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  1. I can't believe everyone is bashing Nic Wallin. Both of those calls were questionable, at best, and the one in overtime was a complete phantom call. The play was whistled dead, the ref noticed 2 players on the ice and then raised his arm and called a cross check. Tell me how that is Nic's fault. I've been hearing the analysis of the game on "Home Ice" and down the line, every single commentator says those calls on Nic were garbage. Gleason was good? I thought he had a horrible game. Innefective, standing around while the Habs skated around him like he was a pylon. Mike Commodore and Glen Wesley were the best defensemen out there. Hedican had his goal, which is great, but he was anything but noticeable in making defensive plays. The power play does indeed gain the zone and move the puck, but the players are stationary. They need to be moving their feet to get the box to open up so they have shooting lanes or an odd numbered chance. In spite of the bad calls, I agree that the reason they lost the game was their failure to convert at least one of the 5 on 3's. The PK wasn't anything near as good as pre-season, either. Lots of running around in the defensive zone. My .02. Felt like someone had to speak up on Nic's behalf.
  2. The guys on Power Play on Home Ice yesterday aren't picking Francis this year. I was shocked. They're even suggesting Claude Lemieux might be more worthy than Ronnie. Can you imagine? A role player who got picked up for what he added to a teams toughness for their Stanley Cup runs over a guy who was a franchise player and had some of the best individual accomplishments EVER. Nuts! Yeah, I'd put a guy who fought and stood in front of the net so pucks could bounce in off his butt over Francis in a heartbeat. Not to take anything away from Lemieux's career, but there's just no comparison!
  3. "Then I'd try to deal either williams or cole for replacement draft picks" Williams or Cole for draft picks?????!!!!!!! Insane!!!!! Two core guys the team worked hard to lock up for relatively long term deals. Right.
  4. Does anyone really take Eklund seriously? This team does not need another winger. A 3rd line center is what is needed now, plus any thing that can be done to upgrade defense.
  5. This is great news! This is the one guy who showed up every game last year and played with heart and grit. Not to mention the importance of having a guy on the roster that other teams know will throw down if they start taking cheap shots. And not just throw down (see: Mike Commodore), but do so effectively. I'm not a fan of fighting nor of the concept of an enforcer for enforcers sake, but a guy who brings a multidimensional game and toughness is well worth the investment. Has anyone seen what players are getting? Scott Hartnell for 4.2 mil per? Holy Cow!
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