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  1. His performance in the 18 playoffs games was less than inspiring...even by his own account. He was given 3rd line minutes (including 2 minutes per game on the PP) but only produced 1 goal and 3 assists. His subpar balance produced many cringe moments and he was virtually non-existant in the checking department because you can't hit what you can't catch. In fairness, the guy is in his late 30's and coming off knee surgury...I give him credit for coming back soon and battling through the season...but taking everything into account over the past few seasons, I don't expect much from him anymore.
  2. Brindy was second in time on ice per game only to Staal amongst the forwards at 18:58 per game. Also it is notable that 24 of his 51 points were on the powerplay. 24 powerplay points are great...he can still be effective on the powerplay because it involves less movement...but he was a major liability at even strength. Brind'Amour has been a great player in the league and is a Hurricane icon, but his time has come and gone.
  3. You make valid points. I agree that, buying out Brindy would create public relations issues...and he is definitely a icon for the franchise. Also JR's management style is based a lot on loyalty...so you don't have to worry about this happening. However, I (as pretend GM) just can't get past what I see as sub-standard performance on the ice...I think Brindy has lost his legs, his hands, and his vision. He is slow, his checks have no pop, he can't stay on his skates, and he is a turnover waiting to happen. The only things he does well are win face-offs and sit in the slot waiting for someone to feed him a one-timer. I do acknowledge there is a chance that he could have a better season...but if I was the GM, I wouldn't bank on it. His performance has degraded every year since 05/06. He is no longer providing value commensurate to his salary.
  4. 1) Buyout Kaberle - the savings from the buyout pays for Alberts. 2) Resign Seidenberg and Ruutu. 3) Buyout Brind'Amour - the savings from the buyout pays for Kostopolous. 4) Trade Babchuk's rights for Brandon Dubinsky's rights. 5) Trade Samsonov for a pick or prospect. Cullen - Staal - Cole Whitney - Dubinsky - Ruutu LaRose - Jokinen - Eaves Walker - Sutter - TKO Pitkanen - Seidenberg Gleason - Corvo Wallin - Borer Alberts
  5. The Pens gave Alex Goligoski a 3 year deal that averages ~$1.8 million. This would be very reasonable both for Babchuk and whatever team pays him.
  6. The potential for the salary cap to decrease adds a pretty big wrinkle. This year probably won't change much...maybe a slight decrease (depending upon the NHLPA vote on whether or not to inflate)...but projections (for what they're worth) are that the cap could go down a few million for 2010-2011. On top of the salary cap projection, JR needs to make sure he has money for Cam...so if you are JR, how does that change your approach to take on salary this off-season in the form of multi-year contracts? As it stands now, the Canes already have contracts to pay 7 forwards top-9 money for next year...Ruutu, LaRose, Cole, and Jokinen will all command at least high-end third-line money....something has to give because JR isn't going to pay 11 forwards top 9 money. It might not be a sexy game plan...but maybe JR just goes really cheap this year...he can sit back and watch the inevitable spending frenzy on July 1st. Then come next year he can bring in talent from forced buy-outs on the cheap just like he did after the lock-out. On another topic...I'm predicting a big step forward from Eaves next year...trading him now would be selling low.
  7. I agree that Babchuk is prime trade bait for the Canes because 1) His value went way up with his 16 goal performance last year and 2) I don't see him sticking with the franchise after he becomes unrestricted. Unless the value coming back is overwhelming, I don't like the idea of trading Ruutu, Eaves, or any high round draft picks. 1) Yes, a winger for Staal is desired, but trading for a small, aging sniper with a division opponent won't happen for multiple reasons. 2) Bieksa would be a nice addition, but if Vancouver trades him, who will they have on the blue-line to eat up minutes...especially since they will probably lose Ohlund to free agency. 3) Horton would be a nice addition...but unless someone overpays for him, he isn't getting traded...especially within the division. 4) Why would Boston trade Wheeler? He is big, young, talented, and cheap...wishful thinking. They need to move salary...other forwards on their team are more likely to be traded. 5) I understand why this would be appealing for the Ducks, but do you really think a player making $6.25 million fits in the budget? Not only that, but he only has 1 year left on his contract...and the cost of trading for him would be very high...I would bet my house this trade doesn't happen. Find a trading partner that desires blue-line scoring and has a young forward who is on the verge of being a legitimate top six forward and is also an RFA like Babchuk.
