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  1. Here is the writeup on the game. 15 of 18 skaters had points in the game. 6 goals in less than 4 minutes! http://gocheckers.com/news/more/index.html?article_id=321 So glad I was there for this one, its games like this that make me glad I am a STH
  2. Well, in the event the TWC Arena is not available for Playoff Games, we are supposed to be able to use the Bojangles Coliseum or at least that is what was promised to us when they moved from Bojangles Coliseum to the TWC Arena in 2005. I was at the Coliseum the other week and it is still in very good shape, they did a lot of painting and repairs when they renamed it.
  3. Anyone know if FSCR will be replaying the game like they usually do? Dang DVR box didnt tape
  4. I really hope they do not trade anyone for only 3-4 weeks. This seems like a good time to let Peters see some action. He has done well in albany this season.
  5. The Jumbotron in the Bobcats Arena is awesome. Every time im in the RBC Center im thinking how is it that the Checkers have a better jumbotron than the Canes??
  6. I dont live anywhere near Raleigh but my cousin moved to Cary earlier in the year and we all went to help him move in his furniture (this was during the training camp). We stopped to get gas and ran into someone I thought I recognized but it didn't hit me at the time. Later on I realized that it was Justin Peters.
  7. Because he was rating him based on the play he saw? Anyway I think its a pretty decent report card.
  8. Why recall someone to play on the 4th line when you have Brookbank already with the team? Whats the use paying him if you never play him?
  9. 1st - Samsonov Staal Ruutu 2nd - Whitney Cullen/Brind'Amour Williams 3rd - LaRose Cullen/Brind'Amour Walker 4th - Bayda/BrookBank Sutter Eaves Pitkanen Seidenberg Gleason Corvo Babchuk Wallin Kaberle Melichar (Extras) I put Cullen and Brind'Amour on both 2nd and 3rd lines. Whoever is playing the best gets the 2nd line (Currently that would be Cullen) Bayda and Brookbank can be rotated as needed (Brookbank on nights where toughness is needed)
  10. Well I can't blame him. Afterall we sent him to Albany after 11 games. Thats not a bad thing but then wen we had tons of injuries we called up everyone else but him. That has got to hurt. So I really dont blame him for leaving.
  11. Last year we were getting 6k average (more on weekends) (with two record weekends over 12k. for the college night and cancer benefit night). 3rd best team in the ECHL on attendance This year Average attendance is less than 4500. And that seems to be the trend around the ECHL You can see the ECHL attendance for each team http://echl.leaguestat.com/stats/schedule.php?view=attendance' target="_blank">HERE[/post] It even goes back several years
  12. My Cable Co. Charter is having issues with the Charlotte NBC station and as such will no longer carry the NBC station after Dec 31st. Where I live the OTA broadcast has really crappy reception so does anyone know if the Winter classic game will be broadcast online?
  13. Charlotte is having some poor attendance this year compared to last year. But we get quite a bit of revenue from sponsorships so hopefully they will stick arond
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