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  1. Mike, I prayed for you this morning and will continue to as you recover. My co-worker had this surgery, so I kinda know what you'll be up against.

    We really missed you in Helsinki! You have been my son's favorite since we went to Atlanta on that roadtrip. He doesn't come to all the games, but when he's there, he looks for you. Thanks for always speaking to him and giving him a high-five.

    You are a blessing to the team and especially the Caniac Nation. Prayers are powerful, as I'm sure you already know, so just know that I'm lifting you up, my friend. Thanks for everything you do.

    God bless,


  2. Meangene, I can't wait to start planing our next invasion! I love Storm Chasers. Caniac Invasion was good too, and we did have a blast in Atlanta, even if the guys blew it in the third. My son loves the picture he had taken with you right before warmups. I'd like to go back to Phillips and maybe Verizon, too. Thank goodness for a short Summer!! Preseason will be here before we know it!

  3. Barq's root beer, chased with a Mtn Dew. The Mtn Dew is from the 2006 playoffs (long story) and the Barq's is new. Also, my friend has a white cat (we deemed him to be lucky-ya know, black cat=bad luck) and we rub him on her gamed used Wardo stick. My husband and I are going to their house in Apex tonight to watch the game. We're 2-0 when we've made the hour long trip (for the away games-we're all STH).

  4. I rather enjoy the cowbells but ONLY during the SNL skit. At no other time should they be used. Plus please get the ones like they use in the skit and hit it with a drumstick. The other ones are what I find annoying, play a real cowbell if you're going to do it. My wife takes one every once in a while but hasn't the last 2 games as it is a little harsh on the ears. Plus since it's packed in the RBC she doesn't want to upset anyone.

    That should be the major point of this discussion. If you have a cowbell, play it with respect to others around you.

    Actually a "real" cowbell would be the ones that actually hang around a cow's neck and have a clapper inside. Like the one my husband has had since the '06 playoffs, way before the SNL stuff was ever used at the RBC. Everyone around us loves it and gets upset if he doesn't bring it.

  5. I am still in shock really. I got a call saying to me "Jack to you want to go to the game tomorrow night?"

    and I said, are you kidding me. B):DB)B)B)

    Now Caniac Fans lets keep the Faith and come out flying.

    I am personally calling out Erik Cole and Tuomo Ruutu. They MUST play better

    in this game for us to have a chance.

    This is a one in a million chance that I would ever go to this game and now

    I am. Canes get it done for me an the rest of our cool fan base.

    Also as a favor to med, read my blog. I would love some feedback as well.

    I am honest and report what I see. It is not slanted in any way to the Canes.

    Lets Go Canes. Score first and make us all proud!!! :D

    Wow! Represent us well, my friend! I'll pray for your safety along with our guys. GO CANES!!

  6. Greetings, everyone.

    I'm a long time Canes fan. I even watched them before they were Canes (up in Hartford). Of course, I love them much more now that they are Canes from my home state. :)

    I've been a member of this forum for 2 years, but I never post. There are much more knowledgeable and insightful fans out there than myself.

    I'm wicked excited about the Canes' level of play in this playoff round. It's really salt in the wound to the Wild fans here in Minnesota that my Canes made it to the playoffs.

    I don't know what else to say really.

    Thanks for letting me lurk all this time.

    Welcome! I, too, just hang out, mostly. As you said, there are a lot of great Caniacs on here to learn from, and I enjoy reading everything. It warms my heart to know that our numbers are all across the county and are cheering our guys on! GO CANES!!

  7. My car flags have been up since the playoffs started, and I have no intention of taking them down anytime soon! Also, I have worn a Canes t-shirt to work, every single day, win or lose. I live in the small town of Dunn, which is about an hour SE of Raleigh, right on I-95. There is an Italian place here called Arthur's, and on its sign outside, it says GO CANES. The owner used to be a STH but now can't go to the games because the restaurant is only closed on Sunday. I told him how awesome that he's still supporting the team as best he can.

  8. Reminds of a joke.

    I was at game 4 against the Devils. Tickets were hard to find, but as I'm a STH it didn't matter. I settled into my plastic slice of heaven. Down my row, toward center ice, I noticed an empty seat. After the 1st period I noticed the seat was still empty.so I slide down and occupied it. I made a comment about the seat to the guy sitting next to it. He said, "It was my wife's, but she died a few days ago." I looked around and thought about the rabid Caniacs who would have done anything for that seat, so I asked him." Couldn't you have found a friend or relative to give the ticket to?" Maintaining his stare down at the ice he said "they're all at the funeral."

