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  1. I can't stand Buffalo because of how their fans behave at the games but I also can't stand the whining Florida Panthers. If I had to pick a 3rd one it would be between Tampa Bay and Atlanta.
  2. It should be Gleason's unless he decides to give it to Cullen.
  3. I'm glad to know their are Buffalo fans who are Canes fans also. I hope the unruly fans in 2006 made the trip from Buffalo and weren't locals.
  4. I think the Sabres will still be a very good team. This hurts them but they are far from finished. I don't think they will get another good look at the cup any time soon.
  5. The sluggs hate us because we won the cup and they are just jealous. Their fans are the ones who started the trouble and showed a serious lack of class. I was estactic when they collapsed like a folding tent in the playoffs. Philly and NY over paid and bought for 2 many years. They are talented but those deals were extreme. A part of me wishes we would get a big name but I trust our management. It worked in 2006. We were able to bring in the final pieces of the puzzle come playoff time. Go Canes 07!!!!
  6. I feel sorry for all the slug fans who fill their arena faithfully everynight and love their team. To the ones who showed their slug tails here in Raleigh I laugh in your general direction. It sounds like management really dropped the ball. I just don't understand how slug fans can live here and not cheer for the canes when they aren't playing Buffalo. I have developed such a dislike for their team largely due to the bad fans and Lindy Ruff (blow hard).
  7. I hope we sign someone good soon. Even Florida has jumped into the Free agency pool. I hope we don't just wait for the left overs even though it paid off in the past. The Ducks were already stacked on defense-now they are just greedy signing Schneider.
  8. I don't think people are saying the sluggs won't be any good but they had 2 quality sniffs at the cup and whiffed on both of them. It will hurt to lose Drury worse than Brierre because he is a talent with massive character. They won't be as good this year as last year.
  9. He's good but I think they were so desperate to get back to what they once were that they over paid and for too many years. They wanted to make a statement to their fans and that they did.
  10. I am so glad we signed Walker. We need his grit and talent. I still hope we add some more talent through trade or free agency.
  11. Hopefully the Sens will get untracked at home and make it 2-2. If that happens its anyones series to win. It has been a fun series to watch. I am always at a loss when hockey ends for a few months. It is a great sport to watch. I just don't understand why people put it down so much. Our playoff run last year helped make getting laid off after 9 years bearable. Those memories are forever ingraved in my mind!!
  12. Canada does make some tasty beer. Molson Lager is my fav but I like Labatt also. Too bad the alcohol content isn't the same as it is in Canada!!
  13. I am torn on who I want to win. Ottawa has been so good through the playoffs and they were my pick to win the east but I like Giguerre. I can't stand Pronger the defector!! I guess I will be happy either way especially since it won't be Buffalo!
  14. Still no S. Cup!! I think it stinks that someone can't trade you something even if you don't have any card that they need. If both parties are willing it should be o.k. I sure hope the Sens do better at home or it will be a quick finals. Their first line is not getting it done!!
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