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  1. What a night for Boston sports fans....Bruins lose in OT, Red Sox lose in 12, and Celtics lose Game 6. There's an entertaining reaction from the originator of the Goober-talk...Shaughnessy. "This would be like having Alex Rodriguez beat you with a walk-off home run in a seven game series. Not good." http://www.boston.com/sports/hockey/bruins...as/bruins_blog/
  2. http://hurricanes.nhl.com/ext/forms/Playof..._3-4-Update.pdf
  3. They've only played this song very occasionally at the RBC Center, but I love Hockey Monkey - The Zambonis And isn't playing Boston the best time to bring back Brass Bonanza one more time?
  4. I'm glad they are playing In the Air Tonight again...that was another great 2006 playoff song. But WHY are they using the Phil Collins version this time? Nonpoint's is much, much, much better.
  5. Thanks for posting those...I was in the 2nd one. That looks like it was taken right after Ruutu noticed the Jokinen banner on the glass.
  6. Looks like it takes 10,000 gallons to make the ice: http://www.rbccenter.com/about/126.asp.html[/post] And according to this, maybe about 60 gallons to resurface. http://www.iaam.org/Facility_manager/Pages...tionsEvents.htm So let's see...at 25 gallons per person...as long as 400 people watch the ice being made and a few people are around every time it's resurfaced....maybe it's ok. Just don't flush the toilets
  7. Wow, in my first 5 minutes of watching the NHL Network (on time warner)...I've seen the "is the the year" commercial with plenty of Eric Staal quotes, an ad for the NHL's DVD full of Game 7's in Stanley Cup History (justin williams' goal made the ad) and both Ron Francis and Glen Wesley highlights in the 92 Pittsburgh/Boston series.
  8. Today's Frozen Moment picture...
  9. Some already are: http://capitals.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page=NHLPage&id=11876' target="_blank">http://capitals.nhl.com/team/app/?service=...ge&id=11876[/post] The Hurricanes NHL shop page still has the old ones (and only at 25% off)
  10. On June 19, 2006 my wife and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary from Section 302, stayed up most of the night, and finally left town on the 20th for our vacation (which we had skipped the first 3 days of...waiting for Game 7). Of course we stuck around long enough on the 20th to be in the line of people waiting for the Eye to open...sadly we had to miss the parades though. I've only got 2 days left and I'm having a little trouble finding this year's anniversary gift to follow up on that one...
  11. I saw a few game used sticks for sale at the Eye earlier this week. Some good deals on last year's remaining Championship stuff too, like the locker room hats for $5 and 50% off most shirts
  12. But don't y'all forget, Michigan State and Michigan still have the world record for attendance at a hockey game. 74,544 at Spartan Stadium on October 6, 2001. I remember it well... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_War_(ice_hockey)
  13. ok so this sucks...right now if you enter the tv code (shootout worked for me, but that was before 3 am when it might change). well after you enter one that works, go back and try again.... i was playing with this last night (which is why my score jumped), but the leaderboard totally changed overnight either because of this bug or another one. hopefully they'll find a way to fix it and reset scores to the way they were (after all, the official rules don't say anything about only 1 tv code per day...but this is crazy....)
  14. The only thing I don't like (besides Cam sucking in shootouts) is that a total of 3 points are awarded in shootout games, but only 2 points are awarded in regulation wins. If somebody who has too much free time wants to calculate how the standings would have changed if teams got 3 points for a win and 1 point for an OT loss....I'd like to know...
  15. I'm still stuck at 45 cards (pretty sure thorton is the one i'm missing....in case anyone can help). thanks jwillie for the trade btw.
  16. You can also just search for the other usernames in our group in the trading section, if a trade is possible it will tell you. Fuquay, better late than never! check your group invites.... gocanesgo, i've seen your trade request. but i can't trade a 600 pt card for a 200....plus i'm trying to use that to get another 600 pt card i need....it's not that i don't WANT to help...just not sure i can yet. of course, if i happen to buy the 600 pt card i'm after....then vezina just becomes an extra for the time being...
  17. Yeah I definitely check the group people for trades first too. I would guess the card hunt starts sometime soon, but there's still 2 months of playoffs to go yet. There might be 1 per week in the hunt, I forget what I saw. Hopefully it will tell us in the "Get coins" menu when that starts.
  18. I still only have 42 but if you read the rules, it's actually highest total score that determines the winner. Total cards is the first tiebreaker. I have a feeling that there are probably some very rare and very high value cards that will play a role near the end. The FAQ also talks about "Card Hunt" where there will be some cards that you can only acquire by searching on NHL.com (this is where having multiple people searching could be very helpful), since you never be able to trade for them (since you can only get 1). As far as TV codes (which are 3000 points each), it seems there are multiple ones each day. Basically just guess hockey terms. "Slap shot" worked for me today.
  19. OK I'm NOT doing this from work...so I just now invited everyone that I saw a quest login name for in here to my original group too (I think). I'm ranckjoh in the quest game, BTW. Invite me to the other groups too please!! Definitely look me up in the trading section to see what I can trade with any of you for...
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