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  1. They lost because they just never really got their act together in the playoffs. Being a fast team doesn't help when you're playing another fast team, who happens to have a fantastic line and can hit. Oh, and evicting the squirrel on the ice at HSBC Arena before round 3 game 1 jinxed them. They should have just directed it to the Ottawa dressing room.
  2. Buffalo won't be trapping. In fact, they'll probably play their speed game against Ottawa. Ottawa may deploy a version of the trap to slow them down. Buffalo's been rolling four lines, but has shifted somewhat to employ primarily three in recent games. Ottawa has one really strong line and two others that can occasionally chip in a goal. I think the difference will come down to goaltending. Emery is streaky. He can play really well or he can play really poorly. Miller has been playing solid through the playoffs, while Emery wasn't tested much against the Devils (and regardless what Lamoriello intimated during the series, I still think Brodeur was playing injured). Watch for Ruff to put Drury's line out against Spezza's at home, and for Murray to avoid the matchup in Ottawa. Sabres in 6.
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