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  1. I felt we would win due to our D. It's not always pretty and can be scary but that is what good D looks like. How many times did Slavin poke it away or otherwise disrupt a play that was ALMOST there. A lot of almosts. Without that 5 on 3 debacle I figure they don't get their MO rolling and we don't have to score 6. It was a great game. The West is coming around of late and Boomer on XM today was saying the western teams are not an easy out right now. Unlucky timing for us again, but we just beat 3 good ones in a row.
  2. At least we have a D good enough to have a chance of holding these guys in check, and a system that can do it. Once they start getting frustrated it is to our advantage. I think we will win.
  3. 30 game report Overall Trend (10 Game) Metropolitan Washington +18 +7 Islanders +12 +1 Philadelphia +9 +5 Atlantic Boston +16 +7 Florida +6 +2 Tampa Bay +4 +1 Wildcard Pittsburgh +8 +4 Carolina +7 +2 Out Rangers +4 +3 Buffalo +3 +1 Montreal +2 -4 Toronto +1 +1 Columbus -3 -2 Ottawa -5 -2 New Jersey -6 -5 Detroit -14 -9 By Trend: Killing it: Washington +7, Boston +7, Philly +5 Stinking up the joint: Detroit -9, Jersey -5, Habs -4 Summary: 30 game goal is +6, Canes are +7 Trend of +2 is good and dead on pace Bit of a gap from 8th to 9th. Keeping your eye on not being #6 in the metro is paramount this year. 40 game mark will be after the last game of 2019. Going +2 over this hellacious segment would be a true feather in the Canes cap and a clear indicator we are for real this year.
  4. It's from 1979. It's so stupid I feel everyone should know about it. Google it and you will find plenty of commentary about it. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Potvin sucks
  5. Nope. Attendance incentive.
  6. If you are not here you are missing a very respectable showing from the storm squad.
  7. There were cuss words and the link did a disappearing act. I suggest looking on Barstool Sports as they have high quality content of all types.
  8. Commodore tweets about Babcock This is hilarious.
  9. I go to every game. We are seeing better attendance across the board when normalizing for what used to happen on a typical night. For example Monday and Tuesday games are less attended, so comparing it fairly to Monday/Tuesday games for the last few seasons it is better. Just looking on TV in a vacuum isn't a fair comparison. Also we have a way of having games during highly viewed conflicts. We had a Monday night game against MNF. Saturday afternoon game against college football. Also the smell test of #'s opposing fans in the building is improved. Not ideal yet, but improved. Trend is positive. Upper deck is fuller than it was. Often as full or fuller than lower deck, its all about affordability. To be fair, I see modest improvement. Not dramatic, but modest.
  10. Both Caps and Isle are currently on pace to BEAT TB's 128 points of last season. I fail to believe this will continue.
  11. At the end of the first quarter... the score is... I used to mark 94 points as the goal to sneak into the playoffs. After last season I figured its time to reassess. Here are the totals necessary for the Eastern Conference for the last 6 seasons... 2018-2019 97 +15 2017-2018 97 +15 2016-2017 95 +13 2015-2016 96/93 +14/+11 (Wildcard/3rd in Atlantic) 2014-2015 97 +15 2013-2014 91 +9 Prior to 2013 we were in the old Southleast division days and the texture of the playoff hunt was different, so I am only going back 6 seasons. Clearly the East is tougher over the last 5 seasons, but there is no sign this is changing, so it is grin and bear it time. Don't shoot for sneaking in, so shoot for 98 points. This is also a good number in many ways for ease of computations, which is the hallmark of Hagmetrics. 98 points is +16. 16 is an awesome number in maths. 16 = +4 each quarter of the season 82 games is basically 80 games which is 8 segments of 10 games. L10 field in the standings is good for this. You want the L10 field to stay at least at 6-4 (+2). If you average 6-4 over last 10 all season you make +16. So you need +2 every 10 games, so at the 20 game mark you want +4. So it's all good for seeing how we are going. We are 13-7-1 +6 after the first qtr of the season. We need to be +4. Actual current cut line is +3. So we are looking good so far. Using 10 game segments we were +5 at the 20 game mark, needed to be +4, so good again. (How about that OT record, the old achilles heel!) Take a look at our L10, 6-4 (Hagmetrics trend of +2) Looking good. It all looks good so far... no more work needed (it's so easy), but I'll put out the full report for the fun of it... Overall Trend (10 Game) Metropolitan Washington +12 +5 Islanders +12 +9 Carolina +6 +2 Atlantic Boston +10 +3 Florida +6 +3 Montreal +5 +3 Wildcard Pittsburgh +4 +3 Philadelphia +3 +3 Out Buffalo +2 -4 Tampa Bay +2 +1 Rangers +1 +3 Columbus E -2 Toronto -1 -2 Ottawa -1 +4 New Jersey -2 +1 Detroit -6 -2 By Trend: Killing it: Islanders +9, Washington +5, Ottawa +4 Stinking up the joint: Buffalo -4, Columbus -2, Toronto -2, Detroit -2
  12. I had/have this. When the kneecap slips out of place the violence of it slipping under the tendon can chip the bone. (did for me) Yes, once it happens once it is far more likely to happen. For me it was 4 times over a period of 10 years. Any sideways/pivoting stress can trigger it to recur. Ultimately for me it was stopping competitive sports and strengthening the surrounding muscles to help hold it in place. Lots of long distance cycling (keeps the knee in a nice straight plane). Hasn't happened for me in about 17 years now but of course I'm not skating. Skating seems like an activity likely to make it happen when cutting sharply. This is a true pi$$er.
  13. Maybe we can teach canesfanforever Mandelorian punctuation.
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