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  1. Hi-I've got an extra Wesley banner and would trade for a Scotty Walker bobble head. Any chance you have that for trade?
  2. Question--I just found out that I got tix for my birthday for skate with the Canes. Problem is, I've never skated and have no intention of humiliating myself there! Does anyone know if it is a big deal if you don't "skate" for the skate portion?
  3. We ran into Lavi on Friday night at a totally off the beaten path Mexican restaurant in Garner.....very random. Was there with his son--on their way back from his baseball game. Super nice, of course.
  4. Hi Caniac317- Just PM'd you. Thanks!
  5. I have a Staal for a Ward....let me know if you are interested!
  6. I have an extra Staal for a Ward if you are still interested in a trade. Let me know.
  7. Did this trade work out? If not, I also have a Staal for a Ward.
  8. My favs....hurricanes charm bracelet that i got for valentine's day last year and the ray whitney signed "mcfarlane" type figurine from the year before. husband's favorite is custom frame job we did with signed team jersey after the cup run with all our tickets from home playoff games, signed mini stick and brindy signed "piece of the ice". Good stuff...
  9. About the Yzerman answers....yes to all of the above comments about them being friends and all, BUT if you notice on the video, Ray's wife is wearing the EXACT same outfit everytime....it's almost like she said Steve Yzerman for one answer and they just used that no matter what the question.
  10. You can order from Toys R Us website for $9.99 to s/h. We ordered 3 and had them in 2 days.
  11. For what it's worth....I heard Chuck Kaiton on sports radio yesterday. He said Rutherford has made a few offers and he believes the issue is not with the amount of $, it's the length of the contract. He said he believes Scotty will test free agency. I really hope it will work out. I would love to see him stay.
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