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  1. I have an extra puck that you can have. Will you be at the game next Wednesday? You don't happen to have an extra Pitkanen bobblehead, do ya? I'm missing that one.... GREAT win last night, eh?? Wooooo! Carla
  2. Mike, I prayed for you this morning and will continue to as you recover. My co-worker had this surgery, so I kinda know what you'll be up against. We really missed you in Helsinki! You have been my son's favorite since we went to Atlanta on that roadtrip. He doesn't come to all the games, but when he's there, he looks for you. Thanks for always speaking to him and giving him a high-five. You are a blessing to the team and especially the Caniac Nation. Prayers are powerful, as I'm sure you already know, so just know that I'm lifting you up, my friend. Thanks for everything you do. God bless, Carla
  3. I hope they don't let this opportunity pass them by. It would be a great fundraiser for Kids 'N Community. I'd really love at least one.
  4. Meangene, I can't wait to start planing our next invasion! I love Storm Chasers. Caniac Invasion was good too, and we did have a blast in Atlanta, even if the guys blew it in the third. My son loves the picture he had taken with you right before warmups. I'd like to go back to Phillips and maybe Verizon, too. Thank goodness for a short Summer!! Preseason will be here before we know it!
  5. In 2006, when we went down 0-2 to the Habs and then won game 3, (you know - Canes style!), I told my husband that if we came back and won the Cup that I would get the Canes logo tattooed on my leg. The rest is history.
  6. Actually a "real" cowbell would be the ones that actually hang around a cow's neck and have a clapper inside. Like the one my husband has had since the '06 playoffs, way before the SNL stuff was ever used at the RBC. Everyone around us loves it and gets upset if he doesn't bring it.
  7. Wow! Represent us well, my friend! I'll pray for your safety along with our guys. GO CANES!!
  8. I hope so, meangene, 'cause everyone in the lower half of 102 was upset. It really looked like "they" had given up on our guys.
  9. It made my heart hurt that I could not go this time. We live an hour from Raleigh and had to get up early for work. Thanks to the Caniacs who went.
  10. Welcome! I, too, just hang out, mostly. As you said, there are a lot of great Caniacs on here to learn from, and I enjoy reading everything. It warms my heart to know that our numbers are all across the county and are cheering our guys on! GO CANES!!
  11. Wow. Wish he would actually attend one of the games and see what hockey in the South is really like. I bet he loved game 2.
  12. My car flags have been up since the playoffs started, and I have no intention of taking them down anytime soon! Also, I have worn a Canes t-shirt to work, every single day, win or lose. I live in the small town of Dunn, which is about an hour SE of Raleigh, right on I-95. There is an Italian place here called Arthur's, and on its sign outside, it says GO CANES. The owner used to be a STH but now can't go to the games because the restaurant is only closed on Sunday. I told him how awesome that he's still supporting the team as best he can.
  13. Wow, what a great post. I really wish I had all that hockey history in my background but alas, I was born and bred right here in ACC Heaven with no hockey-fan influence. But I'm making up for that now and raising a Caniac from birth, my 5yr old son. Welcome to the boards!
  14. Welcome to the boards. Yeah, we're kinda fond of Wardo ourselves.
  15. Yes, I believe it was Craig Adams' goal. I totally agree. Some of the TV guys even said that Toronto did us a favor by not overturning the call, because of the "dreaded" 3 goal lead going into the third.
  16. Thank you for your kind words. You guys had a rough go of it with all the injuries (we know all too well about that). Thanks for the well wishes
  17. How awesome to know that the Caniacs all around the world were "Wooooooooooooooooo" ing at the same time last night. Glad you could catch the game and hope you are well soon!
  18. Hi! Welcome to the boards! GO CANES!!
  19. Remember Ruutu's first game last season? How his plane was delayed from Chi-town and he had a police escort from RDU to RBC just in time for the game - against who?? New Jersey. We all remember what happened to his face that night, but how about the hit he landed on - you guessed it - Colon White. I sit in 102 and it happened right in front of me. Last night, I felt as though i'd seen an instant replay of the monster hit!! One of my Fave Ruu moments . . . . well, now two.
  20. Exactly!! That's what we were all screaming. I'm not saying it wasn't a penalty, but it wouldn't have been if it was OV.
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