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  1. Oh well thank you! I am trying hard. I want to learn as much so I can understand my fiance when he blabbers on about hockey . That is why I haven't said much up until now. Why post stuff when you don't understand it right? And in all reality, it was more a reaction to what others were posting and taking that and trying to figure out the situation than it was analyzing the game. In my mind, everyone should get a chance. But maybe thats just me being a girl new to this game
  2. Well, we won't be going to this one now - in favor of the one in the fall because my schedule is too busy this semester. But I'm didn't think that was the kind of thing they taught there...?
  3. What I don't understand here is how it can be said that Letwoski is as bad as Larose when it comes to finishing because of the point difference in best seasons so far as pointed out earlier, and the fact that Larose has had chances on the Brind'Amour line, and Letowski hasn't. Until this happens, you can't fairly compare them in that sense, right? Thats just my thought.
  4. GO JAGUARS! Garrard played at my school and he is awesome!
  5. Downie smacks Blake. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAfGjAcq1Co
  6. Winner: Canes. Game winner: Cole. Most shots: Canes. First goal scorers: Canes: Whitney. Senators: Fisher. Score: Canes: 5. Senators: 3. Goal Scorers: Canes: Whitney. Williams. Staal. Cole. Brindy. Senators: Fisher. Heatley. Alfredsson. Number of Powerplays: Canes: 4. Senators: 5. Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes: Williams. Senators: No one. Yay for the Christmas colors idea, y'all! It's hard when their the same colors hehe.
  7. Aww, yay! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to y'all, DP and DEE! Hope y'all have fabulous days!
  8. Winner: Red Wings. Game winner: Zetterberg. Most shots: Red Wings. First goal scorers: Canes: Stillman. Red Wings: Datsyuk. Score: Canes 2. Red Wings: 4. Goal Scorers: Canes: Stillman, Cole. Wings: Datsyuk, Zetterberg (2), Holmstrom. Number of Powerplays: Canes: 4 Wings: 5 Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes: No one. Wings: No one.
  9. Ugh, got home too late to get mine in this time! Out with friends all day Christmas shopping and the game slipped my mind completely. Ohh well, good luck to y'all!
  10. Winner: Rangers. Game winner: Hossa. Most shots: Rangers. First goal scorers: Canes: Whitney. Rangers: Jagr. Score: Canes: 2. Rangers: 5. Goal Scorers: Canes: Whitney. Brindy. Rangers: Jagr. Shanahan. Hossa. Drury. Straka. Number of Powerplays: Canes: 4. Rangers: 6. Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes: Brindy. Rangers: Jagr. Shanahan.
  11. Winner: Buffalo. Game winner: Afinogenov. Most shots: Buffalo. First goal scorers: Canes: Whitney. Sabres: Vanek. Score: Sabres: 4. Canes: 3. Goal Scorers: Canes: Whitney, Stillman, Brindy. Sabres: Vanek (2) Afinogenov, Hecht. Number of Powerplays: Canes: 5. Sabres: 5. Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes: No one. Sabres: Vanek.
  12. Ughghgh, I should be getting ready for my semiformal, but...the hockey...it draws me in! Winner: Canes. Game winner: Cole. Most shots: Canes. First goal scorers: Canes: Whitney. Capitals: Ovechkin. Score: Canes: 3. Capitals: 2. Goal Scorers: Canes: Whitney, Stiller, Cole. Capitals: Ovechkin, Nylander. Number of Powerplays: Canes: 5. Capitals: 4. Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes: No one. Caps: No one. PS: loving that the color trend has caught on! Whoo hoo!
  13. That is so cool! What a wonderful thing for him to do -- and as seen in the article, those saves add up fast! Always nice to see pro atheltes, or anyone for that matter, give back to the community or charity when they are able to. Hats off to him!
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