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  1. well JR will get heat for this, could've gotten a good deal at the deadline.
  2. For the hardcore fans....use the TSN blog where the insiders post rumors and that kinda jazz
  3. outside of Matt I don't care to recycle any other Canes players. It's been a downfall of this team in my opinion. J.R. needs to build it up with fresh players. Bringing Corvo or Walker wouldn't really solve much. walker is always injured, corvo is extremely streaky and although he takes on a ton of ice-time I don't think he was anything spectacular. Don't think we re-sign Cullen though, which I'm fine with. It's a weak free agent year, and he will probably get a high-priced offer.
  4. well rod has the 2 Selke trophies to offset a lack of scoring I guess compared to most HOF forwards. I mean Clark Gilles got in I believe and his stats are way weaker than rod's. basically got in for Being a hard hitting forward with above average scoring on an Isles dynasty. Also add in the face-offs and the amount of minutes he played per game. I also believe Rod leading a small market team to a Cup will add some points. that was one of the biggest runarounds in NHL history from one season to the next.I think standards show rod will get in, but not right away. Probably 3 or 4 years after he is eligible.
  5. JR needs to go hard after John madden. He brings great leadership. Great penalty killer and overall great defensively.
  6. no the series wouldn't have been any different against the Pens....Canes were exhausted and Pens outplayed them in every aspect. Leighton is playing well, but rebound control still isn't there and Flyers are better at clearing rebounds than canes are. My biggest problem was Leighton's rebound control only cause the Canes defense as we know, not to good over the years. I just think it's a good match for Leighton to play with the flyers and I hope he gets his chance in the Finals to play for the cup.
  7. I never would've thought that the two former Canes that I'd be so impressed with these playoffs are Lavi and Leighton....well more so Leighton I guess, he has shown he could make clutch saves last round. Habs got slaughtered by the pens game 1 last series, so game 2 should really tell the story.
  8. Although I am highly against Rutherford's tendency to recycle 2006 Canes player every year...I do want Cullen back, but only him. I think that was more of a rental situation and he proved with the senators that he is a good PP guy and can put up good numbers when put with other good offensive players. Canes played fine when the youth move din for the rest of the year, run with it for a bit, don't do something stupid like the Lightning did trying to rebuild in 1 year. This starts with a good draft, from there hopefully we can find a good stay at home defenseman on the free agent market. Canes need defense badly, outside of gleason I don't think our defense is tough to play against. toughness and defense would be my offseason goals.
  9. It is a bit tough to talk about the needs before the lottery draft is completed. I'm guessing another physical defenseman is needed, and not anothe rAaron Ward,lol, someone who is hopefully 30 or younger. I don't want any huge move sin the offseason, cause I think the canes issue as always is the slow start. Canes are great in the 2nd half of the season , as seems to be the case the past few years. This needs to somehow be addressed. I want Rod, Sammy gone on waivers if worse comes to worse. If we bring back any players(s) it should be Whitney or cullen, two players that are important to this team's success next year. I think sutter and Boychuk will just get better, and Peters is gonna be a solid backup. Very important to get a an enforcer though, Gleason fighting and being off for 5 minutes isn't always good. I'm willing to sacrifice a spot on the 4th line for an enforcer. In my dream i'd love an offensive defenseman who can control a PP (sorry Joni you don't shoot enough) but not sure if the Canes are willing to pay the money for that this offseason.
  10. Matt Cullen had a game winner against the Oilers last night in a 4-1 win for the Sens to help them stop their 3-game losing skid.
  11. oh man...I thought Matt was one of the few consistent Canes this year no matter who he played with. But fi eh had to be traded, I am glad its to a team that will be in the playoffs. Canes got a pretty good return, but hopefully Cullen returns cause I think that is a huge void to fill going into next season. Good luck in Ottawa Matt.
