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  2. We need it more, so that should be to our advantage. In these series, the team in a comfortable position rarely can summon up a greater effort than the team that needs it the most. We need a few breaks to go our way, haven't had that happen really other than the sieve choke the last game. There is luck in hockey. We could use some to get us over the hump.
  3. They know it too, which is why Bergeron shot backside after holding it a bit, waited for him to slide too far. Watch them continue to try and exploit that.
  4. They are the best passing team in the league. Chasing is going to get us nowhere. Have to play the passing lanes and clog it all up. That's the long and short of it. Would also be nice to grow a pair and carry the puck more, dumping and regaining possession doesn't look like it is going to work on these guys. Play the perfect line to a stalemate and we should win.
  5. XM guys said Roddy was 100% correct, even the Boston announcers said it was no goal at the time, and there is your proof. If he had possession then the hand pass was negated, but if he had possession then it is goalie interference. Its simple, you can't have it both ways. They also said, there ought to be some sort of condition where you can't get fined if you are 100% correct. He couldn't know which challenge to make if they refuse to tell him the call. It's just wrong.
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