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  1. We were told by the "security" that the Canes organization had not informed the airport that there would be anyone there to welcome them, so it was a security issue. It was actually the FAA in the tower who complained about us. After we moved our vehicles to an acceptable location, we all walked over as close as we could. At least they drove right past us - but it was a road used by airport shuttles so the guys couldn't stop, even if they wanted to. Ray actually did slow down and high-fived a guy out his window. Besides Chad, the funniest thing was Tripp with his cheesy grin - he just shook his head at us all. Anyway, they knew we were there! And you guys have GOT to see one guy's giant Stanley Cup fountain. Yes, I said fountain. He had it in the back of his truck and had it working until we were booted out. I'm sure it'll be on display tomorrow in the parking lot!!
  2. Yes, we'd love to be there. Please post any info/instructions/directions that we'll need. GO CANES!!
  3. Exactly. I heard Roddy talking in an interview about how disciplined we've been. About how we use our speed to try to stay in front of the play and not get caught behind because that leads to lazy stick penalties. Those fans fear the Babchukian slap shot on the PP, that's all.
  4. FedEx just delivered my tix!! BTW, maybe everyone but me knew this already, but don't expect your ticketexchange account to be automatically debited for the playoff tix. You have to send an email instructing them to do so. I didn't realize this, so my credit card was billed last Thursday. GO CANES!!!
  5. It is flippin' hilarious. Well, except when they've scored on us. Anyway, he's quite the character.
  6. Wow - thanks for the kind words. You're right, there were a TON of Pens fans there, and I must say, I've never had any negative feelings towards you guys. You are passionate about your guys, but aren't we all!! I would love to go to Pitts. to see a game. Is it really only 3 hours? The drive to Atlanta was almost 7. Glad you enjoyed yourself so much. Hockey fans are the best!!
  7. Kudos to you for converting your wife!! Go Canes!!!!
  8. "Best moment of the game last night was Staal jumping into the glass after the penalty shot a la a certain Capitals winger." That was my favorite moment also. Couldn't wipe the smile off my face the rest of the night. As far as Federov, yeah, it looked like he just fell down after getting congrats from his mates. I still think the bearhugs were a little too celebratory when you are still down by 3 that late in the third, IMO.
  9. You are correct-it is Kid Rock. He recorded it for a National Guard ad campaign that is showing in movie theaters before previews. I think it's called "American Warrior" and you can find the video for it on youtube.
  10. Oilersfan, thank you. It's fans like you that make me proud to be a hockey fan. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Oilers, no matter what (especially as long as Colesy is there). Playoffs do that - either bitterness or respect. And I have nothing but respect for you guys. By the way, great win the other night against the Ducks!! Go Oilers! Go Canes!
  11. The event sounds coo, but it's not the Caniac Carnival, is it? That's usually on a weekend day in September because it lasts all day.
  12. All the best to the Caps. I hope you guys go deep and do the Southeast proud. You fans have been patient, waiting for your team to strengthen, and now it's paying off! Have fun and thanks for the post!
  13. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Caniacs. Have a save and blessed holiday!!
  14. It's gone - thanks for the interest, guys!
  15. Hi Skunk! OK guys, you've convinced me! After re-reading the email we all received regarding this event, I totally agree with you. I'll pm you about getting the tix. Thanks so much!
  16. Thank you so much, but I just found out that I missed the rsvp date because I was out of town and forgot - so I don't guess we'll be going after all. Thank you anyway. Carla
  17. Walks, I have to say that I fell apart when you went down that night. We care so much about you and all the guys that you seem like part of our family. Anyway, please know that we're praying for your swift healing and can't wait to see you back on the ice. PLEASE take care!! Carla, Sean & Jacob Bass
  18. My husband and I went to Casino night in 2006, and even though we were WAY out of our league and had no business being there, there were a few unforgettable moments from that night. One of them was Chad. He was alone, looking at some of the stuff they had for auction, so Sean goes up and says, "Hi, my name is Sean" and Chad grabs his hand to shake it and says, "Hey man! I'm Chad! How's it going?!" with great enthusiasm and of cource, he had that huge grin on his face. You could tell that he was so happy just to be there. He was just like a little kid, running around, taking pictures. It was great. Even through last season when things were so tough, he was a bright spot on the ice and off. I don't know how many games that we left talking about all the things he did that will never show up on the scoresheet.
  19. This is an awesome thread! What interesting stories! When I watch the road games on TV and they show Canes fans in the crowd, I often wonder how they became fans, and if they took a road trip to watch, or if they are locals. Thank you for sharing!!
  20. I will boo, as well as my hubby (He HATES him). It's not just the hit that's so bad-it's the manner in which he behaved after it happened. If he had appologized instead of acting like the jack*** that he is, maybe we would cut him some slack . . . .or not. Anyway, let the boos roll.
  21. Thanks so much guys!!!!! I've been celebrating all week!
  22. Hey Erwin! I WAS a fan in 2003, and I had never seen that clip. Thanks for the post. BTW, hope you're doing well!!
  23. It's been a really hot Summer this year, so I haven't worn any of my jerseys since our win over the Panthers in April. But, I wear my player shirts and others at least twice a week. I don't know who that was in Florida wearing their jerseys, but I would have had a heat stroke!!!
  24. Happy Birthday to all of you!!!!! Especially my pal, Erwin!!!!! I hope your day is filled with smiles & hugs and everything good you could ever imagine. . . . well, . . . .Brindy's probably too busy to take you to dinner tonight, but maybe your family could cover that for him THIS time! Hee, hee!!! Love ya!
  25. Thank you, Caniac2630 & vronnie12. I have MS too. I was diagnosed in 2000 with relapsing/remitting MS. How is your Mom doing, 2630? Good luck and God bless!!
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