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  1. JR knew you liked hima nd did it just to piss you off.
  2. His contract for this year is 6.667, but I was using his numbers last year since that was what I was subtracting from their Cap.
  3. 1) It is determined by a % of the league revunes. 2) TB had a cap hit last year of only $43M, 7M less than the Canes so they hadmore room to start with. 3) TB traded Boyle(3.6M), got rid of Richards(7.8M) and let Marc(2.3M) go. So they freed up even more room. 4) Who did they really sign? Lecavalier was already on the team, so I don't see where that helps them more than last year. Malone, Carle and Vrbata may be good signings, but other than that, everyone they got is on the downside of the career - Roberts(42), Recchi(38), Kolzip(38). In their signings they have really neglected their defense. Other than their top pairing it is very short on experience and talent.
  4. The salary cap in 05-06 was 39M, however I cannot recall what our hit was that year. In 06-07 it inceared to 44M and we were at about 40M In 07-08 it was around 50.3M and we spent nearly all of it - mostly because we had a lot of call ups and player movement. The cap for this coming year is 56.7, of which we have spent 49,216,667 + LaRose - whatever dMan we trade + 1.2M if we bring up Sutter. We are going to end up around 50M this year + any trades we may make later. I think your argument about how we are spending less against the cap is really false. If you recall, when the cap was first put in place, JR said he did not want to spend up to the cap for a # of reason. One of which having the flexability to make late seaosn trades to help the team out. In addition, after this year we are going to have a number of players to sign coming off the end of 1 year contracts, including the face of the franchise, Staal. If you spend the money now, it may not be there later. For further reference, the Red Wings have only spent about 53M of the cap. If only the Canes could have Zetterburg for 2.7M And please, stop bringing up that Tar Hole infested town you live in.
  5. Detriot should be the model for every NHL Franchise. People may say their signing of Hossa is another example of a failed salary cap, but it is more an indication of their ability to scout and develop players. Several of their starters are mid to late round draft picks: Zetterburg - 7th (2.9M) Holmstrom - 10th (2.25) Franzen - 3rd (1.15M) Datsyuk - 6th (6.7M) Samuelsson - 5th by San Jose (1.2M) Because of Detriots ability to develop this talent they can have players like this being underpaid before they reach free agency allowing them to sign Hossa.
  6. I just don't see why anyone would think TB woudl be good. Roberts and Recchi are both declining talents and old. They have a washed up Kolzig in goal, only 3 proven defensemen under contract and a coach who hasn't been behind the bench in 13 years.
  7. I don't think we traded a Top 9 forwrd just because we had 10 of them. If we had a good D in place, the trade would not have been made. It was rumored in the past that JR was going after the same player with a defenseman as trade bait. I feel that based on numbers, injuries and the system being run that JR woudl like to have more than 9 guys who can play in teh first 3 lines. Having 9 top 9 fowards doesn't work if 2 of them are injured. If Sutter is going to make the team, I think the Canes would also like to have a verteran precense on that line with him, thus trying to sign someone else who is a 3rd/4th liner with experience.
  8. There are several players I'd pay over 7M for, but Staal is not one of them. He has never finshed on the positive side of +/-, finished 13th in scoring and is not a captian- yet. I'd pay up to 7M for him, but would want him to sign a long term contract that will keep himsigned through at least the age of 30. I think Staal will be a consistant top 10 player and at 23 still can improve a lot. The Canes need to prevent signing him to a big contract this year, then have him get another payday in 3 or 4 years. 6 years, 42M with an option for a 7th.
  9. I'd really like to see Harrison Reed given a chance to make the team. He's a speed guy who is not small either - 6'1". He really is still a couple years away from being NHL ready, but from the looks of it, we are going to h ave to bring someone up who is not ready.
  10. They need more ask the Storm Squad questions.
  11. Why are we listed as being 1-10 on the power play? Stillman's goal at 10:44 of the third was scored with 1 second left on the PP to Vanek, but he is only given credit for an EV goal?
  12. I think the stats got messed up when they changed the Commadore goal to Stillman. There was 1 second left on the power play whent he goal was scored, but they are not counting it as a power play goal.
  13. It would be nice of the OT losses were games where we fought back to tie and salvage a point though rather than gaems where we gave up the lead in the third period.
  14. I bet they call the thing you blow your nose with a Kleenex too, but it's actually tissue paper.
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