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  1. Wohoooo go wings. I for one love hasek and his unpredictable style of hockey. Cant wait to see a ottawa/wings final!
  2. I think he is influential to kids growing up right now playing hockey but that is about it. I personally do not care for the kid but cant deny that he is a good player
  3. He was much more interesting to listen to then some other commentators.
  4. No one said they did not deserve a cup just they had enough cups which, I was just making my point on why they have so many cups!
  5. I am pulling against buffalo not just because I hate them but the Rangers are a good team this year and deserve a win and I would love to see Shanny win another cup!
  6. so some of you are not pulling for the wings because they have enough cups? cry cry cry, they are a good team, through and through each year and they deserved every cup they have won. I think they will have a hard time this series but I would love to see them win this series and shock everyone
  7. my thoughts are with you and the other students, Keep us updated
  8. does buffalo have a healthy team? I knew they had several injury's a while back but are they all back healthy now? As much as I hate to say this I feel buffalo will win this series
  9. all I can say is finally and hopefully these guys can get some sort of normalcy back in their life
  10. my understanding was last time it was used by anyone except for state fair was the woman's roller derby team from raleigh was using it.
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