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  1. It would be nice if DirecTV reps at least knew the answers, and if their online channel line-ups were correct. They first told me I needed the sports pack, but the list of channels that it provides did NOT include 647. Since TSA says he has sports pack and got the game, I guess that was the key. Its definitely a love/hate relationship with DirecTV. Last night was hate. I had this rep on the phone for almost an hour and I wasn't going to let her go until I got an answer. She refused to turn on the sports pack for me just to see if that was the issue. She concluded the game was blacked out. I told her that was BS (baloney sandwich). Fortunately, that was the last game on anything other than FS Carolinas for this season.
  2. Did anybody watch this game on DirecTV? My family and I were very disappointed that all we got was a message indicating we didn't subscribe to Fox Sports South Plus (647/647-1). We also found the game listed on 650 and 746 but got the same message. We did watch the games on Fox Sports South in January. I don't remember for certain the channel number. It might have been 646 in January. The DirecTV customer support person made up a couple different theories: 1) DirecTV didn't buy this rights to this game. 2) The game is blacked out in your area 3) You really don't subscribe to this channel -- you need the sports pack (But the sports pack did not state that it included 647/650 - only 646 that I was getting with a basketball game) The customer support rep also stated that she could see the game on 647/647-1 so her final conclusion was the game was blacked out in my area. I really am just curious -- did anybody actually see this game on DirecTV? If not, I would have expected to see more chatter about it on boards. Thanks.
  3. I have 3 8x10 framed and autographed photos of Tim Gleason Brandon Sutter Matt Cullen I'm asking $40 for the set of 3. I'll sell individually for $15 each. Note that this was originally a set of 4, but I sold 1. I cannot seem to edit the title of this add. See photos of photos here: http://raleigh.craigslist.org/clt/3572834589.html Thanks for looking
  4. Can someone please tell me what time the doors will open for STHs??? Thanks
  5. These guys are pathetic tippers. Even with my tiny income, I wouldn't ask for change from my 15. I'd probably give em 20.
  6. I just posted 2 for sale at a good price. Send me a message if you are still looking.
  7. I immediately thought that was a hit from behind and should have been a boarding penalty. But its the playoffs, and since he got back up, it was let go. If he had stayed down for a while, I'll bet it would have been called.
  8. Is that set in stone? I thought the each round's schedule was based on the end of the previous round..... Where did you get this information? I haven't searched real hard, but a quick glance at the schedule on nhl.com only shows the current round.
  9. Why did you think it would be? I am totally bummed. I missed the game and realized too late that I forgot to set my DVR. When I saw the replay listed on the NHL network, I set my DVR, only later to find out it was blacked out. I called DirecTV they punted saying its the NHL networks decision to black it out. ITS A REPLAY!!!!! I don't get it.
  10. I too thought we played carelessly at times and missed too many passes and gave the puck away too many times. Definitely more than in game 2. Anybody else concerned about this? Regardless, the fact is, even with some carelessness, we still found a way to WIN. We are now guaranteed another game after Friday - either a game 6 or a new series!! Since I can't make it on Friday, I'm pretty pumped about about that!!!! Go Canes!!
  11. Thanks to all that replied. Tickets have been sold. Go Canes!!!
  12. I say we win one of the first 2, then protect our home-ice. Canes in 6! Hey, a guy can dream, right? Sometimes dreams come true.
  13. Can you not simply respect (or even accept) another person's opinion and let it go at that? If I dare state that I personally don't like all the booing, then I'm not fit to attend NHL games? Please.
  14. What I'm suggesting is nothing like "taking a child to a boxing match and telling the boxers to play nice". What I'm suggesting is displaying better sportsmanship by not booing the other team or the officials just for taking the ice, and telling the opposing players "they suck". It has nothing to do with the fact that its a physical game. I am very "real" in that I know the booing and name calling isn't going to stop regardless of my opinion.
  15. But all ages are at the games. The kids hear the adults booing the other team, booing the refs, telling the goalies they suck. Yet when the kids participate in sports, they are told about sportsmanship. Its a classic "do as I say, not as I do" scenario. But who knows, maybe my 8 year old's soccer team will start chanting at the opposing goalie this season. I'd like to go back to the days when boos were reserved for the really dirty player or the really bad call. I know it won't happen, but I had to add my 2 cents.
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