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  1. Hello my friend!! Glad to hear Richard has made it to rehab and improving. I printed out your update to give to Mitch tomorrow. He's been asking about him. If I can help you with anything while you recoup from your surgery, please let me know. Meals or rides anywhere - please contact me!! (Swim school is over tomorrow - yeah!) I know you've got a lot going on right now. Just know that you guys are still in my prayers and I'm here for you all.
  2. (#299) YKYACW - you attend a large church, so it's hard to remember everyone's names, and you are simply known as "that Hurricane girl'
  3. Sent you a PM
  4. Hi - just got back from church (wow-what an awesome service!). Sean is the teacher in our Bible Study class, so I shared with our group about Richard. One of our friends, Howard Smith, knows him. We have a lot of bikers in our church, (including Sean) and so anytime there's a motorcycle accident, they seem to really take it to heart. Please let Clint know that we prayed especially for him and his Dad this morning, and we have some real prayer warriors in our group!! On a side note - it was fun telling the class how I "met" you! I am very well known at Central as the resident Caniac. Anyway, you guys are thought of every day. Take care!
  5. Actually, the Brindy w/Cup and the Banner Raising are not "official" lithos released by the team. Those two were given to everyone in attendance at the first two games last season. The other lithos are only for season ticket holders (full & mini) and I think there is a mistake on the website - this season should be the seventh in the series. Francis, Brind'Amour, O'Neil, Wesley, Staal and Ward have all been released, in that order. Hope this helps.
  6. Erwin - how are YOU doing? Do you have an update on Richard? It sounds like Clint has a good head on his shoulders, and I know that you couldn't be more proud of him. These guys are right - his dad needs him so much right now. This is going to be an incredible bonding time for them. I truly believe that everything happens in God's time and that He has a plan. Maybe this happened to slow Richard down a little, so he has plenty of time to think about the son that he's been blessed with. If you don't mind, what's Richard's last name? I will request prayer for him and Clint Sunday. Take care and know that you and all of your family are in my prayers.
  7. caniac97 - got my CD today. You did an awesome job! I made the mistake of taking it into work with me. About half way through it, my heart was beating so fast that I had to pause it and take a break. It really makes me long for the start of the season. Thanks again.
  8. Hi Erwin - the only reason my family/living room isn't a Canes room is because: 1. We have a large entertainment center that takes up a whole wall 2. I would have to take down all my pictures of my son (not happening-but some of the pics are of Jacob in his Canes jersey!) and 3. Well, there's only three walls in that "room" and one of them has mostly windows. So my Canes room is an office - but the room is covered with Canes stuff. If you do it nicely, like framing all of the posters and pictures, I think it could look great, not like a sports bar, ya know? And if you have any signed stuff, that would really look awesome - like a stick. I may be the wrong person to answer this, though. If I had it my way, every room in our house would be red, black and white with each room dedicated to a different player. Hey, that's an idea!!
  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you . . . . .oh, did I say thank you?
  10. Hi Erwin! Also, during the short meeting before you actually enter the bowl, you are given time to ask questions again. So if you have anything that you forgot to ask, you can do so then.
  11. Caron - I'll make sure to let you know our exact seats when we select ours in July. They'll be in 101 or 102 hopefully. We've been in 101 for the past two seasons. Canes tickets . . . . . what a great gift!!!!! I'm sure your family love ya for it! Have you guys ever been to the Caniac Carnival? If not, boy are you in for a treat. IS SEPTEMBER EVER GOING TO GET HERE?!?!?!? Keep in touch!
  12. Hi Caron! So, you're from Erwin? I'm from Dunn!! We have really picked up some new Caniacs in this area over the last two seasons, huh? I've been reading these boards for a while now - don't have much time to add my own two-cents, but I sure find out alot that I wouldn't know otherwise. I'm very thankful to these guys for all the inside info. Anyway, glad to know ya! Do you and your family have full season? We upgraded this year from the 24-game plan (since 2002).
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