  8. The Detroit Free Press posted a gallery of ten unrestricted free agent forwards of the third-and-fourth-line variety which the Red Wings may target, especially assuming that the $4 million of cap space the Wings have won't allow them to re-sign Jiri Hudler, Mikael Samuelsson, or Marian Hossa (thus, necessitating a little more grit)... But the problem involving almost every player listed is simple: they've had the kinds of seasons which merit $2-3 million salaries for grinding players in early July. Examples? Sure, let's run down the list. The Free Press makes excellent arguments as to why the Wings may target said players, so here's the "by the numbers" version, with the salaries listed reflecting the players' 2008-2009 earnings: Chad LaRose, Carolina Hurricanes. 27 years old, posted 31 points in 79 games while racking up all of 35 penalty minutes, and earned $750,000. LaRose is the kind of player who could get "Dan Cleary money" ($2.5 million plus) from an interested buyer. http://blog.mlive.com/snapshots/2009/06/ap...reeagent_t.html
  9. Yeah, there is a good chance that Seidenberg is gone...and I understand the tough spot JR is in trying to bring him back...all that being said, I still think Seidenberg is more difficult to replace than a LaRose or Cole (and I like those guys a lot) and would be my priority amongst the UFAs if I was the GM. It would be nice if Kaberle would show some pride and leave for the KHL where he can warrant ice time and earn his keep. It would also be nice if Brind'Amour would swallow his pride and acknowledge that retiring would be best for the franchise. Neither is likely...but I'm still holding out hope.
  10. If I'm JR, Seidenberg is my top priority of the team's UFA's. He doesn't get much attention from the media or fan base, but he quietly ate up a lot of minutes for the team and did so successfully. I'd be willing to cough up #3 defenseman money for him. It's too bad the Canes have Brind'Amour, Walker, and Kaberle yielding terrible returns relative to their salary...those contracts are really restricting JR's ability to improve the team. Kaberle has been junk from the being of his contract, Brind'Amour has quickly degraded (if you just evaluate his play, and not take into account his past achievements and current salary, the guy is not an NHL caliber player anymore), and Walker can't stay healthy.
  11. Cullen played wing on Brind'Amour's line early in the season...but I didn't think that was a good match for him. I can't back it up with stats, but I felt that Cullen and Staal generated a lot scoring chances. I agree that Dubinsky is not currently an upgrade over Cullen at 2nd line center...but that's not my reasoning in this proposal. It's more of an optimization as opposed to a comparison. Ruutu-Staal-Cole would be two bangers and one finisher...none are effective at distributing the puck. Whitney's minutes need to get managed to be effective throughout a full season...I think first line minutes & first unit PP minutes are too much to ask. Samsonov didn't work well with Staal on the rush...he is too much of an east-west type of player...I think Cullen fits Staal better in this regard. I wouldn't bank on Bowman or Boychuk being ready for first line duty. Let me rephrase the question - Given what we know about JR's budgetary approach, what the market value is for a defenseman who scores 16 goals, and the relationship between the two of them...would you predict that Babchuk sticks with the Canes once he becomes unrestricted? Yes or no? :-)
  12. The last time I remember seeing Cullen at wing for a decent stretch was during the 2006 playoffs when he played on Staal's line. I thought his style complemented Staal well and he did not look out of place. Dubinsky is big/physical, defensively responsible, and has put together two straight 40 point seasons while getting 3rd line minutes...and he's only 23. We have different opinions of his value. However, I'm not overly eager to trade Babchuk, and I'm open to to other ideas. If Cullen stays at 2nd line center, who is on Staal's line next year? What do you think the chances are that Babchuk stays with the Canes when he becomes a UFA in 2 years? Also, who will be the second and third line centers two years from now?
  13. Trading for Dubinsky would allow Cullen to play wing on Staal's line. I know this isn't a sexy move, but I don't see the Cane's acquiring an impact forward this offseason.
  14. I don't see a Corvo for Kobasew trade happening. The B's might be willing to part with Kobasew, but only as a salary dump to fit in some of their FAs like Kessel...trading Kobasew for Corvo wouldn't reduce their payroll this year...they would want picks or prospects in return. For that reason I don't think the Canes trade for him. I don't think Babchuk is any less "streaky" than Dubinsky...you could fairly make that claim about both players.
  15. What JR does with Babchuk will be interesting. He is young, big, and has a lot of offensive skill. I thought he was often impressive defending the rush with his size/reach. He had his fair-share of mistakes, but all things considered his skills are upwardly trending. The question is, does JR project him to be with the team long-term? In recent and past interviews JR has used some harsh language when speaking of him...is this only a negotiating tactic or is he just showing his true feelings? If the relationship between JR and Babchuk truly isn't very good, JR has two options: 1) Qualify Anton until he becomes a UFA, at which time Anton will probably leave for another team. 2) Trade his rights for another team's RFA rights. Preferably a young well-balanced center with similar potential to Babchuk. Option 2 would require finding a team that has a relative abundance of forwards and a need for offensive production from the blue-line. The Rangers are the first team I think of...Redden was a disaster and is rumoured to be waived. I would love to see Babchuk's rights traded for Brandon Dubinsky's rights.
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