
  6. I know a person who knows a person who said Ferland said he really wants to return to the Canes. So it isn't not wanting to play here, it will come down to how much we want him, if at all, and if it meets his $. IMHO we won't pay him enough to keep him since we already have a taste of him getting hurt too much, and someone will take a bigger chance than we are willing to.
  7. hag65

    2019 Draft

    We really blew our high draft pick with this stupid playoff run.
  8. Now that the run is over and we have time to talk about this, I am in agreement with you. Clearly power play QB is a big weakness and he (Fox) is the goods there. I watched him play a couple of games. We really could use him there. Maybe Bean is that guy, maybe Dougie. But we need that guy, whoever he is.
  9. I sense a Post of the Week!
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