  12. If they want to keep the lineup in tact they will be close...but to be honest, i'm sick of the same routine the last 3 years. weak first half to the season, strong finish at the end for whatever reason, oce Staal gets going it's like a whole different team and really makes you wonder what is the mindset during the first 41 games? Cause if the canes gelled this well from even December lets say, we'd be battling for a playoff position. I thin the playoffs are possible the way they ar eplayig now, but if they don't make it, look back to 2007-08 as a reminder as to why we missed the playoffs. This team is fun to watch now, , but ruined by such a bad first half to the season as per usual.
  13. If Whitney and Cullen get traded I would be shocked if the canes won 6 games from mid-February to April
  14. disagree 100%...Williams when healthy was great, and was an awesome 2-way forward who I miss very much. Williams, who was like a 60-70 point guy for the canes was easily worth Markov without question. Trading Williams away to get Cole eventually, well that a whole other issue. I've watched Justin many times on tv this year and he is completely back to full form . I think Ruutu for Ladd should be on that list, Ruutu is going to be a key part of this team for a long time. I also thought getting Matt Cullen for basically nothing from the Rangers was a great trade too.
  15. I gotta agree with JR...Maurice did an excellent job when he took over last year, and honestly I don't think his gameplan is to sit on leads and play awful in the 3rd period, its the players. Maurice doesn't choose which players to keep, trade ,etc. only beef I have with maurice was people he chose in the shootout against Montreal, and when he gave Rod too much ice-time. Outside of that, the blame goes on the players and Rutherford. Rutherford is still obsessed with the 2006 era, he should let it go and stop recycling players from then. Maurice isn't really an awful coach, I think he's just been behind the bench of some awful hockey clubs in Carolina and Toronto, firing maurice would just be a knee-jerk reaction for a short term solution. Kind of like trading back for Erik Cole.
  16. I want Matt Cullen traded out of guilt. He has shown the most heart this season, he's gonna be a UFA at the end of the year, let him play for a competitive team for the rest of the year while we get some value back for him. On a team with decent speed Matt would probably be having his best season yet.
  17. Witht he season pretty much wasted, young guys need lots of ice-time. Brandon sutter is an awesome two-way player with tons of potential. He needs to take over Cullen's minutes, get a spot on the PP and PK permanently. I think next year he'll be good for 60 points as a 2nd line center, I want young guys getting opportunities if this is gonna turn into a last-place season. Also if I could, I'd put Yelle in for rod on the 4th line, Yelle is the only forward who is willing to actually go down and block a shot from the point.
  18. Well first off...no way Hawks are trading barker for Cullen, that's just crazy. I think Matt hasn't really meshed with anyone on the team consistently outside of LaRose really, his defensive play has improved, and his skating is phenomenal. He was thrusted into the 1st line role with staal injured, and it was too much for him, especially with the wingers around him struggling. His effort is noted as are his lack of bad penalties or mistakes, but he can't finish lately or produce much offense. With sutter being the number 2 center guy next year, Matt should really go back to 3rd line center, but I know that's Rod's role until he basically retires, so might as well trade Matt. However at this point, what was once a speedy team is kind of more on the slow side. Matt is most effective with a team built on speed like the 2006 Canes, i'd try and get prospects for him and think he'd do well in chicago. If we want, we can always sign him in the off-season.
  19. I agree he should stay...but what off-season moves really excited everyone on here really....stephane Yelle, bringing back aaron Ward, andrew Alberts? More solid defense corps was needed , and less recycling of players (i.e, bringing back aaron ward). Ultimately it is the player snot producing, and I'd point at Staal first, this team is prone to lousy starts, but this has gotten to a point where even a turnaround come even December might be too late. I wouldn't clean house, but I'd question certain things like Rod's future here, giving Brandon Sutter a bigger role, and getting some players who are willing to go down to block a shot on the PK,lol.
  20. It isn't the combo's its the players really at this point. It's not a lack of effort, but a lack of skill at times, even stuff that hurt us early last season. Passing out fo our own zone is an issue (outsid eof Ptikanen), Canes don't go hard to the net, they continuously miss the net. Canes need someone who can finish plays, lots of player show can step like Samsonov, Whitney, Cullen, Pitkanen, but in terms of putting the puck in the net Canes really lack. Hate to be skeptical, but this isn't something that will be change by consistently changing lines, in fact the line change shifts might just make it worse. Players need to step up and score goals, drive hard to the net, put the puck on net, and the lines will figure themselves out in my opinion.
