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  1. Why not Kaberle? Please someone make a good argument for keeping Frank. While I see him improving ever so slightly, his play is junior league level at best. Why not get his salary off the books now and use the little bit of money to sure up the UFA we want around next season? I am okay with the trade for the most part, but Eaves is very injury prone and has not been able to do much this season due to those injuries. Risky if you ask me. Do you sign him again to a long term deal with the injuries he has faced up until now being as young as he is? -Hexzero
  2. Wooo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, hopefully Eric just recieved a stinger... (which is scary if you have previous neck injuries), but minor in its own right. -Hexzero
  3. The guys announcing for versus are pissing me off. That was not a legal play. Cole got pulled by the defenders left arm on his left arm. You see him reach and tug the jersey.... Now i am not liking Florida either. Sabres first.....and the Panthers are now second. -Hexzero
  4. I would rather see a shootout then to see it end in a tie after overtime....
  5. I hope they do not waste all their goals for October tonight... Nice Job Canes!
  6. Even VS changed the score before we all realized he missed the goal...
  7. Well, see everyone Tuesday night! Lets hope this was a tough game because it was the first back to back game... At least the Sabres lost (again)! That makes me happy. Wish there was a way to vote Tripp off the air! www.getridoftripp.com <-- No the site is not real. Go Canes! -Hex
  8. To add insult to injury... These guys are getting bumped around and hurt. 19 shots so far... Sad. I don't know if I can handle another season of ups and downs.
  9. I have always liked Forsland calling the games. However, Tripp is still a horrible color guy and should be replaced as soon as possible. CLINK! A couple inches and it would have been 2-1. Go Canes!
  10. Sounds like another Eric Lindros... Younger brother that was better. etc... Lets hope Eric doesn't turn out to be like Eric. -Hexzero
  11. Look at it this way... How far do you think the boys can go in the playoffs. I would rather it be difinitive either way. And at this point, I think it is. Trouble scoring in 1 on 1 situations. Bad transition play, players not hitting their potential on a consistent basis... All these problems plague the team. Even two of them can hurt the team.... They are saving me from an extra $3k-$4K... Will I spend it if they somehow manage to get in... Most certainly, but I will be pissed if they go out the first or second round...
  12. the Tripp Tracy/John Madden thread lol LOL... To funny... Last thing I say before I get bummped from this thread Big difference between the two... Maddenisms usually make me laugh, and I do not cringe when I hear John's voice (right away). Now John was a has been who "had" talent in commentating. Tripp is a "never was" who has medicore talent when commentating. When Tripp calls the game he does well. When he starts talking about his dinners or anything else its over......
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