    Not original. I know.

    A classic! One of my favorites. :)

  9. back in '04. Was a 'Canes supporter when I heard about the team curtaining off the 400 level when they played in Greensboro. I really wanted to see hockey make it in the South. Rooted hard for them in '02 (mostly for my hatred of Detroit). Really moved them ahead of some of my perennial favorites: The Rangers (was a fan since I was old enough to know what hockey was, but alas, I can no longer root for them); The Caps (lived in Northern Va. for a few years and even before then during the Langgway years); the Habs (because theyre the Habs) when I went to Game Seven at RBC vs. BUF. I have been to games from the old Montreal Forum down the East Coast to Tampa Bay, and I have never heard a rowdier crowd (including Game 5 at Madison Sqare Garden in '94 vs. VAN).

    As a life-long supporter of all things hockey (started skating at 3 years old, playing hockey at 5, played college and All-Army Elite in Europe), I can safely say I have been off the bandwagon for a few years now and root for the Carolina Hurricanes above all others.

    God bless all you supporters of hockey in NC. You make me proud to call this my home state.


    Wow, what a great post. I really wish I had all that hockey history in my background but alas, I was born and bred right here in ACC Heaven with no hockey-fan influence. But I'm making up for that now and raising a Caniac from birth, my 5yr old son. Welcome to the boards!

  10. I thought I'd join you guys on this run, seeing how my favorite player is doing a good job for you.

    I am also a Dallas fan, was a STH in Nashville for the last 4 years. Been following since 2006. Cam Ward is also one of my favorites.

    Hoping for a nice long playoff run.

    Welcome to the boards. Yeah, we're kinda fond of Wardo ourselves.:)

  11. I figured we would have a conclusive view in todays newspaper. Wasn't it in the SCF in game 7 we had a goal reviewed that was disallowed, but later in the game they had a conclusive angle to support a goal.

    I am sort of glad now it was not allowed, having a three goal lead at the break and we may have taken our foot off the gas just a little, and against the Bruins that would be deadly. But I sure wish Rosie would have scored as he hustles his butt off every shift every game. He deserved it.

    Yes, I believe it was Craig Adams' goal. I totally agree. Some of the TV guys even said that Toronto did us a favor by not overturning the call, because of the "dreaded" 3 goal lead going into the third.

  12. Coming from a Flames fan I would like to say Good luck to you guys in Round 2! you played great in Round 1 in the Devils. I even predicted you guys would win that series. Now Im predicting you guys will beat Boston in Round 2 in game 6 or 7 again. It will be a long series but the Canes will do it! (Unlike my Flames) I'll enjoy watching the games.

    Thank you for your kind words. You guys had a rough go of it with all the injuries (we know all too well about that). Thanks for the well wishes :)

  13. Recently been lurking the boards over the past few weeks, and decided to join... Been a Canes fan for a few years now. My wife, and 2 kids are also caniacs! If we can't attend the games, you can bet we'll be watching on TV.

    Anyway, just sayin' Hey... as in.. "Hey Hey Whaddya Say" :)

    Hi! Welcome to the boards! GO CANES!!

  14. Remember the show "I Love Lucy"? I have this overwhelming desire to make a poster with a large Red Heart with "I LOVE YUSSI" in the middle. .... and then the next obvious comment would be "Yussi, you got some 'splainin' to do", along with the appropriate Cuban accent. Unfortunately, since he's from Finland and very young, he wouldn't have a CLUE what that meant. Only us old folk snicker at that one..... LOL

    LOL!! I love it!

  15. We were told by the "security" that the Canes organization had not informed the airport that there would be anyone there to welcome them, so it was a security issue. It was actually the FAA in the tower who complained about us. After we moved our vehicles to an acceptable location, we all walked over as close as we could. At least they drove right past us - but it was a road used by airport shuttles so the guys couldn't stop, even if they wanted to. Ray actually did slow down and high-fived a guy out his window. Besides Chad, the funniest thing was Tripp with his cheesy grin - he just shook his head at us all.

    Anyway, they knew we were there! And you guys have GOT to see one guy's giant Stanley Cup fountain. Yes, I said fountain. He had it in the back of his truck and had it working until we were booted out. I'm sure it'll be on display tomorrow in the parking lot!!

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