  21. Well if the sabres fans somehow all got in plastic rats at the RBC Centre and threw them on the ice, i'm sure the NHL would need to adopt a new rule there. I haven't seen the rule implemented in the NHL too much, I recall the rule last time seriously begin put in force during the 1996 playoffs when Panthers fans would constantly throws rats down on the ice after every goal and the goalie was forced to hide in his net cause that's who they usually aimed for, quite annoying and dangerous and it definitely delayed the game as they had to clean up everything and play again. After the 1996 playoffs this type of tradition hasn't really happened again. In Detroit someone might throw an octopus on the ice once in a while during the playoffs but that's about it.
  22. I guess it sup to Ron...but I believed he was being groomed to be the next GM, ad he became assistant cause the canes were desperate to ahve someone fill in on an interim-basis. Maybe he decided he like dit now, who knows. I would like him as GM when Rutherford retires, I believe Francis has a lot of passion for this team and will do everything to improve it. i'd rather him than soem experienced GM who jsut got fire dby some other team to fill in once JR is finished as a general manager.
  23. It's kinda weird...i was willing to accept a series loss to the bruins tonight if ti happened, so i was not nervous in OT, cause the canes have already proved they can hang with the best. But I also had this feeling once it hit overtime that cam wasn't gonna let anything in, you just gotta feel good about a road team in game 7 going into OT. Game 7's I looks for unsung hero's, and although Rod and Walker are vets, lets face it they haven't exactly been lighting it up in the playoffs, ad the unsung heroes continue. Pitkanen and Gleason both had another solid game 7. Maurice made good adjustments to the lineup, and when Rod went out on that freak injury in OT, i thought Staal and Cullen did a great job of picking up the slack in the face-off circle. I see Chad LaRose and Seidenberg getting much praise finally from Pierre Maguire (cause all i hear is Lucic, Chara, Ward, Staal, Thomas). Only unfortunate thing about round 3 is that i gotta hear from Pierre some more as he'll probably praise the Pens all the time. Anyways we have beat 3 young teams now, our youngest players are our top guys, but its veteran experience probably plays a role, we aren't young like the bruins or Pens. Props to the Bruins on a great season, its just a learning experience to finally get out of the 2nd round for the first time in a decade. We were ne goal better in the series, and there is a winner and loser in every series but you can basically call it a draw. Thomas, Lucic, Savard, Chara, Aaron ward, Recchi all worked their butts off. Nothing is more fitting than walker scoring his first playoff goal in game 7 of the semis in OT. I am expecting more players to start showing up on the scoreboard if were to beat the pens though, Cole, Cullen, and Corvo especially have to start producing like they did during the season.
  24. i gotta say, everyone played well tonight. Cole looks better than ever, Eaves was all over the place. Babchuk made some nice defensive plays. canes are playing like a first place hockey club, and its showing. Jokinen is the surprise player of the playoffs, he's like the 2006 Fernando Pisani. Rutherford, kinda like the Samsonov pickup last season, looks like a genius again. Of course I feel this series is far from over, Boston is definitely capable of running off 3 wins, but to beat us they still need to beat the hurricanes fans, who were outstanding. RBC is getting recognized as one of the toughest buildings to play in. Maybe it wasn't early on in the yea,r but when the Canes give the fans something to cheer about its lights out 90% of the time for the opposition. but overall yea, canes are playing a solid 60 minutes at home every game it seems, so we are playing great at the right time and Canes fans deserve it. It seems even though we wait a couple of years to make the playoffs, we really get rewarded when the canes get in.
  25. Not really shocking, nor is his excuse...Manny is the type that would just let anyone inject him with anything without asking and then just shrug his shoulders when he finds out he tested positive. Sucks for dodgers fans, they are something special this year so far.
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