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  1. On the Phoenix website, there was a press release on June 16 for their preseason schedule for 08-09. We don't play them preseason, but that is not a surprising thing...
  2. Cole is, and has always been my favorite Hurricane....and in my heart will still be. I'll have to watch Edmonton now myself! The worst part for me is that now we will never have Cole in the lithograph series.....which was the very one I was anticipating the most
  3. That's great if they really are predetermined. But if they are, the Storm Squad needs a refresher on where the seats are actually located. Bacause in our section, they came in from the side on the opposite side of where the seat was both to "notify" the winner and give the bag. And when the bag was brought up for the winner, the woman asked every woman she passed on our aisle if we were <insert winner name>. If it was predetermined, seems like they would have known where they were going. Maybe it was the Hedican jersey, I don't know.
  4. I did not have a problem with the marketing of the tickets so much as the commercials that were running that said "The playoffs have returned to Carolina". I thought that was a bit premature and I can't help but think the advertisers are still wiping egg off their faces. Did anyone hear Bettman this morning on XM when he was discussing Washington and Carolina and who made the playoffs? I swear I heard him say "everything worked out as it should have"....I'm not necessarily a believer in the conspiracy theories, but he certainly had an odd choice of words I thought.
  5. I don't think it's a case of giving them to season ticket holders and covering it up as "random". Someone was chosen from our section tonight and I can say that I don't ever recall seeing her at a game previously. And as far as sitting on an aisle and worrying about not stepping over people, that was not the case either. My mom and I were on the aisle jumping up and down and even got looked at a few times, but ultimately, the chooser went down our row, over 6-7 people and gave it to some girl...not even sure she was even wearing anything Hurricanes at all. So I certainly have to hope it was random, because otherwise it was an incredible slap in the face to all the season ticket holders in that section!!
  6. You are right about them being reckless. We saw one almost hit a fan last night. The driver never even looked before he started backing....extremely quickly. He's lucky to have missed the fan.
  7. It shouldn't be a surprise anymore though since we never seem to get any respect.
  8. "Carolina LW Ryan Whitney had his 10-game point streak end. He had seven goals and 17 points over the stretch" They've done it again.... Does anyone have a current roster for the Hurricanes? If I have been following this, we have Claude LaRose, Jason Williams and now Ryan Whitney.
  9. Yeah. When I look at the channel guide, 330 doesn't even exist. And when I just turn to channel 330, I get a black screen with nothing. When I called customer service, the guy said he had no idea why I couldn't see it. He suggested waiting a week because sometimes they roll things out over a week. I told him that was pretty much a waste since the preview is only for the month and a week will be the 16th. 2 weeks of a supposed "free preview" month is not really what I was looking for. Plus, between traveling for Thanksgiving and going to 5 games before the end of November, I won't have much time to check it out even if it does finally appear :-(
  10. My family and I have 4 24-game plans and they would not sell them to us. Said they were for full season ticketholders only. We haven't been able to get them yet ourselves. We did have a very generous fellow Caniac on the boards allow us to buy 9 passes for games that they were not able to go to!! It helps, but it would have been nice if the box office would have sold them to us. The Oct 5 game we got stuck parking in a mud lot and then hiked across a more than half empty premier lot only to miss the opening faceoff :-(
  11. On FSN, Forslund said that the word they have is a torso injury.
  12. I drive in from Fayetteville and getting there early isn't always an option....unless you are independently wealthy and don't need a job to pay for the tickets :-) My family and I chose to do the premier parking because we thought it would help. It does in fact help in getting to the games as we can still get in and park with no problems, but leaving is an absolute nightmare. Most nights we stay inside and chat for 30-45 minutes because the traffic in the premier lot doesn't move. Even once we do get moving, we have to deal with the bottleneck created by the lane closure to let out the dirt lot that exits on Westchase. You have 3 lanes merging into 2 so that that lot can have an exit lane of its own. Personally, I'm not sure why we should have to pay more to sit longer. As it is though, we love to go to the games so we deal with the joke called premier parking. I've resigned myself to getting home after midnight and (knock on wood very loudly) so far my boss hasn't been too upset with how tired I am the days after games!
  13. DMV said today that only standard plates will be red, custom/specialty plates will be blue. When I called the DMV about a week ago to ask if the specialized plates were red, they said that ALL the plates are now being issued red. That's what changed my mind about getting a specialized plate.
  14. Caniac_fire antz fan wasn't...but I have now re-registered and it allowed me to log in after that.
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