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  1. Since you weren't very clear, are you referring to Pitkanen?
  2. I would consider this Unsportsmanlike conduct because he is obviously not playing hockey and is making a mockery of the game through his antics. Ivyleager's comment illustrates a problem with refereeing in the NHL (as well as other sports). If the referees are going to make (or not make) calls based upon where they are playing then what's the point? Lack of consistency by the referees in any sport can cause tremendous issues (remember the Caps game not too long ago...). What can be done, I'm not sure, but it at least needs to be discussed by the league.
  3. I think those are the key points about Wesley, he's positionally sound and is a steadying force within the team. You rarely hear people commenting that Wesley made a mistake that cost the team a goal or game. I think his leadership and experience would be helpful for the younger players if he were to stay around for another year. Depending on who ends up being on our defense, it may be a good idea to pair Wesley with Borer so Borer could use him as a mentor.
  4. I think this is the core problem - how many games has Cam played in a row - something like 14 or 15? It would be a different story if he had 5-10 years under his belt, but he's still young and learning.
  5. Gruss

    You ***K chants

    Hmm, tough call. I remember chanting that in college when the Vikings would play the Packers. The difference is that it was in our dorm room (even though you could hear it much further away ). It's not nearly as bad as a hockey game I went to in college when some of the crowd was taunting the visiting players during the national anthem... I think so long as there isn't any swearing or really abusive behavior it's cool, it's part of getting the crowd involved in the game and using the home ice to your advantage. Overall I personally prefer something more like SIEVE SIEVE SIEVE.
  6. But they did get to the playoffs last year... Anyway, as has been mentioned already it's hard to tell who's really leading in the locker room since we're not there, but IMHO Scotty Walker did a tremendous job on the ice last year. I really don't understand why they decided to go with 4 alts, but they are probably grooming Staal for future leadership and going with 4 alts was the only way without completely dropping the A for either Wesley or Stillman.
  7. I don't have another team in the East. I'm cheering for Minnesota (since I'm from there originally). As such I'm also pulling against Dallas Hopefully I'll be able to catch some games on the weekend because of the late start due to later time zones. Gruss
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