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  1. Hey Tuomo! I am so sorry that you needed to have surgery. You bring such enthusiasm and spunk to each and every shift-you are awesome! I can't wait to see you back on the ice. Rest up, feel better, and get well soon! , Elizabeth in Raleigh
  2. This is one of the reasons I love the Hurricanes so much. That would have made my day/week/month...
  3. Very cool! You definitely have a higher pain tolerance than me-all that detail had to have hurt. I myself freak out getting a flu shot, but if did get a tattoo, it would certainly be Canes related.
  4. I wore the same jeans for the first two series. Then after game seven in Boston, I just threw them on the bathroom floor because I was too exhausted to put them away. I should have known better, though, as one of my cats has a tendency to eliminate liquid waste on dirty clothes. I had to wash those things and look what happened. I refuse to blame my cat, though, as I should have known better!
  5. The women's section in the Target off of Lynn Road had shirts today. I didn't think to go by the men's section, but I assume they have them there, too.
  6. Great thoughts! I especially like your comment about enjoying the game moment by moment-what a great perspective. I'll be doing much of the same-though the cats (I don't have a dog) are welcome to keep me company. They like to watch the game because the Canes move so fast!
  7. Since this relates to transportation, I thought I'd post it. My sister lives in Boone and has her horse, aptly named Hurricane, decked out in Hurricanes gear. He's quite a sight-whether he's hanging out in the fields or trotting down the road-with a flag for a saddle pad and luggage tags hanging from the saddle and harness.
  8. I finished in 32 minutes, a bit slower than last year. But I didn't train for it at all, which might explain why my legs are still wondering what I did to them.
  9. Hey, if it'll help break the curse someone can break a few of my limbs, tear both ACLs and MCLs, and both Achilles' tendons. I can study for school just fine in a body cast. Oh, and throw in a nice bout of the flu, too. Anything for my Canes!
  10. C'mon Penguins! I sure wish the 'Canes were still playing, but I'll pierce my own belly button with a dull, rusty skate blade before I ever cheer for Detroit.
  11. Here is the link from "Good Morning America" this morning. I hope it works for everyone! http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=4900792
  12. Go Kristi! Did anyone else notice that when she met Bret in the audience, he raised the trophy like the Cup? Awesome!
  13. I'm surprised he is not interning at Marie Claire instead. He was in one of their issues a few months back giving an opinion about the sack dress. I nearly fell off the elliptical machine when I saw he was in there. Here is what he said: http://www.marieclaire.com/hair/fashion/la...-talk-fashion-2. The man: Sean Avery, left wing for the New York Rangers The woman: Lauryn Flynn, director of celebrity services at Calvin Klein (and Sean's best friend) Trend tested: The sack dress,
  14. Hee, hee, hee. I am glad to see I am not the only one who does that. People will ask me what the temperature is and I'll say something like, "Oh, it's Erik Cole. But the high for today is Chad LaRose."
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