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  1. I just heard rumour on the fan 590 out of Toronto....that JR offered Yashin 1 year 2.5 million....I hope that this is wrong....the guy in my opinion is a cancer in the dressing room and we should not be looking at a guy like this.
  2. Something to think about....Jim Balsille requested a meeting with the board of govenors to discuss his proposed purchase of the Preds and subsequent move to Hamilton.....Gary Bettman comes along and says "no, we won't be discussing any re-locations plans nor the sale to Mr. Balsille athe is board meeting" Now my question is....had the move been to Seattle, Washington, Las Vegas, Nevada or Kansas City, Missouri...would the answer be different than say Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA or Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA....I am saying Gary doesn't want any more teams in Canada.
  3. We need defencemen....how about Hannan from San Jose....solid solid 2 way dman....Kimmo Timmonen from the Hamilton.....er Nashville Predators......stud on the pp....those would be the 2 guys if I am JR I would be going after....btw....how much $$$$ do we have to spend on free agents?
  4. Montreal Montreal and Montreal.....they eliminated the Whalers back in 86 and 93 in game 7 in OT (and when on to win the Cup) Toronto is in there b/c living in Canada that's all you hear about is the leafs and what a joke they are. Buffalo would have to be in there too....I like most on the forum don't like Lindy Ruff.....and add Atlanta...I can't stand Hartley or Waddle Waddel.
  5. I think there was a bit of a power struggle b/w Murray and Muckler and since Murray had done both jobs before ....you know John was going to go.....should be interesting to see if John re-surfaces or if that was his Swan song....
  6. I was watching TSN up in Canada and saw the story....and for about 5 minutes...I sat there numb...a couple of my buddies I could actually see wipe a few tears from their eyes when it was announced he had passed on shortly after Ottawa advanced to the finals......it would have been so sweet had Ottawa won and if their #1 fan had been around to witness it.... I have the utmost for Mike Fisher, Chris Phillips and Ray Emery ( who were featured in the story) for taking the time to spend with their #1 fan.....I wish more pro athletes were more like these guys.
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