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  2. I have engaged many people on this topic and had a very troll-like answer I used to apply with the purpose of causing trouble, but I actually kinda like my definition. "How much a competition is a sport, is directly related to how little a human referee or judge is involved in the competition" The olympics are great for this discussion... For example... Figure skating is far from being a sport, as it is judged, and clearly unfairly at that. Timed sports in the olympics appear to be the most sportlike. However, things like judging of drafting violations in speedskating, fouls in short track speedskating all detract from the sportlike qualities. Tennis became more of a sport when the lines became judged by machines and not people. Basketball is a great sport until that whistle blows and the ref calls block or charge at a key point in the game. It's not so much of a sport when Dennis Rodman hurls his body backwards due to a fake elbow and draws a foul. It is a sport most of the time. Ice hockey? Great sport until your guy gets pulled down and the ref calls a dive. Interesting side effects of this rule... it makes bowling a pretty sportlike activity, and boxing not. I don't really like that part of it, but after all, I did this mostly to **** off my wife when we were watching the olympics (figure skating and gymnastics) I realize the flaws of all of this, but really... human error in officiating and judging is the worst and pisses us all off. It eventually ceases to be a sport in those cases if there is enough of it. More for fun than a true definition.
  3. This 24 team playoff will probably never happen, for all the reasons already talked about (read as many pages back as you wish). However, just for the sake of the discussion (more fun to talk about than the rest of this), take the premise that it does happen... Young teams would have a definite advantage over old teams, this layoff would not be easy for the older players to recover from. I would like the Canes chances in a tournament like this.
  4. The season is a marathon. We had a great first 13 miles, average 14-17 and the last 3 miles have been crap. The good thing is we got about 6 more miles to go and the beginning of the race put us in the position that the last 3 miles didn't kill all the good work dead. We can finish strong and we are in. Now, the last 5 games inspire no confidence whatsoever results-wise, but if they figure it out we should be OK. And if we finish strong, we'll be hot going in, which is what you want. If I had to bet though I think I would bet against. Losing Pesce and Dougie and Petey and Jimmy are 4 guys we could not afford to lose.
  5. 65 game report Overall Trend (10 Game) Metropolitan Washington +20 -2 Philadelphia +20 +8 Pittsburgh +18 -2 Atlantic Boston +30 +6 Tampa Bay +22 0 Toronto +11 +1 Wildcard Islanders +12 -4 Columbus +11 -2 Out Carolina +10 -2 Rangers +9 +2 Florida +7 -2 Montreal +2 0 Buffalo -1 -2 New Jersey -2 +2 Ottawa -8 +1 Detroit -33 -7 By Trend: Killing it:: Philadelphia +8, Boston +6 Collapse of the Metro: Islanders -4, Washington -2, Pittsburgh -2, Columbus -2, Hurricanes -2 Stinking up the joint: Detroit -7, Ottawa -2 Summary: 65 game goal is +13, Canes are +10, 3 wins below pace. Total collapse of the Metro for the last 10 games makes it look not as bad for the Canes, BUT history tells you that teams will get HOT at the end. Trend of -2 is far behind needed pace of +2. It is still a 10 team race for 8 slots, 6 teams realistically out. Canes MUST pull out of this tailspin and pronto. All is not lost, they are ONE GAME OUT with MAGIC BEANS 1 point in 5 games does not cut it and makes this all feel futile, but they do look great at times. 5 games winless is the worst stretch this season. More: Canes are still 56.4% to make the playoffs. Last report 97 points was 70% to make the playoffs. Now, 95 points (+13) is 63% to make the playoffs, all due to the Metro collapse. http://www.sportsclubstats.com/NHL/Eastern.html How bad is Detroit at -33? Not the worst. The acknowledged worst team of all time was the 74-75 Washington Capitals who finished 8-67-5 (-59) Detroit at 15 wins is a lock to at least double that win output. Also check out their goal differential at -121, man oh man.
  6. I have to give everyone a hand. I haven't been on for a couple of days and I expected everyone to be taking the pipe. I don't hear no fat lady. Hang in there, we are gonna get this. We lost a lot when we lost Pesce and the 2 sieves.
  7. Yeah i'm happy about the lessor pick thing... and getting a proven guy is good for the pick, its less if a gamble was my point. Which is pretty much the JR strategy and look how Pittsburgh does. Every year we say he has screwed them for the future and all they do is trade picks for proven guys and win. Its not just Crosby/Malkin there as you can see... they are out half the time.
  8. I actually like Fleury. He's top 4 at times I agree. Was just pointing out that all the firsts are a gimme, its taken quite a while for him to get there. Much better examples are out there of first rounder misses for sure... he's not a miss but you probably expect more out of a 7 overall.
  9. I agree that the first for Skjei in a banner draft year is the most troubling... but I also remember the first pick the Canes ever had was Nikos Tselios with the 22nd pick and he played 2 nhl games. So getting a known top 4 D with a late first rounder is a bird in the hand move. Fleury is still not a top 4.
  10. Just for FYI, I listened to SiriusXM Home Ice all day and several times it was opined that "Carolina won the day" and no one disputed it. In their opinion we hit it out of the park. Pittsburgh 2nd place. They panned FLA as idiotic to spend 10M for Bob and then dump Trocheck, have no idea what they were doing. "The only thing they got out of it was less money. And they are contending."
  11. I have also heard of Gen X subdivided into the "Atari" and "Nintendo" generations. I am Atari.
  12. We have hashed this out before. The loser point is a marketing device used to present the illusion of teams being in it later into the season than they really are. It keeps more teams in it, which keeps more fanbases engaged which means $. Its not about fairness it is about $.
  13. 55 game report Overall Trend (10 Game) Metropolitan Washington +21 +2 Pittsburgh +19 +4 Islanders +16 +2 Atlantic Boston +23 +4 Tampa Bay +21 +7 Toronto +10 +2 Wildcard Columbus +13 +6 Philadelphia +13 +5 Out Carolina +12 +1 Florida +9 +1 Rangers +4 +2 Montreal +3 +4 Buffalo E -1 New Jersey -4 +1 Ottawa -8 -2 Detroit -25 -5 By Trend: Killing it: Tampa Bay +7, Columbus +6, Philadelphia +5 Stinking up the joint: Detroit -5, Ottawa -2, Buffalo -1 Summary: 55 game goal is +11, Canes are +12, 1 win over pace. Canes out for the first report this season, even though it is one point out. Trend of +1 is behind pace. Extra disturbing with nearest competitors killing it. It looks like it has become a 10 team race for 8 slots, 6 teams realistically out. 4 teams can play .500 and will easily make it in (Washington, Boston, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay) This leaves 6 teams for 4 slots (ranging currently from +9 to +16). It looks like 5th place or better in the Metro will make it in. The 6th place team in the metro could easily be better than the 3rd in the Atlantic and get screwed. Not so fun: Canes are 59.9% to make the playoffs, BUT were 88.8% to make the playoffs a mere 10 games ago. Ahhh, the Metro. In spite of the alarming trend, 97 points has more than a 70% chance of making the playoffs. SOMEONE loses every game, it is impossible for no one to lose. People need to be reminded every now and then, math always wins. If the Canes continue the slow and steady they should be fine, but REALLY don't need a losing streak of any consequence from here on out now. http://www.sportsclubstats.com/NHL/Eastern.html
  14. I think they are in there, just loose.
  15. +4 over these last 27 games gets us 98 points. 98 points is 74% chance to be over the cutline. Canes right now are 70% to make it. http://www.sportsclubstats.com/NHL/Eastern/Metropolitan/Carolina.html
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