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  1. I've got no problem with priority issues. If you have been a partial ticket holder longer than someone and you decide to go full, then by all means, you should get to attend a session in line with where you sit in terms of your longevity. However, the seats a partial season holder has been sitting in should not be held back and should be free game to anyone purchasing the full ticket package.
  2. I'm with you on this point. Having a full package for 10 seasons I should be able to select from all seats not claimed by a Full STH. I could see the argument for holding 26 game seats, but there is no justification for the 12gm plans as the majority of those seats are supposed to be assigned.
  3. I don't mind if try to sign Doan, but good grief I hope that report is wrong.
  4. Saying he is one of our most physical d-man come play-off time is a stretch as we have only made the play-offs once since he came here. He does have the ability to play a nasty brand of hockey, and I do recall Forslund stating on multiple occasions, the 2009 play-offs are what everyone would like to see out him on a consistent basis. Yeah there are a few where he gets popped pretty good. There are also a couple vids of him giving some good shots. Now would I like to see more of this out of him, sure. Not going to hold my breath as this is not his biggest strength. Just a note on the hits stats, is it all comes down to how the home team scores it. Look at Gleason's totals for the season, I really thought he seemed a lot more physical this season than last year, yet the stats say he only threw 129 hits.
  5. I can see maybe offering Semin a contract to see if Kirk can push him in the right direction, but no way in hell does his contract see a NMC, or a NTC. If that happened JR should just give up his job. Fact is if he signs somewhere and turns out to be what Crawford and McGuire say he is, it will be next to impossible to move him. I'll agree he knew he was behind the 8-ball by not being able to offer the huge signing bonus rumored to be wanted by these guys. However, I don't agree with your assessment he knew he wouldn't be successful. The offer they put forward had to be somewhat competitive or it would have been dismissed right away. It was not just those in the organization who were saying they were right in it. Guys like Dan Rosen and Bob MacKenzie, were putting it out there. Show would have been announcing they submitted offers at 12pm and were rejected by 12:05.
  6. It was not a refusal to match the money, but the NO TRADE CLAUSE he was given by Montreal along with the 4th year. Had they not given him the NTC, he would have been here. The NTC is always left out when people discuss Cole. While I miss having his production here, I don't blame JR for being gun shy on handing out another NTC. Erik Cole CapGeek
  7. The one or two way contract has little effect outside of the amount paid to player based on which league he is in. So I'm not entirely sure why it would matter if he wants a 1 way deal, especially since we are below the cap floor.
  8. I've been to the last two. The reaction for the pick two years ago when we took Skinner over Fowler was kind of funny. Most people did not seem very enthusiastic with the selection.
  9. I really found this article to be a pretty good read, especially the part about us. Sportsnet.ca
  10. 1. More than likely Barrasso would head back up to the eye in the sky position of the press box. 2. If you feel it necessary and adds to your enjoyment of a Canes game.
  11. First class event by the Canes organization and staff. Everyone truly seemed to have a great time. I am glad I was able to participate in this years game, and will get to see how it grows from here. Special thanks to the Caniacs who attended this game as it was pretty cool to skate out of the tunnel for warm-ups with nearly the entire East lower bowl full.
  12. I can't believe how quickly it got up there. With almost 90 minutes left in the auction it was barely over $2000.
  13. While those will be the easiest points to say what if to, the real 2-3 extra points will come from when the team decided to take the night off in October, November, and December.
  14. Glad to hear of new STH, but why would you buy a 12 game plan for the FanZone? Cost of the 12 game plan in this area just doesn't seem to be worth it at $25/game/seat for $300. Figure you get all 41 regular season home games and 3 preseason games along with additional STH benefits for a little less the $150 more. Just curious is all by the way.
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