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  1. Selling up to four tickets to today's game vs. Philadelphia. Seats are in Section 130, Row T, Seats 9-12 Face value is $107, selling for $50 apiece. If at least 2 are bought will throw in parking pass ($15 value). PM me or email: jansjohnston@gmail.com if interested.
  2. Well, we just recalled Khudobin - who was first star of the Checkers game last night. And it appears Ward will get the start tonight against the Habs. I do agree with the thought that Muller needs to tell Cam he gets the next ___ (6? 8? 10?) games, and that we need him to shoulder the team. Someone has to be a leader on this team ... not to say it all has to be on Cam. But someone has to lead. He's paid to be the #1 goaltender and he is - like it or not - a fixture and a player the team depends on to lead. He is a "backstop" in more ways than one - or at least he needs to be.
  3. Actually, from what I understand and have read (and that's all it is: my understanding and what I have read - no "certainty" involved...), the circumstances between Nich and Lindholm are fairly different in this regard: Lindholm has 1 year left on his existing contract with Brynas with an out clause that is very much in play. Worst case: he plays next year for Brynas, then joins the Hurricanes as a 19 year old with an additional year of professional play experience. Nichushkin has made it fairly well known that HE will decide whether or not he will make - and play for - an NHL team. As in: either I make the big team out of the gate and play, or I go back to the KHL. That's a fairly sizeable difference in circumstance. So, I beg to differ, I don't think I'm being hypocritical in saying I'm happy we did not take Nichushkin and am pretty happy with the Lindholm pick. In any event, I completely agree - no one can say how either of these guys, or anyone else who was drafted yesterday, by anyone, will pan out. Time will tell.
  4. I'll just throw this out there from my own opinion: I am VERY glad that we did not take Nichushkin. Could he turn out to be the next Malkin? Sure. Do we really want an 18 year old dictating the terms of his contract and making the team? No. He could turn out to be the next Malkin ... playing for the KHL. I never for a moment thought JR or the Hurricanes organization would take Nichushkin. Had Seth Jones fallen down to 5th, that would have been awesome for us. He didn't. From what I hear and read about Lindhom I'm pretty happy with the pick.
  5. On the contrary, I thought the event was great. However, 2 things may have colored the event in my favor: 1) We got there really early and grabbed probably the best spot in the house to watch, listen, etc. And 2) we won the Draft Challenge contest, getting 7 of the first 10 picks correct. I will agree it would have been awesome if John Forslund had been there, but I imagine between his post season announcing duties and the holiday week that he is probably off on vacation somewhere. I thought Shane Willis did a tremendous job, and Kevin Westgarth was great too.
  6. I would like to see them win at home. At least one game. Maybe our last home game of the season, or the games during Fan Appreciation Week. I did not find last night's game hard to watch. Nor the game on Tuesday (except for all the annoying Pens fans all around us). The team is very clearly battling, trying, still fighting - and that is encouraging, and appreciated, at least by me. I really do feel for the guys, because they are clearly trying, and it has to feel like Groundhog Day to them. That said - I agree and as I said in the GDT yesterday - the best possible outcome of this season at this point is a shot at the #1 pick.
  7. I agree completely with all of this. Add to this: A new system implemented halfway through last season, with a new coach hired halfway through last season. And since the new system and new coach, new players have joined, some have left (in addition to all the injuries) - and no training camp or pre-season to really establish the system. For all those now saying the system doesn't work ... well, if it doesn't work now, why did it work a month ago? If we were still winning at the pace we were then - or even at half that pace, would anyone be questioning the system? Or the coach? Did you question the system, or the coach at the end of last season? The old adage is true: winning solves everything. Losing brings questions and theories about what needs to be fixed. I don't have a clue as to why we fell off the cliff, or how to stop falling, and I'm not going to pretend to. But I do think that throwing the baby out with the bathwater is rarely a successful approach. And so far on this board "baby" can be any or all of: The owner(s) The GM The system The coach(es) E. Staal J. Staal Skinner Ward Ellis The defense (collectively or individually) The offense (collectively or individually) The only thing I would truly like to get rid of is all the injuries. And - of course - the losing streak.
  8. Was there for dinner the night before a game with the Capitals last year, and almost the entire Caps team came in to eat while we were there. One big table with Ovi, Green, and some of the rest, and then a smaller table next to that one with a couple of the coaches and players. Semin was at that smaller table. I was there for a "girls night out" and they were all laughing at me because I was watching the hockey players and not participating in the conversation. Of course, I think I was probably the *only* customer in the place who recognized who they were, too.
  9. The Hurricanes are about where I expected them to be - but on the high end of my expectations. I figured they would be in a playoff position, but despite all the injuries, have extended their lead against the rest of the SE and keep putting up points. My MVPs are the first line: Eric, Alex, and Jiri. Like others, I expected Jiri to be top line material, but not this good. I expected he and Eric to maintain and build on the chemistry they started to have last season, but not this much. I hoped Semin would be the winger Eric so desperately needed to unlock his skill - and wow, has he delivered! My surprise players to the upside: Semin - way WAY WAY better playmaker than I thought he was, massively better defensively than I anticipated. Elite player, no question, and is fitting into the team and locker room better than I dared to hope. Riley Nash has been a very pleasant surprise. Tim Brent quarterbacking the PP has been a very pleasant surprise. Justin Faulk has displayed the work ethic, responsibility, accountability, and skills of a veteran defenseman despite his young age and short time in the NHL. That kid is a superstar in the making. My disappointment is, I'm sad to say, LaRose. Although he is now injured, he did not have a good start to the season at all, and now others are playing their way into the lineup - and making their case for staying. I'm not sure there is a slot for LaRose when he is healthy. I believe the Hurricanes will finish 1st in the SE, 3rd in the Conference, somewhere between 3rd and 6th overall in points with 61.
  10. Cam Ward to miss 6-8 weeks with 3rd degree MCL sprain. Pretty much the rest of the season...
  11. Standing O from the crowd and the players tapped their sticks after the video tribute. That was classy and touching... also pretty classy that they are retiring "her" song. She will be missed - she definitely brought smiles to a lot of Caniacs.
  12. Agree! What I'd really love to see is Alex Semin lighting it up in a role he wasn't given the opportunity to play in Washington ... like a short-handed goal on a PK. But even just getting one of his smiles on a nice play for goal - and of course, a Canes win with his teammates rallying around him - would be just desserts for the Caps.
  13. There is no dispute that Semin is the winger we've known E. Staal has needed for years now. Any doubters need to look at Eric's stats over the past 2-3 seasons and compare those to his stats this year. Semin and Staal are a match made in Hockey Heaven. And when Semin's shots start hitting the back of the net instead of the posts... look out. Minnesota may have made the big splash in the summer. The Hurricanes got the perfect fit for this team and their first line. And I love watching Semin now that he is with the Hurricanes - I feared watching him versus the Hurricanes.
  14. This. Also: she is prettier than Bob Harwood. I know the because a) I have eyes. And my husband and his buddy said so about a dozen times - or rather, every time she came on the screen. Chantel = pretty. Saturday night for the broadcast and especially the Hurricanes = not pretty. More worried about the latter than the former.
  15. Part 1: 1) Who scores the first goal of the season? Semin 2) Who scores the first assist (primary assist only if there are 2)? E. Staal 3) Who takes the first penalty of the season? Gleason 4) What will that penalty be for? Cross checking 1 pt 5) Who scores the first PP goal? Jokinen 6) Who has the first fighting major of the season? Westgarth Part 2 1) What will the Canes record be on and including Feb 12th? 6-4-2 2) How many games will our back up goalie have played by and including Feb 12th? 4
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