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  1. that would be wade avenue i do believe
  2. ECole26

    Matt Cullen

    i agree. cullen is definitely a key. but not they key. there is a saying in sports that big time players make big time plays. unfortunately our big time players (cole, staal, whitney, ward) haven't been stepping up and earning their paycheck. if our stars aren't our stars night in and night out(or atleast give a star effort), we don't have much of a chance.
  3. If I had the salary of the CEO of a publicly traded company, I'd gladly have a "money losing venture." Work all day. Make thousands of dollars every day, go sit in my box at center ice, have some liquor drinks, wake up the next morning, make thousands, and do it all over again. TOUGH LIFE, REALLY SLUMMING IT! (sarcasm)
  4. I didn't mean to make empty statements and I apologize if I did so. I don't even know too, too much about it. Just work in public accounting and have dabbled in corporate tax with regards to losses and gains. According to my corporate tax book, and to information provided by people at work (accounting firm)(still could be hearsay), Karmanos can claim and has claimed Canes losses as deductions for Compuware(NOT PERSONAL DEDUCTIONS). And Thunderball, if $120 million in NI a year is struggling, then man I need to pick my game up. http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=63349&p=customOverview' target="_blank">Compuware Financials[/post]
  5. ever heard of a little company called compuware??? last time i checked karmanos isn't banking on the canes putting food on the table for his family...losses on the canes books are deductible against gains on the books of compuware...when we lose money, karmanos still saves money...it's accounting...bottom line
  6. I feel like there is definitely a chemistry issue, but I feel like the bigger issue is the lack of effort. I feel like chemistry could easily be a byproduct of a spark provided by anyone or anything (ie. Walker fight). Every night we have one or two people who come out and bust their butts, but it doesn't seem like all the guys (especially the big names) want to work hard individually (night in and night out) in order to play a unified team game. A couple of sparks at any given time could ignite this team into a 10 game winning streak. We don't get to play against one of the best teams in the league very often, as the SE is fairly weak in comparison with the rest of the NHL. If you can't get up for a game against one of the best teams in the league, what exactly do you play for? To beat teams such as WASH and FLA who haven't been to the playoffs in a decade? As much as I love beating AO and the whiners from FL, what does that prove? That we can beat mediocre teams the majority of the time? Let's get after some of these big names teams when we meet them (especially in our building), and let them know that we mean business, and that we can play with anybody. There is no doubt in my mind that this team has the potential to beat anyone in the league on any given night. We (the boys) just need to believe it, and play like we believe it.
  7. Will the concession stands take credit cards? That is all that matters to me.
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