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  1. I am still shocked at this one, I literally just stared at the tv when they said it on TSN. I knew we were looking to get Ruutu but I just don't understand giving up big like we did to get him. Ladd was playing really well for us, he has 7 points in the last 7 games and I think this is a big chance to take in return. I'm with many others on here and am not happy with this move.
  2. Cole is out with the flu now too. That thing is wicked and needs to just go away! Grahame does get the start today
  3. Here is the latest out of Buffalo General Hospital: BUFFALO, N.Y.
  4. I read that quote from Jokinen this morning and I felt so badly for him. That has to be a horrible feeling to realize it was your skate that did it even though it was completely accidental. I posted on the Panthers board this morning and it's really nice to see so many fans from so many fanbases going on there and wishing Zednik well and they are really appreciating it as well.
  5. The Buffalo News says this morning that Richard is listed in stable condition in the ICU there. They said they are still monitoring him very closely and will know more after they re-evaluate him this morning. They are supposed to be having a press conference at the hospital sometime early this afternoon to update everyone. I still can't believe that happened last night and how eerie it was hearing the silence in the HSBC arena and in RJ's voice. I can't imagine being there and seeing it all live Steph, that's something that I'm sure will be in everyone's heads for a very long time.
  6. That was one of the most horrific things I have ever seen. I heard them say he was cut badly and looked up and the look on his face was horrible. The medical staff there moved soo fast and you could hear a pin drop in that arena. The whole thing was handled very well and very quickly. They just said he's having surgery now in Buffalo.
  7. I don't know what I'm more shocked about.....that the Giants won the game or that Mel called it exactly as it happened in like the 2nd quarter. Her psychic abilities are frightening sometimes. Well I least I was consistently disappointed all weekend!! LOL
  8. *sigh* The 'let's just play part of the game but not all of it' stuff is really old now. Watching them completely collapse last night was just downright painful once again.
  9. We already gave the Kings one of our young guys that has the potential for being great, they're not getting Sutter too.
  10. Oh how I cannot wait for tomorrow! Will we see perfection?? Go Pats Go!
  11. Congrats Eric, you make the Caniac Nation proud!!!
  12. I never thought I'd say this but I agree with you too. I think they threw too much at him too soon and we should've kept Gerber here for at least another season and eased Cam into it more rather than going about it the way we did.
  13. Um, Tim is not single, he is still dating Joanna and has been since he came here. And how does that make any sense to have someone riding the bench that hasn't proven they can be a good backup to Cam? "Who gives a damn if Grahame rides the bench"? Um, I think we ALL should because we should want Cam to have a solid backup that supports him and the team and will play well when he needs to go in for him. ...maybe that's just me.
  14. Yes, I agree with that 100%. Watching Leights out there and the way he interacts with the guys, the way he watches the game and the fact that he never comes onto the ice until the last guy is out of the locker room is really great to watch.
  15. Wow, funny how you appear only because John is back. Way to be a TEAM supporter and not just a John supporter. In fact, it seems all the big JG fans disappeared once he did. Sorry, I don't think John is best for this TEAM, and that is my concern.
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